The Au Pair

Praise for Janey Fraser A must read for anyone who has small children Hugely enjoyable Katie Fforde Warmly and engagingly written and with an engaging cast of characters, The Playgroup captivated me from the very first page Trisha Ashley I loved it A terrific story and enormous fun Judy Astley This has sparkle and a lightness of touch and a deep, true charm It is wriPraise for Janey Fraser A must read for anyone who has small children Hugely enjoyable Katie Fforde Warmly and engagingly written and with an engaging cast of characters, The Playgroup captivated me from the very first page Trisha Ashley I loved it A terrific story and enormous fun Judy Astley This has sparkle and a lightness of touch and a deep, true charm It is written from the heart Elizabeth Buchan I read without stopping Fay Weldon
The Au Pair Praise for Janey Fraser A must read for anyone who has small children Hugely enjoyable Katie Fforde Warmly and engagingly written and with an engaging cast of characters The Playgroup captivated me f

  • Title: The Au Pair
  • Author: Janey Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780099558187
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was the first book I’d read by Janey Fraser, and I wasn’t disappointed. Janey has written a great, easy to read story that is perfect for a summer read by the beach!In the Au Pair, Janey introoduces a wide range of characters, all with very different personalities and it’s very interesting to see how each character develops througout the story. At the beginning, it can be a bit difficult to keep track of who is who but persevere because what unfolds after is an intriguing set of stori [...]

    2. absolutely loved this, so funny in places with a great ending. made me cringe when Jilly's boys were naughty in the beginning always costing them money to replace things

    3. 'If only she could pick out the good bits from each au pair (and their families) and roll them into one!'Jilly is becoming increasingly worried about money, and after listening to her friend Paula's problems with her current au pair, Jilly discovers that, apparently, anyone can start up and run an au pair agency, so this is what she herself decides to do. It seems an attractive proposition, a job she can do at home, thereby allowing her to look after her own children, and to help out other mothe [...]

    4. This was the first novel that I had read by Janey Fraser and I came to find that she really does have a talent for writing several unique and witty characters. I have always admired authors like Janey who can write several different story lines into one book and still be able to manage them all. This book is filled with action, love, and heartbreak. Janey writes about several households who are harboring foreign au pairs to help take care of their children. I loved all of the au pairs and how ve [...]

    5. This book was just okay for me. As far as summer reading goes, it was light and fluffy and a nice distraction on my days off.I wish the story would have focused more on Marie-France's trip. I was really annoyed by the Jilly sections because she was always screaming at her children. We get it. Her boys were bad, they were the worst children ever in the history of children. I also could not stand her husband for making her feel guilty about working, so rude!I enjoyed Marie-France because she was t [...]

    6. Janey Fraser is better known as Sophie King and her writing is just the same brilliant as always. I really enjoyed this story and despite it being 578 pages, the pages just flew by. My favourite was Lottie as she was so sweet and kind natured. I also liked Matthew her dad as he was always trying his best. I look forward to the next book from Janey out March 2013.

    7. Reasonable sort of book. Nothing amazing and a wee bit clichéd. Fairly light and fluffy which is the sort of book needed at the moment.

    8. This wouldn't normally have been my genre of choice, but this book has now definitely changed all of that. I absolutely loved it!The story is about Jilly, who sets up an Au pair agency, and tries, sometimes unsuccessfully, to fit work in around her family life.What I loved about this book was the amount of characters that were in it and how with the authors perfect descriptive writing, had made them such vibrant characters, all with their own tale to tell.They were of varying nationalities, whic [...]

    9. An enjoyable read with an interesting story. I agree with some of the other comments that Jilly's constant yelling at her children became irritating and I started skimming through parts of her story which didn't detract from the plot. I guess its realistic for the situation though. Whilst there were benefits to the story being told from the different characters angles every chapter, it being frustrating at times when you're so interested in what's going to happen next for one character you turn [...]

    10. The Au Pair is a fun read, the kind you can curl up with, with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or two) and lose yourself in the amusing world of Corrywood. I loved the confusion over English sayings and phrases as the au pairs arrived as well as the mispronunciation of words. There are lots of fantastic characters, from Turkish Fatima to the villainous Antoinette and Dawn but my favourite character was Marie-France. The poor girl goes through a lot during her quest to find her father but I loved her [...]

    11. I started this book immediately after finishing The Playgroup and I enjoyed it just as much.I work in the childcare industry and couldn't wait to get stuck into this one. It shows the bad and good sides of the au pair industry. I say industry because that is exactly what it is. Reading this it seemed like there was such a high turnover of young girls in some jobs, and I know that this is what does happen at times in real life.There are some hilarious situations the characters find themselves in [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was pretty standard British chick lit for me- a lot to read with several characters. There were many aspects that I found interesting – particularly Marie-France and her quest for her father, and Matthew’s story with his daughter. If the book would have been just a touch shorter and maybe cut out about three characters and their sub-plots, I think my attention could have been held much better. But I found myself starti [...]

    13. This was a good old giggle. I've definitely been put off being an au pair though. Or ever having one for my children. There's no way I could go through all that. Nope not a chance in hell.Some of the storylines were a little obvious such as the one between Marie-France and Phillip. But that said I absolutely loved Marie-France as a character. It seemed that she was the only one there who didn't really have the ultimate aim of being an au pair, but was by far the best at the job. Little Lottie al [...]

    14. 'The Au pair' is a light hearted read, perfect for reading on your holiday or while chilling in the garden. It particularly appealed to me as I toyed with the idea of becoming an au pair myself, if I had read this book a few years ago I probably would've considered it more seriously. I loved how all the lives of the different families intertwined and Jenny Fraser did a fantastic job of not making it too complicated so you couldn't keep up. The only reason this book didn't receive five stars from [...]

    15. I bought this as part of a multi buy so didn't know what to expect.The book starts with a humorous introduction into the hectic life of balancing children, work, home etc from a Mum's point of view. To be fair the beginning will make you chuckle.However the book follows the story of several families and their experiences with au pairs. It isn't all as light hearted as the beginning of the book and i found it all a little drawn out. It isn't a small book.Maybe because i don't have children i didn [...]

    16. I loved her first book The Playgroup and this one is set in the same place and mentions some of the characters. I really enjoyed this one, too. She reminds me of Lucy Dillon.Jilly starts an AuPair business after witnessing some of the problems her best friend has with her aupair. She soon discovers that all sorts of issues can and DO crop up with the youg girls and their families.Jilly and Mary-France were my favourite characters.

    17. I enjoyed the book overall but thought there were a few too many characters. Plus I didn't totally warm to Jilly for some reason. I wasn't thrilled that she stayed with her husband, I guess there just weren't any better options. However, it was a good fun romp and the au pairs were very entertaining.

    18. A long chick flick I loved this book was laughing at times the tales of the au pairs. Good story too thought I get fed up with the book but I did not. So much better than The Playgroup looking forward to reading Happy Families. Good ending too. :) 10/10

    19. Good summer read with lots of interesting characters and intertwining storylines. Would definitely read more from this author.

    20. Easy holiday read haven't read any of this writers before will give another book ago but not on my priority list

    21. This was a light-hearted read. I enjoyed it on the whole but wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It was a good read for a quiet weekend which is why it worked for me.

    22. It took me a good while (months) to get into this book, intermittently giving it a go but once I got into the storyline I quite enjoyed it.

    23. This is the first Jenny Fraser book I have read and it was fab. I will certainly be reading her first novel now.

    24. I loved this book!! I've never read anything by Jenny Fraser before but I'll definitely be looking for her other books! I couldn't put this down!

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