Playing For Keeps

Journalist Samantha Jameson always wanted to be one of the boys, but Ryan Terell won t let her join the club Fresh from the battlegrounds of Iraq, reporting on a bunch of overgrown boys playing pro football is just the change of scenery she needs If trying to be taken seriously in the world of sports writing wasn t hard enough, Ryan, her college crush, is only making itJournalist Samantha Jameson always wanted to be one of the boys, but Ryan Terell won t let her join the club Fresh from the battlegrounds of Iraq, reporting on a bunch of overgrown boys playing pro football is just the change of scenery she needs If trying to be taken seriously in the world of sports writing wasn t hard enough, Ryan, her college crush, is only making it harder As a tight end for the team she s covering, he is strictly off limits Ryan Terell is a playmaker on and off the field, but when Samantha uncovers his moves, he throws out the playbook Just as he claims his sweetest victory, Samantha s investigation into a steroid scandal involving his team forces him to call a time out to their off the record trysts But then a life threatening injury on the field will force them both to decide just how far they ll go to win the game Winner of the NERWA First Kiss Contest A Kindle Bestseller.
Playing For Keeps Journalist Samantha Jameson always wanted to be one of the boys but Ryan Terell won t let her join the club Fresh from the battlegrounds of Iraq reporting on a bunch of overgrown boys playing pro fo

  • Title: Playing For Keeps
  • Author: Liz Matis
  • ISBN: 9780984009817
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It was okay, but basic at best. Had the author injected more emotion into the characters, it would have been easier to connect with them. We got very little back story on Samantha and even less on Ryan. Considering the ordeal the Samantha endured as a journalist in Iraq, I would have thought the author would have used that to add some more feeling to Samantha’s character. Ryan…well his childhood was hinted at, and that was it, then nothing, it would have been such an emotional draw! The plot [...]

    2. I loved this story – I’m was a cheerleader when I was 8 – my brother played football and my dad was the coach for a few years.We watched it on TV every Sunday and Monday, And then I married a man who hates football *is that possible??* Reading this story brought back a lot of fun memories from when I was a child. I love the games and the action. Although this story didn’t have a lotTo do with football, being familiar with the “Hot” players out on the field, I could visualize just how [...]

    3. Samantha Jameson has had a crush on Ryan Terell for a long time. Through college, she kept the football star in her sights, but nothing ever came of her attraction to him. Samantha starts her post-college life as a hard-core journalist, traveling to the middle east to cover the war. After a brutal time, where she is kidnapped for three days she is now back in the states, and has decided to take an easier reporting job, now covering the pro-football team, the cougars, where Ryan plays as a tight- [...]

    4. Three and a half stars.Playing for Keeps features journalist Samantha Jameson and football player Ryan Terell. They've known each other for ages, and have danced around a mutual attraction for a while. Samantha's freshly returned from some pretty harrowing experiences covering the violence in Iraq, while Ryan's been making a name for himself on the field.Their circumstances keep them trying to avoid acting on the clear tension between them, and then when they finally cave, keep them from going p [...]

    5. This book was a pretty quick enjoyable read but the author pulled a lot of punches that could have made this a really stellar book. Both MCs have something traumatizing in their past. The hero's is honestly really glazed over and the heroine's accounting of her trauma is pretty emotionless and shallow. This could have been a beautiful story of two people healing each other's past and starting a future but the author refused to take it to a dark place for whatever reason so we're left with a tepi [...]

    6. Out of 5 star:Overall: 3Romance: 3Sensuality: 2Sex: 2.5Hero: Ryan,4.5Heroine: Samantha, 3Secondary Characters: 3Likely hood of reading the rest of the series: 3I really liked this book until the last 15-20%. Then I just liked it.First let me say I loved, no I mean LOVED Ryan. He was so sweet I just wanted to hug him and kiss him and call him mine! I though that Liz Matis did a good job at creating a believable all around good man. Who had been a different man 10 years ago when Samantha had conti [...]

    7. When I read this book I felt that anyone could have lived it. Yes it's not very common to know and grow up with a famous model friend or a famous football player but it has happened to people who are not me. The book is short but complete. It's nice because it's not a series and the story can be completed. There is really no wondering what will happen next. Which is a nice break from all the other series I read that have over ten books in a series.In this book You meet Samantha and Ryan who have [...]

    8. •••I listened to the Audible Audio Edition of this book•••The ExWar Reporter And The Football Star?This series must be listened to(or read) in order. This is the first book. I can't wait to listen to Going For It!Sam was captured and tortured in Iraq. She was rescued and came home. She CAN'T GO BACK! Ever. So now she is going to be a sports reporter. She survived insurgents and war zones How hard could it possibly be? The guy she has had a mad crush on for over ten years just happens [...]

    9. WOW, talk about sizzle! Samantha and Ryan rock. If you're looking for some romance and can devote about 2 hours to an enjoyable read, this one is for you. I found myself begging Samantha to hook up with Ryan much sooner than she did. I also wanted her to trust him with her dreams and nightmares so their souls could touch. Enjoyable quick read for fans of romance with some heated sex.

    10. Very good story about sports journalist, Samanatha, and a old family friend and sports star, Ryan. We learn early on that Samantha just returned from coming Iraq and she is carrying ghosts. Ryan wishes Samanatha would trust him enough to tel him what happened in Iraq.It is a fast read and a great way to spend a raining day.

    11. "Playing for Keeps" is a romance novel - pure and simple. It's light, for the most part, with lots of steamy love scenes, playful banter and the typical "come here, come here, no get away, get away" that are required in a good romance. A fun, quick read with an excellent set up for the next installment coming out in April. Looking forward to it!

    12. Just ok, although LM always gives a few laughable lines - "Are you okay?”……He kept his hands on her waist “Are you sure? Because I trained as a doctor between the ages of 4 and 5. “

    13. I really liked this short fun read, I only wish it was longer. I'm looking forward to Jake and Hannah's story in Going For It.3.5 stars

    14. Predictable but funThis is a nice mix of romance, sex and fun. The outcome is pretty predictable, but it is still an enjoyable read.

    15. Sounds like a great book. Makes me want to read more. You sound like a great author. I wish I could write romance books or any kind of books.

    16. I absolutely enjoyed this book. If you are a football fan, then this is the series for you. When you finish reading this book, you'll be looking up your old high school/college crush.

    17. Awesome read. I love to read hot romance that includes a Bad, Sexy Football player. Looking forward to the next book.

    18. I thought it was cute! Maybe just a little to short. I would have liked to hear more from the brother Patrickybe a comming soon? ;)

    19. FreebieWhat a lovely story. Hot scenes, second chances and a forbidden relationship of sorts. I loved how it focused between the four of them and hope it carries on the same way in the next instalment.

    20. I liked this book just fine, but it didn't make me feel much when I was reading it. Good or bad. I've seen the whole female sports-reporter gets involved with male athlete she's covering been done better and with hotter chemistry(i.e. See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson - loved it!) . I felt like the author tried to make it a bit heavier by adding in the Iraqi war aspect in Samantha's past, but I still felt like this was just another fluffy romance novel. Which means it served it's purpose of offeri [...]

    21. I didn't have a very good reading weekend. *sigh*This one wasn't as bad as the other two, but nor was it particularly good. It actually would have been better if it'd been about fifty pages longer. There wasn't a lot of character development, so, to me, it veered frequently into erotica territory. I would have liked to known a little more about what the heroine suffered in Afghanistan and to have seen the hero interact with her family after their relationship was known. I did like the look insid [...]

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