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  1. A book I've had for some time which I looked at again following a recent visit to Poland and reading Davies' 'Rising '44'. This is a tremendous read, an almost unbelievable story told with frankness, modesty and humour, of the one Englishman who (initially through happenstance, but later with great heroism) served undercover in the Polish Underground during World War 2. A great testament to Anglo-Polish friendship and fellow-feeling, despite the bitterness of his conclusions - he was writing dur [...]

  2. An enjoyable read, especially as I am a WW2 fanatic, and even more so if the story revolves around Eastern Europe. Nice to see some happy endings for once out of WW2 in Poland.

  3. Memoir of a British Corporal, captured in the early days of WWII, who escapes from his POW camp deep in Poland to become one of the top figures (and certainly among the most daring) in the Polish Underground. Bristles with anti-Communism, and loathing for the Cambridge set of homosexuals who Jeffrey blames for selling Poland to Stalin (actually Churchill needed no help) and for slandering his own name with charges of Nazi-cooperation (his Polish wife was interrogated by Kim Philby after Jeffrey [...]

  4. Excellent first hand account of a british soldier working for the Polish Underground. Captures well the tensions and dangers of underground work in German occupied Poland. A rattling good read that wouldn't be out of place as a jack Higgins novel.

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