A Pemberley Medley

Five Pathways to Pemberley It s the best of all worlds Five short Pride Prejudice variations by bestselling writer Abigail Reynolds gathered in one volume Can Mr Darcy win Elizabeth Bennet s heart or will they misunderstand each other forever Can he stand by and watch Elizabeth lose everything she holds precious including him Praise for Abigail Reynolds PFive Pathways to Pemberley It s the best of all worlds Five short Pride Prejudice variations by bestselling writer Abigail Reynolds gathered in one volume Can Mr Darcy win Elizabeth Bennet s heart or will they misunderstand each other forever Can he stand by and watch Elizabeth lose everything she holds precious including him Praise for Abigail Reynolds Pemberley Variations Readers who can t get enough of Darcy and Elizabeth will find that Reynolds does an admirable job of capturing the feeling of the period in this entertaining diversion BOOKLIST For those who have been chomping at the bit for another Reynolds novel, Mr Darcy s Obsession does not disappoint AUSTENPROSE It was a delight to once again experience Ms Reynolds enthralling prose, faithful yet emotive characterization, and tension filled plots AUSTENESQUE REVIEWS
A Pemberley Medley Five Pathways to Pemberley It s the best of all worlds Five short Pride Prejudice variations by bestselling writer Abigail Reynolds gathered in one volume Can Mr Darcy win Elizabeth Bennet s heart or

  • Title: A Pemberley Medley
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blog Abigail Reynolds I was editing this scene yesterday and suddenly realized I should post it as a holiday gift for my readers It s from my next book, and takes place right after Christmas dinner. Free Stories Abigail Reynolds Mr Darcy is worth reading this book for I have never seen him like this, and I am loving it Book Girl of Mur Y Castell List of literary adaptations of Pride and Prejudice The following is a list of literary depictions of and related to the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which was originally published in .As protagonist focused sequels were noted in and many titles have been published since then, it Dances from Pride and Prejudice University of Hawaii Dances from Pride and Prejudice Selected English country dances from the AE BBC production of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, as assembled by Colin Towns of Oakleigh, Australia. Thanks also to John M Conway for help in identifying particular scenes. Regency Era Regency Style Regency Fashion In depth and informative articles about the Regency Era fashion, decorating and lifestyle Regency era clothing is featured in photos, prints, and articles. Scottish Morning Rolls My Favourite Pastime Hi Liz, I ve tried numerous recipes for Scottish Morning Rolls or baps since coming to N America None came close to the original Scottish rolls. The Food Timeline history notes meals holiday entertaining What is a square meal What is a square meal Excellent question with no simple answers There are two primary schools of thought Symbolic metaphoric a square meal is a substantial, satisfying repast and An actual scientific analysis proposed by a British physician in the s Shaped, to make it easier for people to understand, like a square. Film streaming gratuit HD en VF et VOSTFR, srie et manga Politique de confidentialit FILMube Cette politique de confidentialit s applique aux informations que nous collectons votre sujet sur FILMube le Site Web et les applications FILMube et comment nous utilisons ces informations.

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    1. What does an author do when she has a handful of short stories that can't be fleshed out into full-length novels? Leave them to gather dust on her hard-drive? Heavens, no! She instead gathers these delightful stories together and publishes an anthology so all her diehard fans can devour them!One aspect I loved about this collection of five short stories was how I felt completely fulfilled and satisfied after reading just one story. In the span of thirty minutes readers witness: conflict, misunde [...]

    2. I absolutely adore this book!! I will admit at first I thought "short stories? Oh I am not sure, I want a book I can get my teeth into" however by the end of the first story I had soon cottoned on to the secret of short JAFF stories, Darcy and Elizabeth would be getting to their happily ever after, much sooner than I anticipated!! There's something to be said for instant gratification "it is wonderfully satisfying!" These short stories need to be made into little pocket size books that you can s [...]

    3. Truly DelightfulAbigail Reynolds is the reason my JAFF obsession began and she proves once again why. All five short stories are pure enjoyment mixed with angst. Loved this medley!

    4. Collection of short stories inspired in Elizabeth and Darcy. All of them happens after the first proposal, a "what would have happened if?".They were well written, and if I could ignore the main characters were Elizabeth and Darcy, it would have been more enjoyable. But sadly, if there is one thing that is hard for me to ignore, is when the author loses the essence that is the character in a retelling. Seems like Elizabeth is The Sweetest (the sweetest girl, has the sweetest lips, etc etc.) and [...]

    5. I guess I am an Austen purist. Who knew? This book has several "What if?" stories in it. I liked the first couple and then the book took a turn. This book taught me 2 things. 1) Elizabeth Bennett smiles archly A LOT. 2) Elizabeth Bennett is a slut at heart. Seriously, it was disturbing. Mr. Darcy was no better, but I am more an Elizabeth fan.

    6. Wonderful short stories!Really nice collection for when you just have a short time to read. All of them leave you a happy feeling.Highly recommended!

    7. INTERMEZZO: Georgiana Darcy, Cupido *****Cosa c'è di diverso:- Dopo il rifiuto di Elizabeth, Darcy è diventato scontroso e impossibile: si vede che sta sofferndo atrocemente. Georgiana ne è preoccupatissima, ma non sa cosa, o meglio chi ne sia la causa.- Bingley, forse per questo umore insopportabile di Darcy, decide di non andare con lui a Pemberley, ma già da maggio fa ritorno a Netherfield e rivolge nuovamente il suo interesse verso Jane Bennet.- Elizabeth si reca in estate a visitare il [...]

    8. Despite having been an Austen (and P&P) enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I approached the insidious world of sequels and retellings only recently.My first forays into the genre were of the modern kind: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star, which was positively sizzling, and Prom and Prejudice, which was cute. But I was then curious about some new version of the beloved story, set within the original setting. I'd been hearing good things about Abigail Reynolds' Pemberley Variations for a whi [...]

    9. I listened to the audiobook, which is kind of a confusing way to go with a book like this. But never mind. The author clearly enjoyed writing these stories, and I enjoyed listening to them on long walks. Too bad they couldn't have gotten Colin Firth to read it, especially the part with the letter to Elizabeth. I would have given THAT book 5 stars for sure.

    10. This collection is a favorite of mine, I read and re re-read all the different scenarios our favorite couple gets entangled within the short stories. Each rendition is delicious and full of romance, drama and with just enough ardor to satisfy any P&P craving.

    11. I loved this collection, especially the story in three parts. They were simply perfect vignettes of our well loved characters revealed in intimate moments. The details down to the smallest gestures and reactions were just right. Well done.

    12. Great book of short stories. I love her writing style and the variations on P&P. If you are a fan of P&P you will enjoy.

    13. Let me count the waysIn which the story of Pride and Prejudice can be changed. Well, I can't, and this book explores just a few of them. Most enjoyable.

    14. I positively melted into this book, drowning in Darcy. I didn't leave my computer for two hours as I read the whole thing from start to finish. If anybody had looked in on me they probably would have seen a silly little smile on my face while they failed to catch my attention.IntermezzoIn this story, Darcy and Elizabeth have not reconciled in time for Bingley and Jane's wedding and Georgiana attempts to discover the woman who is making her brother miserable.I have read this story three times and [...]

    15. Whenever I finish an Abigail Reynolds book, I never feel like I’m completely done with the story. What I mean by this is her writing always gets me totally engrossed in the stories making me wish they’d never end. I always feel satisfied with where they’ve gone plot wise, but she writes characters so well that I always end up wishing for more. Fortunately for us Reynolds fans, she published A Pemberley Medley, a collection of short stories that represent different “what if” scenarios f [...]

    16. Originally published on The Librarian Next Door:There is, perhaps, no other literary couple who has managed to capture readers’ hearts and minds the way Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy have. No matter how many new versions of the same story surface, readers everywhere are eager for more – more of Elizabeth’s witty teasing, more of Mr. Darcy’s stoic romanticism, more more more! Author Abigail Reynolds is one of the more prolific writers in the Austen “sequel” world. She has had severa [...]

    17. There are times that I simply do not have the time to read a novel. When a book is really good I have this tendency (or obsession with the plot) to read all day and to keep reading into the wee hours of the morning. That is not always the best thing, especially when I have deadlines to meet. Therefore, an anthology of short stories is fantastic to have on hand. Abigail Reynolds’, A Pemberley Medley filled my desire to read about my favorite hero and heroine without spending the whole day and n [...]

    18. I really love Pride and Prejudice so when I saw this book available for free I unfortunately leaped without looking too hard.There are many things that make P&P great, but the characters are a large part of it. Elizabeth and Darcy have such depth and integrity to them. Lizzie is the bulwark of her family. She isn't another pretty face -- she's strong, smart, stubborn, sassy . . . and yet she also doesn't totally fly in the face of society's standards like Lydia. She is still a lady. She know [...]

    19. A Pemberley Medley is a collection of five short stories featuring Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in slightly different versions of the story told in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It is an enjoyable and romantic read but, as most P&P inspired novels, it tries to show the passionate relationship between Lizzie and Darcy and I have to admit that I always have a hard time imagining them in heated embraces.Still, it is nice to revisit them and their world and think about the possibilities [...]

    20. Intermezzo -4.5 stars. Very, very good short story. I enjoyed this one!! In this short story Elizabeth never saw Mr. Darcy at Pemberley and Lydia never went to Brighton. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth don't see each other again until Jane and Bingley's wedding breakfast. Georgiana also plays a major hand in bringing them together again. Such Differing Reports - 3 stars. Enjoyable, but to me not as good as the first story. This is a variation where Darcy and Elizabeth have more conversations at Rosings. [...]

    21. Five Short P & P re-tellings"Intermezzo" Lizzy and Darcy do not meet at Pemberley and Lydia does not go Brighton or elope with Wickham. Georgianna plays matchmaker with Elizabeth and Darcy at Jane and Bingley's wedding."Such Differing Reports"Instead of surprising Elizabeth with his unexpected proposal at Hunsford. Darcy and Elizabeth engage in several conversations/quarrels and find their way to each other along the way."Reason's Rule"This is a variation of a sequence from "Impulse and Init [...]

    22. A long time has passed since I originally read or even re-read this collection of short stories. But having retired and determined to now post reviews, I re-read this (again) and read all the reviews here before posting my own. I love Abigail's books and short stories and own all in either paperback, kindle or both. I will not review each story in this collection as the previous reviewers have done that very well. I, too, loved the first several and recognized the book from which the second one [...]

    23. Confused. My mistake was not reading enough about this collection of stories before purchasing. I was desperate for anything pride & prejudice. Knowing myself a J.A. reader who does not want to 'mess' too much with the original storylines, I don't know why I chose to listen (audiobook) to this. I don't even remember the plot lines, there were so many. If you're someone who likes to stay true to the original or one variation you have fallen for (as did I, with Pamela Aiden's "Fitzwilliam Darc [...]

    24. *under construction*"Intermezzo"Bingley and Jane are getting married and Darcy and Lizzy find it hard to be near each other. Can they fall in love? That is the question in this short sweet story."Such Differing Reports"Darcy is about to propose but does not and turn of events takes another road. What should she believe to be true? Charlotte a voice of reason :)Reason's Rule*fans herself* Oh Mr Darcy :=)he went all alpha at one point.Anyway, they are engaged, Lydia runs away, drama. Can they mana [...]

    25. When you have to wait for a new book from Abigail Reynolds, the next best thing is some short stories by Abigail Reynolds!2 of these were short stories that have been around for quite awhile, one was a short story more recently completed, and one was the alternate ending to Impulse & Initiative. (I'm drawing a blank at the moment on the fifth one - will come back when I can recall!)I most especially enjoyed the alternative ending to I&I, probably because I had not read it before, but the [...]

    26. Couldn't get through the first story. While I appreciate the skill with which Reynolds echos Austen's original story, there was just too much time spent seeing Darcy and Elizabeth kiss after realizing they just had to be together. I'm a plot girl, so it just was boring for me after about 20% in (I'm reading on my Kindle) nothing really had happened other than the two of them making up. After reading the other reviews, I'm glad I stopped when I did. But perhaps this will be a perfect match for a [...]

    27. This was a great Saturday read. I enjoyed Intermezzo, Such Differing Reports, and A Succession of Rain the most, where I found Reason's Rule and The Most Natural Thing a little more out of character, but not all un-enjoyable! "Dark" Darcy in The Most Natural thing isn't really that dark at all, I was expecting worse! Then again, how could we like him as a character if he was truly dark.I wish some of these were expanded into full novels!

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