Strindberg's Star

A multilayered international thrill ride at breakneck pace, reminiscent of The Rule of FourThe Arctic, 1897 Nils Strindberg crashes his hydrogen balloon during the mysterious Andr e Expedition to the North Pole.Germany, 1942 Gruesome and inexplicable experiments are performed on concentration camp prisoners.Sweden, present day Cave diver Erik Hall finds a dead body wearA multilayered international thrill ride at breakneck pace, reminiscent of The Rule of FourThe Arctic, 1897 Nils Strindberg crashes his hydrogen balloon during the mysterious Andr e Expedition to the North Pole.Germany, 1942 Gruesome and inexplicable experiments are performed on concentration camp prisoners.Sweden, present day Cave diver Erik Hall finds a dead body wearing an ancient ankh, buried deep in an abandoned mine Religious symbol expert Don Titelman seeks out Erik to study the ankh but finds Erik dead Don is the prime suspect, and soon he s being chased across Europe to escape a secret society that will do anything to get their hands on the ankh In this international bestseller, each of these fascinating strands weaves together to create a mind blowing cross genre thriller that includes arctic explorers, a secret railroad network, Norse mythology, Nazis, and ancient symbols and a shocking secret that s been hidden for centuries.
Strindberg s Star A multilayered international thrill ride at breakneck pace reminiscent of The Rule of FourThe Arctic Nils Strindberg crashes his hydrogen balloon during the mysterious Andr e Expedition to the

  • Title: Strindberg's Star
  • Author: Jan Wallentin Rachel Willson-Broyles
  • ISBN: 9780670023578
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I received this book through First Reads.Normally, this isn't my kind of genre. But the description for this giveaway boasted "Lisbeth Salander meets Robert Langdon!" A fan of the Millennium trilogy, as well as Angels & Demons, I decided to give this a shot. Instead, I was reminded why I steer away.The writing is far from smooth. It switches between characters & plot lines like crazy, & I found it hard to follow. This is in addition to a far-fetched plot & characters that have a [...]

    2. The year was 1897. Nils Strindberg traveled with several companions. Their balloon crashed in the North Pole during the Andree Expedition. What they left behind to this day still has people searching.Erik Hall was checking out pictures of other mine explorers. One that had Erik's attention was of two women who went cave diving near where Erik lives. Erik decided to go explore the cave for himself. He finds more than he bargained for with a dead body. The body is holding an ankh.Don Titelman is a [...]

    3. I couldn't put this book down because I wanted to finish it and get it over with. It's very rare indeed that I don't finish a book but I can't justify the time I spent reading this one. The characters are less than realistic, the plot was convoluted and not in a twisty, mystery way. There were so many things that were just out of synch with my thought processes. After I slogged through this book to the end I had hoped that something worth while would have happened, but no. Even the ending left t [...]

    4. U ovom zanimljivom romanu isprepliću se povijest i fantastika. Glede povijesti, dio povijesti s kojim su povezani događaji u ovoj knjizi je 2. svjetski rat, konkretnije vladavina Hitlera i nacista, no glavni fokus ipak je na onom fantastičnom dijelu, otkrivanju značenja tajanstvenog simbola ankha i toga tko stoji iza smrti ronioca koji ga je pronašao. Postojanje tajnog bunkera koji je Hitler dao izgraditi, a o kojem se nagađa i teoretizira u mnogim književnim djelima koja se bave nacistim [...]

    5. I'm not sure I've ever had such an aggravating experience in reading a book. What I had was an electronic review copy with the editor's notes in the margins. Interesting, sure, but that meant an already unwieldy format (DRM protected PDF) was almost useless on my Sony. The text was too small to read at normal size, and once you zoomed in . . . not only did the lines break in awkward places (as PDFs tend to do), but the editor's notes merged into the body of the text, making for some really confu [...]

    6. I liked the historical aspects of this book the most. I was a little worried when the description mentioned Nazis, because they are overused when it comes to stories with secret artifacts, but I thought Wallentin used them cleverly in her story. I liked the multiple voices as the story goes back and forth through time. The story of the ankh and star is revealed at a nice pace and that is what kept me reading this book. The history of the ankh and star, from their discovery to present day, I foun [...]

    7. I don't remember having this much fun reading an adventure story since first devouring the stories of Jules Verne. This is what an adventure story should be. It is loaded with action, exotic locals, deliciously evil villains, and a not too heroic, slightly neurotic, unsympathetic character who holds the parts of the story together. More specifically, he is holding the secret to Strindberg's Star, an otherworldly talisman shaped like an ankh surrounded by a star. This object of legend and desire [...]

    8. I found this book mediocre. The story was quite interesting, but the characters surrounding Don Titelman did not feel "alive" to me - the lawyer, in particular, just came off as very arrogant to me.This book, it must be said, is not at all unique - in the last years there have been several "suspense/crime" novels that touches the world war II - and the nazism in particular. Why it is such a popular subject, I don't know - but this was far from the first story I've read that works in Himmlers' oc [...]

    9. Liking this book is a lot like being my wife: you have to be willing to overlook flaws. Imho, a book can still be okay even if it has one of the Three Most Commonest Flaws: 1) starting with a bang and then losing momentum; 2) basing the narrative on unlikeable characters; and 3) too damned much implausibility. Unfortunately, Wallentin has #s one through three. A Swedish diver (he’s a creep) finds a relic that’s been preserved in copper vitriol for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. He lose [...]

    10. I have to say that I was hoping that this book was going to be more Nordic Noir than it was. To be honest, I almost felt the writing style of this author was almost Americanized compared to other Scandanavian authors I have read. There were aspects to it that I felt like I could have been reading a Vince Flynn novel with historical aspects thrown in. It was good but coming from its' country of origin, I know I expected more. And the book did start of incredibly strong, but then it kind of tapere [...]

    11. The first half of this book seemed pretty confusing to me. It also dragged (for about the first 200 pages), but I plowed through and was glad I did. The second half is very fast paced and I found it hard to put down. I had a hard time identifying with some of the main characters (Don, Eva, and Elena) and the plot seemed pretty far fetched. Would like to see more by this author in the future. This was a giveaway, but is also one I would probably have bought after reading the synopsis o the back [...]

    12. I received this book through First Reads.I couldn't even finish this book. My girlfriend warned me about it, & she was right. Like her, I was drawn to this book because the description compares it to Robert Langdon & Lisbeth Salander. I am a fan of both, but this book is neither. It has a jumpy plot, uninteresting characters, & mediocre writing.Maybe if you're more into crime than I am you'd like it. But for me, this is a pass.

    13. Tvekar mellan 1 eller två stjärnor. Å ena sidan sträckläste jag ju ut den och ville veta hur det skulle gå - å den andra var det här en förskräcklig röra. Ihåliga och klyschiga karaktärer utan djup och personlighet. Storyn kändes som ett hopkast av olika 'coola' scener och idéer som egentligen inte hör ihop men författaren samlat på sig och ville visa upp. Men, den skulle nog göra sig helt ok som actionrulle - på netflix

    14. Non ce l'ho potuta fare, dopo 300 pagine di nulla sono andata a leggermi direttamente il finale, che per altro fa cagare ed è completamente senza senso.Una palla disumana, brutto, inutile, inverosimile e senza capo nè coda.A confronto Dan Brown si merita il Nobel e ho detto tutto.Voto: 2/10

    15. I won this book as a giveaway through . Strindberg's Star was mildly entertaining. It had some pretty decent action and mystery, but the main character was too odd to carry the story. I kept thinking that someone else was going to step forward as the main character, but unfortunately, it never happened.

    16. A wonderful story with a beautiful plot, but reads like too many slices of light wheat toast, no real nutrition in the bread, you feel still hungry, swollen and fed up with eating too much

    17. Mimal commented:it was promising but turned out it wanted to be something it wasn't. Final verdict=don't bother was mainly swedish media trying to promote it

    18. Un mix di troppe coseDiciamo che questa storia mi è sembrata un bel minestrone,non insipido,ma un po' pesante da digerire con società tedesca, spie svedesi, nazisti e Prima guerra mondiale, una ragazza con un potere e dei versi di Baudelaire.Parte in sordina e fino,più o meno alla metà del libro, non riuscivo proprio a capire dove si voleva andare a parare; poi prende la piega avventurosa e si infarcisce di notizie storiche reali e romanzate, per finire in modalità fantastica, con un finale [...]

    19. There are some books which make you wonder how an agent, an acquisition's editor, and the rest of the editorial team at a publishing company could have allowed it to get published. This is one of them. When I picked it up, I thought "hey, it's compared to Dan Brown, and while I don't think his books are great literature, they do pass the time. So sure, why not?" Mistake. This book tries to capture Dan Brown's style, but manages to make it boring. I don't know how many times I fell asleep reading [...]

    20. A thriller? This novel? I'd call it a suspence novel because there's very little action and dangerous situations, I can count them on one hand, maybe two. And them running across europe with bad guys right at their heels? Pfft! They escape from Sweden and go to Belgium in a secret train coupé, noone chasing them until they get to Ypres, where the bad guys have their lair, so to speak. They get captured, but it's not very dramatic either. They deside to find the location the ankh and the star po [...]

    21. Here comes another book which looks very promising in the beginning but starts accumulating bullsh*t soon after, to end up in a very inconclusive and frustrating way. Even without taking into account the improbable background science (if you manage) and you start reading it as an adventure book, it's really hard to digest the rest: the nazi conspiracy, secret societies and secret police Even paranormal powers That was a bit too much for me!

    22. Det är säkert möjligt att skriva en bra bok som blandar historiska händelser, konspirationsteorier och övernaturliga händelser. Det här är, dessvärre, inte den boken. Om det som utspelar sig i den "verkliga" världen hade varit trovärdigt så kanske boken inte verkat fullt så löjeväckande. Men efter episoderna med Säpo, tyska ambassaden och Green cargo så kan det inte hjälpas att resten av boken läses enbart för att se om dom dumheterna kan överträffas. En riktig kalkon!

    23. O pierdere imensă de timp. Are vreo 50 de pagini în care se trece de la aventură la o prezentare științifică. În rest ai senzația că autorul a găsit căteva fapte interesante în istorie și a legat forțat cartea de aceste povești. Păcat că unele părți au potențial imens. Rezumat: nu recomand.

    24. Fiction seems to go in waves and one of the recent trends seems to be for Scandinavian authors. First there was "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson and its trilogy. Then, "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo was named as one of Richard and Judy's Book Club selections. Now, we have ''Strindberg's Star'', a debut novel from Swedish journalist Jan Wallentin who, if he repeats the success of those others, we will be hearing lots more about.Just as he is preparing for an appearance on a televisio [...]

    25. This is a Swedish book translated into English. It takes place in Europe as the main characters travel around in search of the truth.Sorta.Ok, so our main character, Don, is arrested for the murder of a diver who found a body while diving in a mine. The body is perfectly preserved by some trick of the mine, so it's super old, and appears to be the victim of either an accident or a suicide. So, there's no crime there. The diver, however, took a few things from the cave where he found the body, go [...]

    26. Shades of ancient astronautsAn unlikeable loner descends into a flooded, abandoned copper mine in Sweden, hoping to out-dive his rivals, the Dyke Divers, and gain a moment of online fame. When he does, he comes face to face with a disturbingly well-preserved corpse, holding a mysterious artifact—an ankh, incised with undecipherable runes and made of a material Unknown to Modern Science. This discovery (or, more accurately, rediscovery) leads to the involvement of reluctant hero Don Titelman, r [...]

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