Consultation With a Vampire

Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant, returns with his manic lawyer Topper and his faithful secretary in this prequel to How to Succeed in Evil Edwin is approached by a vampire, who offers him the prospect of eternal life if Edwin will help him with the troubles the modern world has presented his kind It s Edwin versus Nosferatu in this insightful satire of the highEdwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant, returns with his manic lawyer Topper and his faithful secretary in this prequel to How to Succeed in Evil Edwin is approached by a vampire, who offers him the prospect of eternal life if Edwin will help him with the troubles the modern world has presented his kind It s Edwin versus Nosferatu in this insightful satire of the highly exploited vampire genre Novella length, 27,000 words
Consultation With a Vampire Edwin Windsor Evil Efficiency Consultant returns with his manic lawyer Topper and his faithful secretary in this prequel to How to Succeed in Evil Edwin is approached by a vampire who offers him th

  • Title: Consultation With a Vampire
  • Author: Patrick E. McLean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Consultation With a Vampire”

    1. Amazing follow-up to How To Succeed in Evil. My only complaint (and it's a minor one), is that the continuity is kind of funky from the first book to this one.Perhaps an explanation of where this novella fits into the timeline is in order.

    2. While a short read, the characters and tone made for entertaining reading. I'd prefer more care taken with the formatting. There was one chapter for the entire novel titled 'Proofed'. This together with a lack of scene breaks between POVs made for some distraction to the narrative, but it was an entertaining read nonetheless.

    3. I’ve finally decided to return to one of my very favorite narrators. After The Merchant Adventurer, I knew that while I will (and have) most definitely return to that listen, there is but one first time. I found that there are only three Patrick McLean books ready for my listening consumption on Audible, and I have to space them out like savoring chocolate melting on my tongue.But lately, I’ve had a hankerin’. Nowhere else have I found such a broad range of voices (except for maybe full au [...]

    4. More like 4.5 stars, really.This novella prequel to How to Succeed in Evil continues in the same vein that McLean established in the original story.In Consultation With a Vampire, hedonist lawyer extraordinaire Topper Haggleblatt is kidnapped and used as a hostage by a pair of vampires who want to engage Edwin Windsor's services.Vampires, it seems, are having trouble living in their traditional ways in this era of security cameras, smart phones, and street lights.Though the vampires' tricks of m [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this interlude story to How to Succeed in Evil. Agnes was in perfect form. Topper was his normal offensive self but had to deal with a blow to his emotions (who would have thought that he was even vulnerable!). But the real gem in the story was Edwin Windsor. He shows, with beautiful efficiency just how good of an Evil Efficiency Consultant he is. I would love to see more of these interludes as this story shows just a small nugget of Edwin’s evil potential.While there are some [...]

    6. Particularly at the beginning - when it spends several pages describing a man standing on a balcony, then suddenly informs us, when he goes inside, that he is seven feet tall - this story tends to take three sentences to say what could be said in one. It's grandiose, and for a humorous tale certainly seems to take itself extremely seriously.It's a bit like the eponymous vampire in that way. I mostly ended up forgiving this because it was a well-turned story, though I spotted the ending a mile of [...]

    7. A good startBook 1 is the second book I have read in this series. It concerns the business of Edwin Windsor, a consultant to villains, along with his secretary Agnes and his lawyer Topper. In this adventure Edwin deals with a couple of 300 year-old French vampires. Along the way we are treated to a humorous perspective on the temptations of eternal life by Mr McLean, who is indeed a smart ass of the highest order.

    8. A very short read, anyone who read How to Succeed in Evil would not be at all surprised at the ending here Edwin runs the game from start to finish but it's a pity Topper wasn't used to a little better effect. I'm also looking for the next book, which must have something do to with revenge Edwin is amassing quite a collection of enemies

    9. Patrick McClean kicks ass. Prequel to How to Succeed in Evil (and if you aren't sold already, what's wrong with you?) where arrogant vampires get what's coming to their fangy ass. Another 99cent fast read.

    10. This novella is a prequel to How to Succeed in Evil. I loved the total deconstruction of the "cool" vampire myth. Very entertaining and Topper is hilarious.

    11. It was good and I enjoyed it except I didn't realize it was a novella o_O The book wasn't good enough to make up for that. I felt like it ended very randomly, like there was more to it and it got chopped off. Strange.

    12. This is more like a novella than a novel. Still, it's very enjoyable and a nice sequel to "How to Succeed in Evil" (even if it's a prequel, time-wise). I felt the story was as intense, but I just wish it would have been longer. I really liked the insight into the nature of vampires. Good stuff.

    13. Very entertaining read, great characters! Would recommend this one to just about anyone looking for a short, yet highly enjoyable tale. I'm certainly looking forward to more from this author.

    14. It was good to read about Edwin and Topper again and although I did like it I can’t help but feel overall a little disappointed with the story

    15. Glorious! Even though I bought the ebook I had to listen to Patrick narrate his tale about Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant and his dealings with vampires. Funny, smart and a cracking read!

    16. Pretty funnyRead this cause I like to read things in order. Good advice and questionable morals make a great combo!! Yup

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