An amazing new vampire series Don t miss it Morgan Rice, 1 Bestselling author of THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS In TAKEN Book 2 of the Vampire Legends , Rachel Wood finally learns the secret that her new boyfriend, Benji, has been hiding he is a vampire But Rachel refuses to believe it Thinking he is crazy, she runs from him, and resolves to never see him again But desp An amazing new vampire series Don t miss it Morgan Rice, 1 Bestselling author of THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS In TAKEN Book 2 of the Vampire Legends , Rachel Wood finally learns the secret that her new boyfriend, Benji, has been hiding he is a vampire But Rachel refuses to believe it Thinking he is crazy, she runs from him, and resolves to never see him again But despite herself, Rachel can t stop thinking of him As he comes to her in her dreams, Rachel can t help wondering if maybe, just maybe, it is all true Meanwhile, Rachel is back in high school, the day after her dreaded homecoming dance, and is left to deal with the fallout of the brawl Rob s football friends were injured, but that doesn t stop Rob from falling for Rachel all over again And despite herself, she realizes that she just might still have feelings for him, too Rachel s social pressures build from her group of friends, and she is forced to lie to her parents, and sneak out, in order to get out of being grounded and have any social life Her sister, Sarah, covers for her, as those two start to develop a deeper bond But problems only escalate for Rachel, as Benji comes back into her life, bringing danger with him She discovers his world at his ancestral home in the mysterious Lyndvia Castle on the Hudson River But just as their romance is blossoming, Benji s twin brother shows up with a message that just might mean the end for all of them Rachel will have to decide just how much she wants to sacrifice to be with the love of her life TAKEN is book 2 of the Vampire Legends series following Book 1, SWORN , yet is also a stand alone novel Book 3 in the series, BITTEN, is now also available.
Taken An amazing new vampire series Don t miss it Morgan Rice Bestselling author of THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS In TAKEN Book of the Vampire Legends Rachel Wood finally learns the secret that her new boyfri

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Emma Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is a total continuation from Sworn, book one and the first paragraph takes off from where it ended. I did like this aspect and it set the whole story for this book. The storyline is interesting, but a little typical of vampire stories, the characters aren’t yet fully explored and I am interested to read the next couple of books to see where they go.Benji and Rachel escaped the school dance and Rachel is trying to get Benji to explain how he is capable of such strength and speed. Benji is [...]

    2. This one was a read where the cover ate me up and drew me in LOL Thought the blurb was good enough to read, but starting it I soon realized it´s not for me. The Hero claims to be 3000 years old, but he´s sulking and screaming, worse than a boy. The heroine is 15 and living at home, that´s when I knew I´ve opened the wrong book. I need more Adult, not HS drama. Sorry.

    3. Ok bookAfter reading the 1st book of this series I really believed it could only get better not worse but it's about the same. Rather help being stupid, whiny, getting a bit more sneaky and defying her parent for her new friends. The school come on, after one stupid fight they make it seem like the school had a major shooting or something, a bit over active written.g on that part. Benjii being dumb enough to tell his secret then his brother Hunter with the evil vampire violet that has supersonic [...]

    4. I will finish reading this series simply because I hate not finishing a series when I start it. Reading these, one would jump to assume that the author is a fan of Twilight since when reading you find yourself thinking "oh how very Twilight". That is frustratingI like originality. But I definitely was asking myself if this was some Twilight fan fiction. Too many similarities.And of course, the errors are another thorn in my side. Having someone to edit your work before you release it should neve [...]

    5. This definitely a good book to read, I like short stories as much as like the full novel, but I'm hoping nothing happens to Benji >.< I like that Kid. man child or whatever lol

    6. After reading books one and two I'm still not impressed with the quality or depth of the story line. The scenes are basic. I doubt I will continue with the series.

    7. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    8. Welcome back to the 2nd part of my review and this book series! I thought I will NEVER read another book from this series againI lied I only read it because it was free and I was bored so I was like "why not?". I at least expected to be a lot better from the last book(you know at least an OK book) but it even made it worst. It's like stupider than the first one.Rachael finds out Benji is a vampire (no you think?!), and totally freaks the fuck out and never get to talk to him again. Everything wa [...]

    9. I don't think I've ever read a book as fast as I've read Taken by Emma Knight. But to be fair, I skipped several pages, particularly the ones that featured Hunter and Violet. I'll get to those two in a minute though. While this was a slightly better improvement than the first book, I still hated it. This book made me so angry.When I reviewed the first book I said that I would not be continuing on with the series, but I decided to give this one a chance because maybe I had just been too harsh the [...]

    10. Emma, I love your covers - the artwork is well done. The storyline was sorta ok, but you really need to find someone who can edit your work for you. There were so many mistakes in the story that I felt that you must be a teenager writing these books.Even still, someone out there should really assist you to make these books a lot better. I gave you a poor review because you also don't read up on your previous work. You make mistakes that mess up the storyline. For example: you have the main chara [...]

    11. So far, still not impressed with the believability of the characters and their relationship to one another. Reactions seem forced, imbalances and completely reactionary with little or no convincing internal monologue to explain thought process leading to said knee-jerk reaction. Still reading, though. Ok. I finished it. Still didn't enjoy it. The best word I can think of to describe my main issue is "disjointed." The basic idea of the story is decent, but it's like a conglomeration of all the va [...]

    12. I managed to get the Vampire Legends series for free so I don't regret picking this book up, however I wouldn't recommend it to others.Firstly, the overall story line is decent but cliche. Secondly, I felt that the story was too descriptive in irrelevant places and parts where elaboration was required were summarized. I mean, how can a girl simply fall head over heals for a guy she doesn't even know and has met only twice let alone decide to leave her family for him! Furthermore, parts with conf [...]

    13. Wow. These books are so confusing. Things happen to quick. Theres no details that space events out. Like in the first book, where did benji come from?? Out of no where. Benji was shoved into the scene, when ur suposed to ease a character like tht in. Or atleast have more reference on him earlier on.Rachel, her character is so irrational? I guess u could say. Shes so braty. Sneaking out? Drinking, smoking, going to crazy parties? What the heck? This whole series needs to be touchened upis book is [...]

    14. While continuing an interesting story from book one and letting Rachel know that vampires are real, the book is ruined by poor writing/a lack of editing. The story lacks flow and continues to present Rachel as way more fickle than any high school student I've ever known. I do like that it focuses on a few different characters this time, so it's expanding this world that Emma Knight's building. Unfortunately, this book started to make me feel like she's trying to toss in as many popular vampire t [...]

    15. I really thought this book was really short but it was really good for such a short story!:) I liked how this book started off with the ending of the last book. Benji is a great guy I think he didn't push Rachel to be with him or torment her with what he was. He tried to break it to her very easily she didn't take it that well but that's how I would have taken it also. Her life is changing rapidly she seemed like a whole different girl. I really didn't like rob and I didn't like Rachel's new fri [...]

    16. Books like these really frustrate me and that's why I rated it so low. Really it's just a continuation of the last book and could have been put into a single book form instead of having multiple book and selling for the proceeds instead of the actual story. The other thing that really bothers me is that the editing is terrible there's a lot of words that are spelled correctly but it's the wrong word like vain and vein . I just wish the author could have taken the time and put it in the format of [...]

    17. Why did I just buy the next book?So here I am an avid reader with over a thousand ebooks available and read on my kindle and I hurt my leg in October and I am still on bed rest so finding good entertainment has been hard. Yes I am an adult who love ya paranormal romance books but this one is very immature. The main character Racheal is only fifteen and the vampire love in question is three thousand years old. I read this book in three hours as the story line and complexity of the language used i [...]

    18. Where are Rachel’s parents? Can someone tell me? Talk about phoning it in. This girl EASILY sneaks out of her house when she is GROUNDED and she even has a stay-at-home mum! No wonder they have a daughter who is such a mess. Who falls madly in love just looking at the person? YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. You need to know someone to love them. It’s called lust, people!This story still seems like a Twilight rip off. I can barely stand the main character. The plot seems like a bad afterschool special [...]

    19. It's just ok in one part of the book when Rachel is with Benji the parents are looking for her, the sister says "her diary!" Well they find her diary and proceed to look in it and they read the part about Benji being a vampire later when Rachel is back home and talking to her sister Sarah, Sarah tells her that she(Sarah) found her key to her diary -that she kept on her necklace and had lost- and put her diary and the key in a safe place to keep her parents from reading it when there was a WHOLE [...]

    20. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the 1st book, I decided to go ahead and give the 2nd book a shot, in hopes that it would get better. When an author writes a series, it especially one that is supposed to be a continuation of the first, it is expected that book 2 will pick up where the other left off. That is SO not the case here. It is almost as if Taken was written by a different author.The writing is still very choppy, and I am still not impressed with the character. There is no depth and th [...]

    21. Once again, didn't live up to potential. This could be such a great series if she had fully developed the story and characters. Instead, whole transitions and developments are left out to the point that you feel like you are jumping from month to month, but in reality the entire story so far has been only a few days. I also didn't like the continual shifting of point of view. One moment, you are with Rachel, the next Hunter, then Benji, and even Sarah. Too many stories. She needs to concentrate [...]

    22. I read this after despising Sworn in the hopes that just maybe the story would get better. Oh how wrong those hopes were. The "love" affair between the two main characters is forced and feeble. The whole thing is unbelievable. I don't believe in the story, I don't believe in the characters, and I certain don't believe these two are in love. I will happily toss aside the remainder of the series and I will not be recommending the series to anyone. If you value your time, your intelligence, and you [...]

    23. Rachel Wood finally learns the secret that her new boyfriend, Benji has been hiding he is a vampire. Rachel refuses to believe it. Thinking he is crazy, she runs from him, and thinks to never see him again. Rachel can’t stop thinking of him. As he comes to her in her dreams, Rachel can’t help wondering if maybe, just maybe, it is all true. The setting of this book was in Benji's house which is a castle. I recommend this book to people who like to read about vampires and enjoy and entraining [...]

    24. I like the book but it was too short. She could have put book one and two together and mad a decent length novel. I liked the story and now I could see how they could fall so quickly for the other person. Benji has known Rachel through her different reincarnation and has loved her every time. I really did not like the jumping perspectives. One or two perspectives like switching between Benji and Rachel would have been fine but six different perspectives was just to much. I will read the next one [...]

    25. Horrible. Seriously. Has anyone who reviewed this book ever actually *read* it??? It's like a fourth grade vampire assignment. Honestly, even though I got it for free I feel like I wasted my money. I wanted to literally throw my reading device. The "dialogue" would be excellent If you had accidentally swallowed poison and needed to vomit to save your life. And even then death might be preferable.

    26. This paranormal teen romance was definitely unique. It was a quick fast read about forbidden teenage love and a set of overbearing human parents set on keeping their daughter, Rachel, away from the elusive, Benji, who is a 3,000 year old vampire. Because of the consistent grammatical and typo errors, I decided not to rate this book higher; however, if these errors were corrected, I would rate it 4 stars.

    27. Ich weiß immer noch nicht was ich von der Serie halten soll. Wäre eigentlich eine gute Story, aber es gibt keine Spannung. Dann sind viele Szenen für mich nicht nachvollziehbar, weil nichts ausführlich geschrieben wurde und kein Zusammenhang zu sehen war. Außerdem war das Ende viel zu offensichtlich

    28. An extremely poor imitation of Twilight and Morgan Rice's Vampire Journals. Not only badly written - but also full of contextual and grammatical errors which make it extremely difficult to take seriously. I only read the second book of the series to see if the train wreck of a first book got any better - it didn't, and I won't be reading any more of them.

    29. I thought maybe the writer would get better. was this translated from another language or written by a kid who really needs a writing class and psychology course. the ideas awesome but seriously the reactions she is described are awful. that girl falls in love with anything pretty that looks at her. her gullibility is off the charts along with her mother's.

    30. Cool I like it, it was a good read even though it was short. Other then that I liked it I wonder if Rachel going to go back to her family and what not . I hope hunter didn't die Ima be irritated.

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