Lonely Alpha

When Mandy leaves the city behind and embarks on a retreat to the Great Smoky Mountains, she expects to spend the week alone with nature and a stack of novels Instead, she ends up trapped on a remote mountain by a big game hunter who s hell bent on bagging a werewolf Lonely alpha wolf shifter Jack, the last of the once strong Half Moon Pack, is his target Jack is determWhen Mandy leaves the city behind and embarks on a retreat to the Great Smoky Mountains, she expects to spend the week alone with nature and a stack of novels Instead, she ends up trapped on a remote mountain by a big game hunter who s hell bent on bagging a werewolf Lonely alpha wolf shifter Jack, the last of the once strong Half Moon Pack, is his target Jack is determined to keep Mandy safe while hunting his hunter, but being around Jack brings out a wild side Mandy never knew she had As silver bullets fly, so do sparks If they can manage to defeat their attacker, Mandy will still have one problem to contend with Jack is convinced that she s his mate.
Lonely Alpha When Mandy leaves the city behind and embarks on a retreat to the Great Smoky Mountains she expects to spend the week alone with nature and a stack of novels Instead she ends up trapped on a remote

  • Title: Lonely Alpha
  • Author: Ranae Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Mandy Foster is meandering through life, pleased with her career accomplishments and hopeful for the future. But pleased and hopeful are not synonymous with happy and complete. There is an old adage, “sometimes you don’t understand how precious something or someone is until lost or the possibly of loss exists.” This is the case for Mandy Foster. She is plodding along through life until she meets Jack Bryant and she doesn’t understand the gift that he is until circumstances lead her to un [...]

    2. Mandy needs a break from her high stress job and a weekend in the great Smokey Mountains sounds like the perfect solution. Mandy didn’t count on getting lost in the middle of nowhere with only a grumpy mountain man to help but that’s exactly what happened. Jack can’t stand it when city slickers show up on his mountain but he can’t ignore the way that Mandy makes him feel. He also can’t ignore the fact that someone has trapped her on his mountain. Being an Alpha Jack is no stranger to w [...]

    3. I started off with Lonely Alpha and the title alone sucked me in. I loved how Jack and Mandy met and how they reacted to each other. I liked how their relationship progressed throughout the story. I liked Jack, although I thought he could have talked a little more~his character definitely gave new meaning to the strong silent type!! LOL I also liked Mandy~she was sweet and funny and she held her own when dealing with Jack.Lonely Alpha was a good story with likable characters that I wanted to see [...]

    4. In much need of a break, Mandy is excited to be vacationing alone in the Great Smoky Mountains by herself. However after her GPS goes out on the fritz, she ends up at the wrong cabin and under the watchful eye of a grumpy young man Jack. Alpha to no one and wolf-shifter Jack, doesn't want to be bothered. Mandy ends up on his doorstep not once, but twice of course when he realizes it's her scent that is bothering him and he has found his mate, he will do everything he can to protect her. Especial [...]

    5. Review for Lonely Alpha This is a super short book - in short woman goes on vacation meets man he turns out to be a shifter, she also turns out to be a shifter (who knew?) they are being hunted and they are mates. Yep that is the story - sorry I spoiled it for you. Here is the thing what I read I liked the problem was to much was left unexplained. Really you had no idea shifters exist and you turn into on and you are good with it. Then the guy is the alpha pack of one? I totally skimmed the sme [...]

    6. ok so i gave it 5 stars because im a sucker for a southern accent, yummy, lol. without its a 4 star because i seemed too short. though the auther explained everything about the plot well and with detail i just wished we got a bit more of Jack and Mandy, i read it within a few hours. great quick book to read

    7. Solid 3.5 StarsThis was a pretty good entry to this series. I enjoyed it. There were a few things that were a bit cheesy but for the most part it was a solid read.If you are looking for a quick, sexy, entertaining & some what suspenseful read, then I would recommend this one.And Jack & Ronnie, two very fine men of the "Shifter" world ;D

    8. This was a nice, light read, one that I appreciated very much for what it was. Jack is exactly what the title describes him to be; an Alpha wolf who has lost his pack because of a shapeshifter witch hunt. Someone has decided that shapeshifters are dangerous, leaving Jack without a family and constantly having to watch his back lest he end up some overzealous hunter's trophy.Mandy is just a girl looking forward to her vacation in the mountains. She heads up to a rented cabin with plans of rest, r [...]

    9. An unexpected vacation forever changes her! Loved this story of Jack, a lonely alpha wolf who is the last in his pack, and Mandy, a city girl on vacation in the mountains. I could imagine running through the pines with Jack and Mandy, smelling the clean air, and relaxing in the moonlight! Great characters you will fall in love with. And now a bit about they storyMandy is climbing the career ladder, but finally decides to take a vacation in the Smokey Mountains. She is trying to find the cabin sh [...]

    10. What a great start to a series! I was given a copy of this book by the author to start a series read, with expectations of honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility.Let me start by saying that I adored Mandy - and am amazed that she wasn't huddling in a corner sucking her thumb halfway through the book. I think I would have been. But Jack went a long way to making her comfortable, eventually, and you can just SEE the sparks fly between the [...]

    11. I liked it, but I felt bad for Jack. All of his pack gone. :( He was just up in the mountains all by himself with no pack anymore. It was sad. I LOVED how Mandy and Jack met. Mandy has just pulled up to what she thinks is her vacation rental cabin. She just got out of her car and was walking towards the cabin when"What the hell?" The cabin's screen door banged open, and a man stepped out, swearing loudly.Mandy jumped, tripping backward into her car and rolling across the hood like a spy in an ac [...]

    12. Charnel's review posted on Guilty PleasuresLonely Alpha is a good, fast paced story about a vacation in the woods turning into a nightmare for city woman, Mandy. Jack comes to Mandy's rescue but he also brings more trouble, danger and adventure than she could ever imagine.Jack and Mandy start of arguing but things quickly heat up between the two. I honestly was surprised by a few aspects of this story; usually I stay away from stories where the main characters are being chased throughout the boo [...]

    13. I love shifters and was excited to find this series. Lately I have found that more and more books are being written about shifters (yay), but many are forgetting that the shifters are not just shiny happy people who can become and animal just because it is a cool party trick (boo). Ms. Rose did not forget that a were wolf is half wolf. She included the darkness and animal side of her were and also included the darkness of humans. Somehow she managed to do all of that while writing a super hawt s [...]

    14. This book was lackluster for me. The pacing was too fast so there was no time for character development. As such, I felt disconnected from the main characters and didn't really care one way or another what happened to them. For me this is a definite filler book. It is a book where you don't have to really think or pay attention to what you are reading. It was meh and a waste of time. If you are looking for a good shifter romance this is not it.

    15. Good for as short as it was. The only problems I had with this book were the usual ones you encounter with a novella length book, it was a little rushed here and there and felt too short. That said, I did enjoy it and am going to read the rest in the series. Luckily I bought the boxed ebook set :)3 1/2 Stars

    16. I don't know she did it, but Ranae was able to pack quite a punch in such a quick read. Vacations, strong sexy men, wolves, shapeshifters,crazy hunters(GASPS FOR BREATHE.) It had everything; I might have missed it but I'm sure I read about a kitchen sink.

    17. If you like shape shifters this book is for you. Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    18. It was actually quite a timid novel to read. Even the hunter part wasn't too exciting. It mostly definitely wasn't the best shifter novel I've ever read but was good enough on it's own.

    19. Wow what an awesome book. Loved the storyline and the two characters. The suspense of a killer after them was thrilling

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