Free To Fly

Chef Vincent Sala is big, gruff and definitely on the rough end of the spectrum His partner Daniel McGee is a smooth, urbane young professional Their romance took off like fireworks, but lately, Danny is painfully unhappy and Vince is about ready to hit the road.An explosive confrontation reveals an unexpected twist in their relationship and Vince sees a small glimmer ofChef Vincent Sala is big, gruff and definitely on the rough end of the spectrum His partner Daniel McGee is a smooth, urbane young professional Their romance took off like fireworks, but lately, Danny is painfully unhappy and Vince is about ready to hit the road.An explosive confrontation reveals an unexpected twist in their relationship and Vince sees a small glimmer of hope The question is, can he step up and give what Danny needs to make him fly
Free To Fly Chef Vincent Sala is big gruff and definitely on the rough end of the spectrum His partner Daniel McGee is a smooth urbane young professional Their romance took off like fireworks but lately Danny

  • Title: Free To Fly
  • Author: Belinda McBride
  • ISBN: 9781465704399
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I liked this. Of course I would have liked to have more of Vincent and Daniels's story, but I shouldn't be so greedy. I don't think one night of hot sex is going to fix all the problems in their relationship. Maybe if they continue to spend post-coital time communicating, they might be able to work things out.

    2. i liked these guys but i don't get the whole D/s and pain thing so it wasn't really for me. That said i did enjoy the start and end but the sex in the middle wasn't my thing

    3. *** 3 okay stars ***This wasn't the best BDSM story I've read. It wasn't the worst either. It was kind of good. It made me care enough about the characters to hope they made their HEA.----------------------------------------------------A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume Three" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011. Click HERE for the story online or  HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.Prompt:(view spoiler)[Dear Author,I [...]

    4. This is a great story about two men who are deeply in love, yet about to break up. Why? Life has gotten in the way and neither of them is getting what they need. Vincent is a busy and successful chef, and Daniel a totally stressed-out young lawyer. Their desperation touched me, and even though Vincent is the one to tell the story, the author managed to paint a very clear picture of what Daniel was feeling - gradually revealed at the same speed as Vincent started to get the picture.What follows i [...]

    5. I couldn't wait to read this story because I love that picture! I haven't read too many established relationship stories outside of a sequel or series, so this was a very different change of pace and especially because it started at the point where they were potentially breaking up. I love that there was a glimmer of hope even when everything seemed darkest. Vince and Danny are really awesome characters and seem like they could balance each other out so well. Loved it and keeping my fingers cros [...]

    6. 3,5 starsA sweet little short, short novella about love between two guys, Vince and Danny. Hot and tender. (Do not worry about the cover. No more than the light way in the bedroom happens )I Like

    7. This novella was interesting and it fit the photo very nicely. The BDSM just wasn't quite to my taste. The writing style was nice and I wanted the MCs to work out their issues so I felt some connection to them. Not a bad free read.

    8. This was great! Very emotional and well written BDSM. I love that they come out of it even more committed to each other and moving forward in their relationship. Very hot, too! Thank you!

    9. Would love to read about how these two met!!! Great story and loved Vincent and Danny. Hope all works out well for them.

    10. This was a free book I came across and decided to give it a try. I don't usually go for strictly m/m books but I have often times read books containing m/f/m or m/m/f relationships. This was a short read and so considering that I guess it was pretty decent. I more or less got why their relationship was in trouble but by the end I wasn't clear on whether or not they knew where they were going from there. I believe Danny was saying that in their relationship he needed Vincent to be in control beca [...]

    11. I have to be a little honest. This story almost made me want to wring the main characters' necks! Danny and Vincent had been together for about a year, and this desire for dominance on Danny's part had never shown up at all? I suppose, not being familiar with the lifestyle, that I could find that somewhat believable; but don't these things usually manifest somewhere outside the bedroom? Just wondering. Vincent, was tired of listening to arguments, and after "hoping this was a life commitment" wa [...]

    12. I wasn’t too sure what this free short story was going to be about, since I never read the synopsis, and let me tell you I was a bit shocked when I started reading this one. I didn’t think it was about two gay guys, but that didn’t stop me from reading. Vincent arrives at his house which he shares with his lover Daniel with the intentions of leaving him. They have been together for a while but something was missing in their relationship and Vincent was planning on telling Daniel he was lea [...]

    13. It was an interesting story. It's a pity it was so short. I felt the characters could have benefited from a more extensive description as well as their story and the development of their relationship.Their timid introduction into D/S territory was sweet. There was no perfect timing and role-playing after a preestablished script, there were odd moments when they had to step out of character and both were unsure on how to tread forward. I needed a bit more information to be sure this was something [...]

    14. This short piece packed quite a punch in its 20 pp between the characters, the tone and the plot. I enjoyed it thoroughly and recommend it to those who enjoy m/m contemporary romance with mild BDSM elements.Vincent comes home from a business trip heavy of heart because he has decided to leave the love of his life. He has loved Daniel since the moment he met him, but there has been a disconnect in the last several months with them just going through the motions and going their own separate ways a [...]

    15. Story Prompt: I'm really curious on how these two got to this place. Did they always know one wanted to submit and the other to dominate? Did it grow out of an established relationship? Is this the "coming out of the closet" for their Dom/Sub relationship? Could you please settle my curiosity about these two men and how they "discovered" this beautiful aspect of their love?

    16. Don't Read in the Closet: Volume ThreeDon't Read in the Closet: GayRomLit Retreat 2011 Special EditionHad more editing errors than I'm used to with DRitC stories.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    17. This is a very short, short story (15 minutes to read). Thankfully the author didn't try to squeeze too much into the limited word count. Essentially the story covers a couple of hours in a failing relationship. These hours encompass a pivotal development in the relationship which will potentially keep the lovers happier & together. It would have been nice to read more about how their D/s relationship developed & whether they successfully re-negotiated their relationship for a HEA.Origin [...]

    18. 3.5 stars.Short and sweet if you like light BDSM. I'm not into it but I think I understand what McBride is trying to say in this. I still don't get the feeling safe as a sub thing, or how this one thing would completely fix their relationship, but they are a cute couple, and the BDSM is not only light, it's tender and erotic. I'm rounding up to four because they talk about it only being sometimes and because of the (view spoiler)[Lavender Inn (hide spoiler)].

    19. How did I miss this tasty morsel? Not sure where my brain was when this was provided by the talented Ms. McBride. This is a smoking hawt quickie which makes me want to read more. Every time I read a shortie from Ms. McBride, I hope there is more to it. Now I want to know how the Victorian Inn turns out. I'd love to read about Danny and Vincent getting their kink on together at the beach and on a boat. Delicious.

    20. Gee, the HSD stories really are making me think twice about BDSM! This is a touching story where two loving men needed to reassure and help each other in new way. Danny in particular, seemed overwhelmed by his responsibilities so it was beautiful that Vincent was willing and able to take control. Thank you Belinda!

    21. This story was a bit too short in my opinion. It felt like the characters needed a bit more building for me to get into their minds and understand them better. I would definitely have liked it if Danny was a bit more explained too. It seemed odd that he suddenly found out what he wanted from Vince. And it felt kind of forced between the two of them. It was a well written story regardless.

    22. A part of the DRITC collection this is one of the best stories there. I've always been a sucker for fight and break-up fics that resolve fairly quickly. Also, I appreciate authors who know what they can do with how many words, auhtors who are able to form a short story with just enough details to give the story life but not so much it's filled with air.

    23. As a re-read, I enjoyed this story more. I think it's because I've read a lot of books between my first reading of this story and my current reading and have more of a comfort for BDSM. I still appreciate that it's a free download and I like having it officially on my nook rather than reading it online.

    24. I have a thing about short stories, I don't like them. Belinda MacBride is talented enough to make me see how other writers can't put the full weight of a character or situation in a few pages like she does. I was instantly pulled into these two MC's lives and I understood their pain and pleasure. Bravo!

    25. ***Read as part of the free Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Three anthology. Story #12***

    26. Free to Fly was an easy one-sitting read. I was really impressed by how much the author was able to flesh out these characters and their back-stories in a short format. The erotic scene was nicely done. This is definitely one of the more well-written free reads I've come across.

    27. 3.5 stars. Good short kinky m/m romance about a guy who comes home from work planning to move out while his lawyer boyfriend is out of town for the weekend. But his boyfriend is still there, and their confrontation changes the course of their relationship.

    28. Even for a short story this story needed more. I see it having potential if the storyline would have been carried out better. Basically this short read gives you insight to their relationship and some hot m/m action ;)

    29. A very nice short where Vincent is about to walk away from his failing relationship with Danny when they discover a kink neither of them knew they had. It was a good start to getting their relationship back on track. Only wish there had been more.

    30. This was a really well written short story about Vincent and Daniel who seem to be about to split. The characters are vivid, but I want more!

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