Made or Marred, and \'One of Three\'

Made or Marred and One of Three None

  • Title: Made or Marred, and \'One of Three\'
  • Author: Jessie Fothergill
  • ISBN: 9780543917201
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Made or Marred, and \'One of Three\'”

    1. So this has two stories in it, and I only have read "One of Three." It had real potential starting out, a number of interesting characters. I could foresee all kinds of interesting emotion and typical Victorian angst and development. But, then it just sort ofended. And, it was a happy ending. But it felt so utterly undeveloped. A whole lot of build-up for a climax that came too quickly and felt too manufactured.

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