The Solomon Key

The Puppet Masters are ready to usher in their prophesied utopia a future world the rest of us won t be around to see, though we support their global efforts to enslave us believing that we will But when the missing piece of their diabolical puzzle is discovered by archeologists, their end game is out of the bagExcept that the ancient relic has fallen into the handsThe Puppet Masters are ready to usher in their prophesied utopia a future world the rest of us won t be around to see, though we support their global efforts to enslave us believing that we will But when the missing piece of their diabolical puzzle is discovered by archeologists, their end game is out of the bagExcept that the ancient relic has fallen into the hands of an unsuspecting Matthew Scott, a man who wants nothing other than to stay off the grid, hiding from his former employees and the atrocious sins they had him commit.As armies of professional killers hunt him down, and with billions of lives trapped within the evil crosshairs of a new world order, Scott must come to terms with his destiny while the entire world, retribution for his crimes, and the only person he has ever cared for all hang in the balance An action packed thriller, THE SOLOMON KEY is steeped in occult history as well as biblical prophesy It takes place within a future New America while the stage is finally set for world government This is not a book for casual readers who don t want a lot of deep and historical facts and information in their story Mr Hopkins weaves a truly spectacular mystery, adventure story revolving around a mystical ring discovered in the Middle East Interspersed in the text are quotes from the Bible, Templar and Rosicrucian history, Free Mason writing and middle eastern history all providing a factual base for the enormity of the crisis facing the world While it may not be everyone s cup of tea, I would highly recommend it as a must read for those who love history, and are hoping for a better world tomorrow Not to mention this adventure makes The Davinci Code look like a walk in the park.
The Solomon Key The Puppet Masters are ready to usher in their prophesied utopia a future world the rest of us won t be around to see though we support their global efforts to enslave us believing that we will But w

  • Title: The Solomon Key
  • Author: Shawn Hopkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Wow. Just wow. I have to say that I did enjoy this It was action packed and full of plot twists and turns. It didn't let up for a minute. Sometimes it even seemed to move a little too fast, (if that's possible!)The main character is a tortured soul who really doesn't seem to believe in much of anything. But after being drawn into a web of intrigue he is able to find some peace that seems to be eluding him. At times it got a little confusing, there were so many players and everyone was after the [...]

    2. This is not a book for casual readers who don't want a lot of deep and historical facts and information in their story. Mr. Hopkins weaves a truly spectacular mystery, adventure story revolving around a mystical ring discovered in the Middle East. In the not to distant future the United States of America as such no longer exists and a New World Order is gaining a stronger hold world wide. When our hero Matthew Scott gets involved in the intrigue you truly do not just who is the 'good guy' and wh [...]

    3. if you are addicted to New World Order and what is "really" going on in the world, then Read This Book. Kept me in its grasp from beginning to end. Connecting the dots between ancient Jerusalem and the present/future world.The question is, Who is really running the world and where are they taking us!

    4. Really 2 1/2 stars. Every so often I have to read something like this. Escapist, light, really easy reading. Tons of action, tons of loose ends. I almost gave up on it but it grabbed me enough to keep me going, often just to see if I was right about the next "twist." I usually was. The theology, history and even the plot get tangled enough to make it nonsensical but somehow entertaining. I couldn't resist putting it on my craparootie shelf, but it's likable craparootie.

    5. Action-Packed, Futuristic, Biblical Thriller. A man in hiding because of the atrocious acts he had performed for his country while serving in the CIA has him back in action once again. Although there is no more United States of America because it has become a One World Order does not mean that everyone is living in peace and harmony. It is the exact opposite. The religions are still trying to win the world and it seems that it will happen sooner that anyone thought because God has left the door [...]

    6. If you like high drama and an action pack thriller your will love The Solomon Key by Shawn Hopkins. This pre-apocalyptic novel will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next twist to the plot.I really like the way Shawn Hopkins developed the characters. Each character was both believable and easy to identify with. I like a book where it is hard to tell who the good guys vs. the bad guys ultimately are. It will keep you guessing and wanting more.The storyline was well developed and e [...]

    7. It is very rare that I give a book a 5 star rating, but this one deserves it. The Solomon Keyheld me in it's grasp from beginning to end. I didn't want to put it down to cook or clean, or even sleep (though I reluctantly did so).Mr. Hopkins takes us both backwards in time to the First Kingdom of Israel, and forward to what may be the end of America as we know it all based on Biblical prophesy and arcane practices of secret societies. Caught up between these two is a man, a good man, who is tryin [...]

    8. Sorry. This story just went on and on, adding more occult and secret society mystery without ever bringing it all together. For all the research that was obviously done for this book, the result is just not that interesting.

    9. This was an excellent read. It's a religious thriller revolving around locating two artifacts, conflicting factions, a conspiracy, and those intent on a New World Order. Well researched and well paced. I highly recommend it as your next book to read.

    10. Good storyIf you've easily bored with research you won't like it. The plot is good and would make a good movie. There is a lot of research tho.

    11. Solomon KeyThis book is an exciting blend of history, intrigue and action. Though the story if filled with Old Testament information, it also includes a melding of masonic, illuminati, knights Templar and other obscure secret society world view. This imaginative work of fiction comes very close to explaining current geopolitical events in a cohesive story of subterfuge and conspiracy. A must read!!!

    12. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    13. Shawn Hopkins delivers an action packed thriller with the best of them. I love the flow of his prose and how naturally he delivers the written word. Historical details were good but sometimes bogged down the story. As with "The Progeny", fact checking always leads to interesting details. You always learn a great deal with this authors books. All-in-all a romp to the possible future of mankind in the end-times that makes you say hmmmm. I would recommend this to biblical fiction buffs as well as h [...]

    14. THIS STORY HAS IT ALLnspiracy theories abound and this Author coalesces them into an intricate webhe joins the question of aliens, government cover-ups, religion, and the meaning of human existence into a beautiful story of redemption. This book drove me to look up house resolution 33 and to seek more knowledge on other conpiracies covered. I looked up francis bacon and others striving for moreGreat book.

    15. This book was almost awesome. I say almost because it was filled with non-stop actionbut was confusing at many points in the book. This is partly due to not knowing much of anything about the history of Jews and Israel. I found myself being overwhelmed with information to process and had to re-read a lot to be able to comprehend it a bit better. Other than thate action is sooo amazing in this book and totally surprised me coming from a Christian thriller.

    16. It's not for the ordinary nonsensical reader. A truly learned reader with a foundation in history and archaeology will appreciate the depth of research behind this book. That being said, the characters are well developed and the main plot is interspersed with interesting twists and sub-plots. A must read for the genuine intellectual reader.

    17. Glen Beck - One World Government - Ultra Right Christian - conspiracy wet dream - fan fiction. It reads okay but the exposition consists largely of conspiracy theist buzzwords that don't connect well if looked at closely. That being said, it's not a book that I regret reading. It was fast-paced enough to make the holes less noticeable and was interesting enough in places.

    18. I really liked this book. One of the few that I could not put down. It was interesting how it build a possible future if we don't change our path. Ranks up there with Brave New World and 1984. Some very good research and eye opening.Some of the passages of the books or diary he is reading drags. (Reason for only 4 stars).I would highly recommend the book to friends and others.

    19. I usually really like this type of book, but unfortunately I found this to be poorly written, poorly plotted, just a hodgepodge of historical references. I found myself skim-reading large sections hoping to find a reason to keep reading. In the end, nothing really happened, nothing really mattered. Very disappointing.

    20. This was an definitely action packed story. At the end, though, I couldn't really decide what to consider it. Was it it a one world government conspiracy, an end times story, a archeological artifact mystery, or something else? Lots of elements I could enjoy, but when I finished I was left thinking "Hmm.". Didn't leave a bad taste, just that it didn't somehow come together quite right.

    21. I made it about two thirds of the way through this book. It started out interesting but the further in I got the more confusing it became for me. Too many plot lines and references. So on to the next book.

    22. I liked the action parts of the book and the switching scenes from history to future. My problem with this story was the sometimes too long historical parts, guess I'm not really that kind of reader

    23. I liked this story. Lots of religious history, kind of like a Dan Brown story. Though the hero doesn't know what's going on in that respect, he does keep trying to figure it out. There were a lot of confusing (to me) tangents, but overall a very enjoyable read.

    24. Very abrupt endThe book started out really good but the rest seemed really rushed with no real ending. It went from very action packed with lots of unanswered questions to hers and end but nothing is resolved

    25. Another book with a good concept but poorly executed. I found myself skipping huge chunks of text that would have been fine as the author's research but had no place in the story. I very rarely skip pages!

    26. I enjoyed this book. Along with the hunt/chase for mythic artifacts, there was also the message of faith in God. It was refreshing to find a story that encompassed both.

    27. Interesting book. Lots of food for thought -- glad he had a bibliography at the end! And -- I'm interested in reading another of his books now.

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