Five Farthings: a London Story

Five Farthings a London Story None

  • Title: Five Farthings: a London Story
  • Author: Monica Redlich
  • ISBN: 9780956462619
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Five Farthings: a London Story”

    1. The five members of the Farthing family move to London because their house has been sold and Father needs to recover from his illness. Meanwhile Mother goes out to work in a shop. Vivien the oldest daughter keeps house and the younger two children John and Dinah make periodic appearances being exuberant in that way that younger siblings in books are. This was a nice family story though. It is the type of thing that I read for comfort.

    2. Beautiful evocation of London, which made me long to rush out and see all the Wren churches, and also made me seethe with the fact that most of them by now charge quite high admission charges - no chance of popping into St Pauls to see the view from the west door right down to the altar at the far end when you'#d have to pay nearly £20 as an adult to do so. How ironic when our museums are all free - but then museums get a government subsidy and churches don't. However, back to the book: this do [...]

    3. The farthing family reluctantly have to move from their home in worthing to london, as Mr farthing is ill and needs the yreat,ent he can get at a London hospital. The farthings rent a flat in the City, and while Mrs farthing gets a job in a department store, the older daughter Vivien takes over the housekeeping. the farthings enjoy exploring the city, and Vivien in particular becomes fascinated by the old wren churches. There is also a mystery to be solved concerning the publishing firm opposite [...]

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