The War of American Independence

Military Attitudes, Policies, and Practice 1763 1789
The War of American Independence Military Attitudes Policies and Practice

  • Title: The War of American Independence
  • Author: Don Higginbotham
  • ISBN: 9780930350444
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Fascinating read by Don Higgiinbotham. Breaking from the standard history of the American Revolution that focuses mainly on the personalities and military campaigns of the conflict, this work delves into the the issues that shaped the reasons and the conduct of the war. Some of the issues the author goes into are politics, economics, logistics and international relations.Recommended for any student of the American Revolution - it is the perfect companion to any military history of the conflict.

    2. I've had this since 1993 and read it again in preparation for a course on the American Revolution that I took in the spring of 2010. It is an examination of the military side of that conflict, and is organized thematically with a lot of endnotes after each chapter an an excellent bibliography. If you aren't familiar with the military side of the American Revolution I would recommend this as a good place to start. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that it is a bit on the dry side, but th [...]

    3. A very comprehensive account of the American War for Independence and the events preceding and following that conflict. This provides a detailed, but not a too heroic or chauvinistic view of the revolutionary war and it shows just how truly chaotic this war was and how its final outcome was decided as much by the various personalities involved as much as by any decisive battles, of which there weren't very many. My only problem with this account is that it is very much oriented only to the relat [...]

    4. This is very detailed and hard to read. The book is not organized very well, except by chronology. I've only gotten through 1/3 of it about.

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