Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square

Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square is a novel based on the 1989 Tiananmen Square Pro democracy movement The novel follows a young woman, Baiyun, a junior in college, trying to reconcile her upbringing while in the midst of the rising political movement in Beijing, China Baiyun grew up in a strange and cold household In order to cope with her dysfunctional family, Baiyun wo Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square is a novel based on the 1989 Tiananmen Square Pro democracy movement The novel follows a young woman, Baiyun, a junior in college, trying to reconcile her upbringing while in the midst of the rising political movement in Beijing, China Baiyun grew up in a strange and cold household In order to cope with her dysfunctional family, Baiyun worked as hard as she could, eventually getting herself in the prestigious Beijing University Baiyun joined the Pro democracy movement to vent her frustrations While protesting, she met the man of her dreams, Dagong, a handsome and charismatic factory technician who was orphaned at birth and lost his only relative during the Cultural Revolution But even Dagong couldn t fully take Baiyun away his face reminded her of one of her mother s lovers, both attracting her and drawing her back Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square is a coming of age story set against the historic and devastating era in Chinese history With the cultural significance and family bonds of The Kite Runner , this book explores the way in which one s past is never forgotten.
Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square is a novel based on the Tiananmen Square Pro democracy movement The novel follows a young woman Baiyun a junior in college trying to reconcile her upbringing whil

  • Title: Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square
  • Author: Lisa Zhang Wharton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I love the Chinese voice that Lisa Zhang Wharton writes with. Her experience as a Chinese woman comes across in her story, and it feels almost auto-biographical. You feel the grimness of the conditions that the people of China lived under during the time of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Hope thrives under the conditions of hopelessness. Baiyun struggles with her mother's morality, her own wishes and dreams, and with the burdens that were inherent to being a modern woman in China. I highly recom [...]

    2. Intriguing characters, political and personal scandal, and the insights of one young Chinese student’s heart make Lisa Zhang Wharton’s Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square a novel you won’t want to put down. Set in the days leading into the student revolution and the government’s violent response to it, the story follows a small group of college friends as they navigate romance and classes and become increasingly emerged in leading a movement that shook the world.Through her expanding network [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book very much the dialogue was very interesting story line was easy to follow characters were blended with alittle aura of excitement the flow of the story was very intense in some places the location being of course Tiananmen Square made this a very not only magical but a past that remains in ones minds two people and others in this story reminds us of thechanges in time

    4. Cuốn sách dựa trên sự kiện quảng trường Thiên An Môn lịch sử vào năm 1989. Với không khí sôi sục của tuổi trẻ - những cô cậu sinh viên muốn thay đổi vận mệnh đất nước với sự quyết tâm có chút gì đó ngây thơ.Trung Quốc năm ấy với những con người rệu rã vì cuộc Cách Mạng Văn Hóa, hoặc sợ hãi vì sức mạnh của chính quyền mà họ đã chứng kiến trong cuộc cách mạng ấy, hoặc cả [...]

    5. I've had the please of nurturing this book for months now and can believe how great this story is. With all of the worlds turmoil, this is one of the most relevant books coming out today Great job and great book Lisa.

    6. I understand that this was written by a lady for whom English is a second language. The dialogue is terribly stilted and frequently wrong words were used. I wanted to like the book because it sounded interesting, but I got about 40% done before I had to quit. It is just too poorly written.

    7. Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square by Lisa Zhang WhartonReviewed by Alex Canton-DutariI have always been attracted by Chinese culture, and have been to China several times, including Tiananmen Square after the bloodshed described in this book.The story depicted a very modern look into what seems to be everyday struggles of the student and working population, with great emphasis on perceiving migrating to the US as the solution to all problems.But I was more concerned about how this novel was difficul [...]

    8. We have all heard of the atrocities that occured at Tiananmen Square, this book provides an insight into some of the student motivations and expectations. In using the political and civil unrest as a backdrop to a budding love affair Lisa Wharton manages to emphasise much about the emotiveness and repression of that time. The main stage however is very much upon the emotional turmoil of a young woman running from her history into the arms of her future. A recommended read.

    9. Extremely insightful drama of one of the most historical events in modern Chinese history, as seen through the eyes of a young college student. A must-read.

    10. haven't read yetbut the topic of Tiananmen Squ. Massacre is tacky and full of cliches. A superficial combo of political database and people's life during a most complicated and vibrant sea change of Chinese society is just so cheap

    11. Obviously a translation, but a story that needs to be told. However, it could use some editing. I'm used to reading broken English, so it made me smile and think of my kids in Thailand. But it was sometimes hard to read and made me put it down to take a break.

    12. A love story set at the time of the Tiananmen square student massacre in Beijing, this story is written in a style that is simple, with characters that are simple (despite the author's attempt to make their stories complex), and with a predictable outcome. I did give it a second star, however, because I came to appreciate the feelings that drove the students to protest and demand from their government freedom and change. (Perhaps this book would do great in the "Young Adults" section of the book [...]

    13. I could not get past the strange feeling of the very unnatural sounding dialogue. It was awkward to read though I pushed through for the sake of the content and a book club.

    14. Baiyun lives in China and she studies at the Beijing Industrial University, where she is a conscientious student set on studying hard and escaping from her family life and China. She wants to write the TOFEL exams so that she can go to America, but she is drawn into the student revolution and she falls in love with Dagong, a married man.The story spans the weeks during which students occupied Tiananmen Square and refused to eat or move until their demands were met. The protest began with a march [...]

    15. I'm really glad I got this book as a Kindle free download because it really needs a good editor. The characters were interesting and engaging, and the author did a good job of setting the the mood of the protests and conveying the feeling of the students. I took some issue with the ending because I did not feel that the author built up to it enough for that dramatic an ending.

    16. I hate to give negative reviews. However I cant continue to read. The conversations between characters are terrible in the way their written. I enjoy books on eastern culture and lifestyle and that's what drew me to this book but it not worth the read.

    17. Good story but the one flaw i found was the timeline was hard to follow i didnt know if it was hours or days between storylines

    18. Shortly after I began reading this book, I had to look to see if I could find a reason why it was so poorly written, grammatically speaking that is. The author’s first language is not English, and you can tell right away. Throughout this book I kept trying to correct words that shouldn’t be there, turn sentences around, put them in their proper tense, etc. I didn’t succeed. Still I felt this was an important book to read because I vaguely remember hearing about the Tiananmen Square massacr [...]

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