Hammer Of The Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga

Led Zeppelin was the hottest, hardest, horniest, most hedonistic group in rock history Their parties defined 60s and 70s excess, their concerts were long, loud and thrilling Based on interviews and behind the scenes stories, here is the truth behind the genius of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham.
Hammer Of The Gods The Led Zeppelin Saga Led Zeppelin was the hottest hardest horniest most hedonistic group in rock history Their parties defined s and s excess their concerts were long loud and thrilling Based on interviews and be

  • Title: Hammer Of The Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga
  • Author: Stephen Davis
  • ISBN: 9785551084723
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Ah-a-aaaahhhhHAAAA!!! Ah-a-aaaahhhhHAAAAAA!!!It's been a long time since I read this bookIt's been a long time, but let's have a lookWhat a whole lotta love Davis has for Zeppelin!What a whole lotta love!Here's a fanboy who's sure all that glitters is goldAnd he's written the band into heavenAnd if you said you were a Led-headOh what fun this book would beMe, I'm gonna ramble onI'm gonna find a new read to quench my greedRamble on!

    2. this was really a crappy book; i give it two stars because of the interesting but lifeless information it gave me. facts. they had a lot of groupies. they fucked some girl with a shark they caught fishing out the hotel window. they did cocaine, then heroin. bonham bought a lot of cars but couldn't drive. jimmy had a 14-year old girlfriend he kept locked in his hotel room. robert plant's dog's name was strider. john paul jones played bass. some other shit. most of it interesting. some not.but no [...]

    3. I've heard it said that "rock'n'roll ain't pretty".I never it expected it to be quite so repugnant, however. Read this book if you want more information than anybody needs about what goes on when young adults are allowed to have no limits absolutely.I'd have to blame most of the raucous behavior on the road manager, Richard Cole, and the band's manager, Peter Grant. I'd only been a casual fan of Led Zeppelin (collected all their cds but preferred my 70's hard rock a bit more Purple or Black), so [...]

    4. This book is disappointing, which is odd because the story it tells should be so interesting. Unfortunately, the author simply doesn't write very well.The story reads more like a list of events than a narrative, and to provide interest and emphasis his primary tool seems to be the use of italics.The redeeming quality of the book is that the author takes each studio album and breaks it down song-by-song, citing influences and inspirations behind the music.Otherwise, apart from the infamous 'shark [...]

    5. Great band. Actually THE greatest ever, in my opinion. Not a great book. I've read it twice. Just not written very well. I'd like to find a better bio on Zeppelin and read it, if I could actually part from romance/erotica long enough!

    6. started: 5/26/08finished: 5/29/08First of all, no rock and roll book could possibly be any more shocking then Motley Crue's The Dirt. lol. Hammer of the Gods is a must read for any Zep fan, really. A classic book about a classic band. It is completely up to date, until 2007 - that's only last year people! :P I really enjoyed it, I always wanted to know what was coming next and I just about cried when it reached 1980 and it was time to say goodbye to Bonzo. Maybe because I love the band so I'm em [...]

    7. Cigarettes with batteries in them? Beer with no alcohol in it? Backstage passes to spiritual gurus, therapists, personal trainers, and dietary consultants instead of groupies and dope peddlers? Trading Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort for super-grande-venti machiatto double-skim, light-foam, extra-hot soy latte frappes? Come back, Keith Moon. Wake up, Johnny Thunders. Save us, Chuck Berry. The man-bun, coffee swilling, smart-phone worshipping, skinny jeansification of rock and roll is in full s [...]

    8. I read this book because it's one of the only books that my husband has ever read more than once. I wanted to see what was so great about it, so off I went.First off, this book is not for me. In my view, this is a zero star book. (Smack-headed pedophiles, angry violent drunks, and dudes who marry a women, have kids with her, divorce her, then marry her sister and have kids with her also, don't really do it for me. Seriously -- those kids are siblings AND cousins. WTF?)Not only did my husband lov [...]

    9. Hammer of the Gods is missing historical context. I realize Davis was writing about four people and could not cover them all as profoundly as he could have, but despite the actual writing, I think in 1985 he was lacking both the historical perspective and the maturity to be able to give Zeppelin its full due.Despite the selling one's soul to the devil bit, which is merely a catchy framing device, he starts out well, chronicling Jimmy Page's early musical growth and subsequent session work, under [...]

    10. I grew up thinking Led Zeppelin was a bit over-rated and kinda bloated with their "Everyone gets a 20 minute solo" concert structure. I also thought that Robert Plant wanted to try to be "majestic-lion-man". I was wrong on one of 2 of those. This book was great insight to not only how Zep operated, but how the whole music industry operated back in the 70s. I have a whole new respect for Zep as musicians, but the stories of debauchery is what makes this book. Everyone has heard of the fish incide [...]

    11. 5/10This book should have been called "The Led Zeppelin Story: Richard Cole Edition", the guy is in the book more than John Paul Jones! It's pretty obvious that he (Zeppelin's tour manager) was the only one close to the band the author managed to utilize as a primary source. This results in a whole lot of "then Zeppelin went here and played a show, the road crew and John Bonham trashed the hotel, Richard Cole punched someone who was just trying to do their job." A good band biography this does n [...]

    12. 'Hammer of the Gods' is the cult classic Led Zeppelin biography, famous for its unflinching portrayal of the band's legendary exploits with groupies, orgies, violence, hotel destruction, black magic, and drugs. With this book, Stephen Davis captures the true spirit of the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" philosophy of the 70s and vomits it up on the curb for all to see. If you have an aversion to seeing the word 'fuck' in print, or to reading descriptions of groupies getting fucked by dead sharks [...]

    13. Hammer Of the Gods Led Zeppelin Unauthorised by Stephen Davis.Well with Led Zeppelin about to play there first gig in eons it seemed the time was right to read this book that tells the tale in all it's gory details of one of the biggest rock bands ever, and one that I don't own any albums by. But am certainly more than familiar with, how could you not be!! It is incredible to think of how many hit records both Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones had played on before they decided to put together a new [...]

    14. Before I read this I was on what some might call a "Zeppelin kick", listening to only their music for about two months straight. This is what brought me to the book. Hammer of the Gods was recommended by a good friend of mine who is solely responsible for my delayed interest in the band. Initially wanting to read more about the music and lyrics Led Zeppelin is noted for, Stephen Davis offers a more complete appraisal of arguably one of the commercially successful and influential rock bands in hi [...]

    15. I must say that the Led Zeppelin 'family', mainly the manager, Peter Grant, Richard Cole and their road crew behaved more like a violent mob at times than a rock and roll entourage. The fact is they were bullies. They bullied their way on and off of stages, beat onlookers up for little or no reason, etc. Luckily, this author does focus on the music somewhat and does offer some balance between the mayhem and the artistry of the band. It was a rather quick read. I enjoyed most of it. My favorite p [...]

    16. Book is not well written, but informative nonetheless. Despite claims by many people,this book did make clear that Zepplin is far from approaching any type of godhood status. While I was expecting some best/worst of bachanaal/ Dionysian debauchery I didn't really get a sense of this band approaching either. Their antics fell more into a general malaise of just plain dumb, low class human debauchery that is related to people acting out that can't handle excess. I found many interesting contrasts [...]

    17. The book I have is from 1985, but I won't bother adding it to the database since it's just a mass-market paperback with the same cover shown here.OH MY GAWD, I read this book literally to PIECES in high school!!!! And I have carried it around with me all these years b/c it was just such an obsession for me then, along with my first soulmate, Laura Puffer. (In fact, it was "Led Zepplin #1" written on my shoe that first brought her to my desk in our 10th grade study hall!) I even made notes of all [...]

    18. An absolute must read if you're a Led Zeppelin fan, and yes this was written for their fans--not the general public! The story of the red snapper hotel room incident as a for instance. This is the greatest band that has ever walked on this earth and that's a fact, not an opinion--just like McDonald's has the best fries. Again, a common-knowledge fact. When you read this you get a real gritty feel for the ins and outs of the rock industry and how these guys absolutely obliterated it, creating the [...]

    19. It turns out, at least for me, reading about the rowdiest rock band ever wasn't that exciting. I enjoyed reading about how songs came together, bandmember roots/influences and how the band and it's management shaped music industry standards in regards to touring and promotion. But I really didn't enjoy reading about all the drugs and groupies; it's not that I was uaware of it before, I just didn't care about reading about it's just a sad reality of fame, fortune and being adored by millions and [...]

    20. FUCK YEAH LED ZEPPELIN! Обожавам биографии и още повече биографии на любими банди. Тази е 6-та, която чета след тези на Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Дейв Мъстейн от Megadeth, както и биография на самия Джими Пейдж, която прочетох по-рано тази година. Страхотни книги са не тези, които представят групите [...]

    21. Chi se ne frega degli scandali, dei manager, dei compensi, sorvoliamo sui testi spesso composti di pura fuffa hippie; ma l'energia, la musica, il modo di cantare di Plant, le invenzioni musicali di Page, e come suonavano insieme L'unico gruppo le cui incisioni in studio palpitano di vita come se fossero prese in concerto. Concerti le cui riprese video ancora oggi sbalordiscono.Nota di demerito per Arcana che ha infarcito il testo italiano di refusi irritantissimi, dalle iniziali minuscole, alle [...]

    22. This is the first of the "tell all" books on the greatest rock band ever. Stephen Davis uses most of the hangers on as well as their road manager, Richard Cole, to recreate the feel of Zeppelin in the 70's. There are more technical as well as fan driven books on Zeppelin. However, for your average Zeppelin fan, this is a good entry level book.

    23. VILE. Poorly written tales of assault, debauchery and excess to the extreme. Was not a fan of the band prior, but had heard this was a "good read" and I anticipated Spinal Tap-esque tales of tomfoolery- but this is an awful chronicle.

    24. I think this book may have been written by a drug addled child. will someone please write a decent book about Zeppelin?

    25. An absolutely trashy account of Led Zeppelin thats worth a read if you're into the sleazy rumors that plagued the band as they toured the States during the 70s.

    26. I love Led Zeppelin, but this is so poorly written that I could not make it all the way through it. I would love to read a better Zeppelin biography, if anyone has any recommendations

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