How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms

Just what every new mother needs 100 charming and useful step by step how to s, advice, and stories, culled from mothers and grandmothers throughout the ages As a first time mother, Erin Bried found she had countless things to worry about She realized she didn t want to follow the latest trends she wanted real, time tested advice about how to calm her baby when she criJust what every new mother needs 100 charming and useful step by step how to s, advice, and stories, culled from mothers and grandmothers throughout the ages As a first time mother, Erin Bried found she had countless things to worry about She realized she didn t want to follow the latest trends she wanted real, time tested advice about how to calm her baby when she cries, get her to burp after she eats, and change her diapers as quickly as humanly possible So she sought out real experts mothers who ve raised extraordinary children and whose simple advice has stood the test of time Women like Esther Safran Foer, mother of novelist Jonathan Safran Foer Elaine Maddow, mother of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and Sunchita Tyson, mother of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others Based on what she learned from these amazing moms, Erin shares time tested ways to calm a teething baby, make homemade baby food, knit booties, lull a baby to sleep, and so much Written with charm, heart, and just the right amount of sass, and filled with retro illustrations, How to Rock Your Baby is the perfect gift for new mothers everywhere.
How to Rock Your Baby And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms Just what every new mother needs charming and useful step by step how to s advice and stories culled from mothers and grandmothers throughout the ages As a first time mother Erin Bried found s

  • Title: How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms
  • Author: Erin Bried
  • ISBN: 9781401324599
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms”

    1. This adorable little book is chock full of useful, practical information in a brief, step-by-step format.

    2. I can't say that this book personally gave me any advice that helped me through any struggles that I was having, but I totally loved it. My daughter is 13 months old (at the time of writing this review) and so I've already been through all of the "what is happening to my baby" moments in life. I'm sure I'll have plenty more throughout her toddler life, but as far as her being an infant I've already been there. :) It was really unique and interesting reading the insight and prospective from other [...]

    3. just like the title says: timeless tips for modern moms. this was a very sweet, cute, & actually kind of useful book. could make a decent baby shower gift for a new mom. bried covers the basics, like how to swaddle a baby, how to wash a baby's hair, how to prepare a birth plan. but she also addresses stuff i probably wouldn't have considered until it was too late, like how to make a keepsake box or bronze a baby's shoes. she sought advice from a wide selection of experienced moms of all ages [...]

    4. I got a copy of this book to read and review and do a give away on my blog. enjoybirth/blogThis is a book where the author, Erin gathered time honored tips to birth and raise a baby. I really enjoy the layout of this book. There are 10 different sections from Expecting to Remembering and within each section there are short little chapters with different topics important to pregnant and new moms. In a few short steps she explains how to do whatever the topic is. Then she follows up with some extr [...]

    5. I've been slowly reading this book throughout my pregnancy. It's one of those very practical-advice-giving books that I didn't want to forget anything. It was super helpful for someone like me who had no expectations about pregnancy and knows nothing about babies. It had just the right amount of humor to make the whole "being pregnant" part of it all a little less intimidating. Some advice, I found, was not exactly "timeless," or even useful. I don't see myself making photo albums or bronzing sh [...]

    6. In this book, the author, Bried shares time-tested advice from 10 experienced mums ranging from the ages of 39 to 102 years old who have brought up extraordinary kids. Her main aim is to assist first time parents by providing them a one-stop solution to answer various topics starting from pregnancy, having a baby and how to care for a newborn in an informal and fun way. In her book, Bried shares her concern about inexperienced parents being overwhelmed by conflicting advice from well-meaning fam [...]

    7. I ended up skimming this. I expected a lot more tips from moms. Instead, this read like generic instructions in "How to" format that you could find in any magazine. Also, there are so many topics covered - from pregnancy through the first year - that nothing is covered in depth. The chapter on "making things for baby" sounds great, but knitting and sewing with a little one around seems unrealistic for those of us who aren't super moms. This would be okay if you have no idea what to expect from p [...]

    8. At eight months pregnant, I figured I ought to read at least one book on childcare. What better book to read than one where mothers of notable children (an astrophysist, etc.) give their advice? Although the advice was not ground-breaking and profound, I found them helpful, nonetheless. The addition of the authors wit even made them amusing. If you're looking for an easy, fun read of advice during pregnancy and the first year of baby's life, this book is for you.

    9. I've only gotten through a few sections, most of which did not actually pertain to my situation, but I still found them fun. I do disagree with a few of her tips like washing babies clothes separate. I realize some parents need to, but many of the parents I know wash the clothes together. (if the babies have poop on them, wouldn't you rinse them out first?). I think there were some other things, but I forget right now. I am not reading this to actually learn anything; I just thought it is fun.

    10. I found myself skipping over topics, too basic even for this first time mom (like the chapter on how to share the news when I'm 30 weeks pregnant)! I skipped the chapter on sewing or "making" things for baby like knitting socks. not happening with this mom. Other chapters were informative, this book made me want to go find a more detailed book, it is a good starter for getting your feet wet in baby book world. Light hearted and not overwhelming.

    11. I thought there would be more interesting stuff gleaned from the author's interviews with moms of famous people. Instead it was more like fluffy magazine filler with bullet pointed how-to lists. Plus the "humorous" style of the author felt a little too stilted. It didn't have enough going for it to make it worth finishing, but fine for skimming.

    12. A little thin or repetitive, when you've read lots of the other resources out there for new parents, but it's helpful to get advice from other moms who have been there. Would be good bedside reading to take in bits and pieces, since the chapters are short. And if you're a handy mom-to-be, the section at the end about making memorable items for your baby is a nice touch.

    13. I enjoyed this super-quick read. I imagine I'll pull it back out for reference (as well as entertainment and insight) when we actually finally have a baby. Bried wrote this in very quick, catchy, digestible chapters - ideal for easy access between baby's naps, meltdowns, and other varied new-mommy distractions.

    14. I really like Erin Bried's other books, so even though my kids aren't babies anymore I thought I would read and review this book anyway. How to Rock Your Baby is a great, humorous guide for new parents. Not as in depth as say, What to Expect When You're Expecting, but a good, informal read with tried and true advice. I recommend it for any new mom.

    15. I read this book while pregnant with my little boy who is now almost three. There is a lot of great information in it, and it's an awesome read for first time moms. I plan to give this away as a baby gift to another new mom.

    16. Well, I don't feel like I know THAT much more than I did beforebut hey, at least it didn't make me cry! And that earns it an extra star. I did fold down a few page-corners for future reference.

    17. I thought from the title that this would be simple, boring information that wouldn't really be helpful, but the book really did have a lot of useful tips, and I didn't have to read through mounds of boring paragraphs to get what I needed out of it.

    18. This book is full of warmly delivered advice on a whole bunch of motherhood-related topics. Obviously, one of many books on the topic but definitely stands out due to personal touch of women who participated in writing it.

    19. Very good reference Wish I had it while I was pregnant but given as a gift shortly after my daughter was born. Very helpful!!

    20. this is one of the only baby books I read, but it was pretty awesome! super simple and straightforward, never pressuring the reader towards one choice over another.

    21. This is great! Really helpful, down to earth tips. Done in very short, easy to read chapters. I will be recommending this book to other new and expecting moms.

    22. Old wives tales with a modern twist to appeal to the new markets. Of course, made for people living in the Western World, and at least middle class.

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