Bonds of Fire

Drekken is a dragon warrior Bonded to his dragon, Miri, together they lead a squadron of fliers His fliers respect him, his enemies fear him, his reputation precedes him Yet, nothing in his life could have prepared Drekken for his greatest challenge babysitting.Stranded after a deadly battle, separated from his squadron and Miri, Drekken finds himself the only hope forDrekken is a dragon warrior Bonded to his dragon, Miri, together they lead a squadron of fliers His fliers respect him, his enemies fear him, his reputation precedes him Yet, nothing in his life could have prepared Drekken for his greatest challenge babysitting.Stranded after a deadly battle, separated from his squadron and Miri, Drekken finds himself the only hope for two young empaths and their nursery group of hatchlings He must lead them all to safety and, along the way, discover some truths about himself.Words 20,697
Bonds of Fire Drekken is a dragon warrior Bonded to his dragon Miri together they lead a squadron of fliers His fliers respect him his enemies fear him his reputation precedes him Yet nothing in his life could

  • Title: Bonds of Fire
  • Author: SophieDuncan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Aww. what a cute little story! Drekken, a dragon warrior, takes baby dragons and barely legal humans under his protection while trying to escape enemy forces that occupy a destroyed village. Yes, there are typos and various editorial mistakes, but did I say it was cute? and sweet? and it had dragons in it? =)3.5 stars, rounding up to 4.

    2. 3.5*Interesting Free Short.There is a lot of world building for such a short story, but that didn't stop me from wanting to know more about the war going on, the dragons and the bondings between them and humans.The 'romance' part is very a very small part of this story and not really clear, but I loved the baby dragons and would love to know how the two young empaths and Drekken and Miri and Baby D continued on.

    3. A well-written short story; good writing, and good world building to fit in a short story. It picks up right away with action and world building, an interesting mix of magic, technology and dragons. I would like to know more about the Feras and what their beef was with Army Draco, their society and pair-bonding, but then it wouldn't be a short story anymore :) Oh, and especially more about the relationship, but more on that later.The story is narrated by Drekken, an army general who has been sep [...]

    4. A very unique story that caught at my heart strings. A warrior injured and without his bonded dragon. Now in search of his unit and to get out of the enemies range. On his way through a village destroyed by the enemy he stumbles upon children. Some are young children and two others are young adults, but they are empaths and young dragons. The dragon who protected them is seriously injured and his only dying request is that Drekken takes care of them. This harden warrior takes on the responsibili [...]

    5. Quickly finished this short fantasy m/m story. Drekken is an augmented human warrior life-bonded to his dragon Miri. In this story he leads two empathic humans and their group of young dragons to safety, including newly-hatched baby dragon D. Feels like this should be part of a much longer book "I don't want him, not without you," Drekken sighed the second of his realisations that day.Malachi looked so young then, his dark eyes uncertain and confused."But you've been flirting with him all the ti [...]

    6. This is a nice little M/M fantasy story with dragons.There is nothing particularly original in it, but it is well done:-setting is clear and well outlined with its interesting mix of magic and technology;-characters are likeable and credible;-plot is interesting and makes sense.On the downside, beside a couple of editing problems (missing words here and there) the ending -happy though it is- releases too much tension and implies a change in atmosphere from the warlike to the cosy that is not wel [...]

    7. I got this book for free a long time ago, but never got around to reading it. I finally randomly decided to read it, and boy am I glad I did. This was a great little read that I highly enjoyed. It took a little while for me to get into the story, and I almost gave up near the beginning, but I stuck it out and was well rewarded. This was a glimpse into a very interesting world, and my only regret is that it ended far too soon for me. I would love to see this book and this world expanded upon, as [...]

    8. I really liked it! There were adorable dragonlings and interesting characters I got emotionally involved with. Well-ploted as well. Would love a sequel.

    9. This is a rather complex story. Which is good - and bad.It really keeps your interest. The hint of worldbuilding is good and gets you to want more. There was a bit of mystery surrounding the characters’ past.For such complexity it was way too short. Instead of an intriguing tale unfolding you get a loose web spread out on a couple of scenes. Which in turn made it a bit hard to follow. It also didn’t lend it self to give the characters any depth and made the chemistry between the main charact [...]

    10. An interesting and quick read. I enjoyed it and really liked the bond between Brekkan and Baby D as well as his growing relationship with Malachi and Yakov.

    11. 4 solid stars for this book. I liked the establishment of family and the relationships between human and dragon. I would have liked to know more about the opposing forces. The dragons were cute!

    12. Technology and dragonsBonding with dragons, technology and humanity are all intertwined with in the saga. Pern w with a mixture of Dune and a little of magic.

    13. I must say that I very much enjoyed this short story that's what it isa short story, a VERY short story. There was so much packed into this novella that it definitely had the potential to be a full length novel. Even though things were a little crammed in I didn't feel that the romance elements were rushed in any way just that they weren't explored in very much depth. This is a M/M romance novella, however, it is very tame compared to a lot of other stories out there, especially when compared to [...]

    14. Oh, I want so much more of this. It worked well as a short story, but there was enough to be expanded into a full length novel (always my preference). I love that, despite being short, the romance didn't feel rushed. In fact it doesn't really even come to a head in the story. I did feel a little bit like Malachi was shorted. Drekken's attraction to Yakov is so overt that, despite being told Drekken is falling for Malachi too, he feels secondary. I was a little disturbed in the beginning because [...]

    15. Sois story follows part-dragon warrior Drekken on a quest with two young men to bring a half a dozen newborn dragons to safety from those that would do them harm. What's good: Bonds of Fire is free. Good world building and interesting characters. A man with strong parental (view spoiler)[(maternal?) (hide spoiler)] instincts is refreshing!What irked me: the dragonswere they pets? Or powerful fantastical creatures? Could they be on the same cognizant level as humans?! And what was this "bonding" [...]

    16. Wonderfully imaginative story with suspense and sweetness. Drekken is an fascinating character with his dragon bond, enhancing implants, and surprisingly loving and gentle aspects. There is plenty of cuteness with the young dragons, balanced by building attraction between Drekken and the pair bond of Yakov and Malachi. While there is nothing more than kissing, the chemistry is great. I am not one for menage but this didn't have the usual erotic overtones, just warmth and tenderness (and no sex). [...]

    17. I was genuinely interested in this story. There was a big soldier man having to take care of a bunch of widdle baby dragons, and I knew that was going to be a super adorable, sweet dynamic. The world is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi (my fav). However, there were so many editing errors, it was cringeworthy. It was definitely a "I am into this book, but not enough to endure this blatantly unedited text." Beta readers are important. Actual proofreaders (not your friends) are important. Self-publishin [...]

    18. Okaywhy does almost every book have to have gay/lesbian elementsOther than the above, this was a really good story. I enjoyed the characters and the story line. It was a little short but over all, if you like big bad guys who are suckers for kids, this is for you.I think I am actually going to follow this series. I usually don't like books that are partitioned but I will have to watch for these.

    19. I wish this had been a longer story as it had all the elements of a great novel. Solid characters and storyline as well as plenty of good world building and backstory for it's length. My only other complaint is that a romance was hinted at but never actually came to fruition by the end of the story. Hopefully the author will write a continuation and give the reader more of the romance and this really intriguing world.

    20. I enjoyed these characters and their world enough that I wish Duncan had spun this into a full-length novel. As a 20k word novella, it could have done with more world-building and fleshing out of environment, backstories, and relationships. Drekken is a great character about whom I'd love to read more, and all the rest felt a little bit short-changed. Except for the baby dragons!

    21. I started it and made it to 10% and am very confused. It opens after a fight is some war? It used a bunch of fantasy words so I'm not sure what they mean or who is what. I thought the mc was human with mechanical enhancements but then his arms are scaly and he shoots fireballs? And he can control the fire? And he has telepathy? So yeah I'm very confused

    22. I knew it. I was warned in the other reviews, but I didn't listen and now, here I am: totally in love with a short story that was just too damn short. However, I just found a new author to stalk. Think I'll go do that. Excuse me

    23. Really bizare!! Still trying to figure the right shelves to put this one.Good thing is, it's a short story. Don't know if it's a series or a stand alone Does not stand at all never mind aloneDragon/semi human, semi human/ young boys

    24. I absolutely loved this story and can only hope there will be more about the characters we've already met, about this new world we've been given an all too brief glimpse of, and about the DRAGONS.========================1st read - Sep 16, 20122nd read - Sep 24, 2016

    25. 3.5Above average, it would make a great novel. But as it is, the world building was a bit too vague: which war? who are the Faras? how does the dragon bonding works? how are the relationships between dragons and humans?

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