The Adventures of a South Pole Pig: A Novel of Snow and Courage

Flora the pig was born for adventure If it s unexplored and needs to get dug up, call me I m your pig, she says The day Flora spots a team of sled dogs is the day she sets her heart on becoming a sled pig Before she knows it, she s on board a ship to Antarctica for the most exhilarating and dangerous adventure of her life This poignant novel of a purposeful pig is sFlora the pig was born for adventure If it s unexplored and needs to get dug up, call me I m your pig, she says The day Flora spots a team of sled dogs is the day she sets her heart on becoming a sled pig Before she knows it, she s on board a ship to Antarctica for the most exhilarating and dangerous adventure of her life This poignant novel of a purposeful pig is sure to become a favorite with any young readers who have ever dreamed of exploring the great beyond.
The Adventures of a South Pole Pig A Novel of Snow and Courage Flora the pig was born for adventure If it s unexplored and needs to get dug up call me I m your pig she says The day Flora spots a team of sled dogs is the day she sets her heart on becoming a sled

  • Title: The Adventures of a South Pole Pig: A Novel of Snow and Courage
  • Author: Chris Kurtz
  • ISBN: 9780547634555
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “The Adventures of a South Pole Pig: A Novel of Snow and Courage”

    1. Review originally posted on LiterariteaThis book came out on my birthday this year (January 8) along with titles such as Hokey Pokey, Navigating Early, and The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brockett. Despite the "potential Newbery buzz" for books like Hokey Pokey and Navigating Early (both were on the early "to read" list at Heavy Medal, for instance), my favorite of this group is The Adventures of a South Pole Pig: A Novel of Snow and Courage.So, why do I like this little chapter book [...]

    2. From the very start, I was impressed by the narrative voice the author established. Flora, the main character, is a pig. For the first quarter of the book, she’s stuck in a pig pen. Yet, it works! It does not drag at all because Flora’s enthusiasm and zest are extremely engaging. There’s not much going on in a pig pen, but Flora possesses all the curiosity of a young child and she engages with the outside as much as possible from within the very small confines of her world.Chris Kurtz conv [...]

    3. At the end of the day Charlotte's Web is the better book and will always be the better book for reasons any grad student would love to write an 80 page paper on, explaining them to you.However, put the characters of Wilbur and Flora snot to snot, and, hooves down, Flora will come out on top. Every time.Wilbur cries. And whines. And bosses and bullies and demands and gives up easily and overall just expects everything to be handed to him, with no effort on his part.Flora explores. And politely as [...]

    4. I thinkChris Kurtz should thank his illustrator dearly. The cover of this book is so ridiculously, irresistibly cute that, coupled with its title/concept, I was drawn like a moth to a flame. And upon reflection, I can see how it would be hard to make a novel in the South Pole exciting, because there is not a whole lot going on down there. No potential drama with polar bears, no Inuit, no encroaching -winter-as-summer-fades type problems (because winter never leaves), so it's down to a pig and so [...]

    5. Children's books are filled with memorable pig characters. Classics such as Freddie the Detective, Charlotte's friend Wilbur, and Babe the sheep-pig have been joined in more recent years by characters such as Poppleton, Mercy Watson, and Nanny Piggins. To those wonderful porcines we must add a new member: Flora the sled-pig. What animal lover, young or old, could resist a book with the unlikely title: The Adventures of a South Pole Pig? How on earth would a pig wind up in the Antarctic, we wonde [...]

    6. I was relieved when I finished this. I didn't find that I cared about any of the characters. Despite the title, which lead me to believe there would lots of adventure, it was not particularly exciting. Several long and dull chapters of the book are devoted to how the pig and a cat kill rats aboard ship. But what really irritated me was just how dumb Flora was. It took her over half the book to realize that she was being brought along as food. And even then, she only figured it out because she wa [...]

    7. Cute story about a pig who just wants to have adventures. There were a lot of cute characters that helped her along the way. The story seemed to meander at times and I couldn't quite tell what direction it was going in. Overall though, a good story.

    8. This reminded me a lot of Charlotte's Webwhat is a pigs purpose? But I liked that it was Flora, the pig, making things different for herself rather than another creature. I also enjoyed how it was partially set in Antarctica :)

    9. This book was so cute! I actually would really like for this to be made into a movie. The characters were so well done, I could clearly hear different voices for Flora, Luna, and Sophia while I was reading. Although it's sadly not done much these days, I think this would make a really cute hand-drawn animation film using the same line drawing/sketched style as the illustrations and cover art.And as much as I enjoyed Flora as a main character, as a cat person I loved that there was not one, but t [...]

    10. Fans of Charlotte's Web and any animal story that tugs at the heart will relish this one. Flora dreams of living an adventure-filled life outside her pigpen, and tries to emulate the sled dogs she sees training nearby. When she is plucked from her pen and taken aboard a ship, she is sure that great things await. But alas, Flora has only been chosen for the food she can provide on an expedition to Antarctica, and she can't even enjoy the food the cook provides since she must fight off hordes of r [...]

    11. I don't quite know what to say about this book. It's definitely influenced by Charlotte's Web, but lacking most of that book's charm, wit and emotion. Flora may be a spunky pig, but I didn't quite get the "world" of the book, a world in which gasoline-powered trucks and wooden ships heading off to the Antarctic full of rats and a cabin boy co-exist. A world in which a crew carrying cargo for a South Pole expedition would carry a live pig, even though they previously set up food outposts along th [...]

    12. Reminiscent of Charlottes Web, it's hard not to enjoy this tale of a determined pig. Flora longs for adventure, and adventure finds her. Along the way she finds the true meaning of friendship, teamwork, and gratitude. Adorable and sweet.

    13. Very much like Charlotte's Web. I was not impressed with it however many of my young students will probably enjoy it.

    14. Terrible title, retro snore cover belieing a great book in the vein of it's inspiration Charlotte's Web hopefully ssyra will get it well-deserved positive attention!

    15. This book is about a very brave pig named Flora who is hungry for adventure! Flora wants to be apart of a sled dog team, but she is a pig! You should read this book, because it has powerful emotions and lots of drama! The Adventures of the South Pole Pig will teach you many different lessons like: how to be persistent, strong, brave, to follow your dreams & NEVER GIVE UP!

    16. Such a delightful story! My 9-year-old has read it multiple times already, and was delighted to re-read it aloud with me. I wish you could have heard his animated voice when it was his turn to read. He was pulling with Flora every step of the way. So much fun!

    17. i think that flora is going to try to get out of her cage and have a adventure but she gets seen by a man and his dogs and she goes side to side and then he gets back in his thing that dogs run she runs right beside them and tries to keep up with them.

    18. Podling 4 *loved* this book and asked me to read it, claiming that I would love it too. It didn't take me long to figure out why she liked it so much (talking animals having adventures) and why she thought I would like it (polar exploration). It really is super cute. I'm glad I read it.

    19. I read this aloud to my 4 year old, in the beginning he was very excited and enjoyed the characters. Toward the middle he began getting bored and wasn’t as interested, then the last 5 or so chapters his excitement for the books came back. We enjoyed the book overall.

    20. A pig born for adventure actually ends up as a sled dog. Leadership lessons, teamwork, lots to recommend.

    21. After reading the first chapter I thought it would be a lot like Charlotte's Web. I was totally wrong. This pig has a completely unique adventure. It was a fun story with lovable characters.

    22. Great book. Both my daughter and I enjoyed reading it before bed. She loved all the animals. She wants a sequel.

    23. Read as part of an elementary school wide challenge (grade pre-k thru 3). Cute story, good positive message to ‘never give up’. My kindergartner enjoyed it!

    24. I couldn't do it. I couldn't finish it. Despite being on the Bluestem list in my state, I could not bring myself to finish this book. Flora's innocence and naivete were too much for me, inducing painful cavities with her sweetness and, for the lack of a better word, ignorance. What makes matters worse is the knowledge of the characters around her, who know the truth of what's happening around her while she lives in her own overly-optimistic world. So I stopped. I know the story has a happy endin [...]

    25. Chris Kurtz, The Adventures of a South Pole Pig (Harcourt, 2013)Full disclosure: this book was provided to me free of charge by Vine.Sometimes I wonder if folks are even trying any more. Look at that title. There's no punch there at all. I'd expect it on a book from a century ago, especially a kids' book. Actually, scratch that: I read Charles Clark Munn's Uncle Terry: A Story of the Maine Coast last summer. That title has punch—it gives you a name, which identifies you with the character imm [...]

    26. Are you adventures? Well if you are then this book is for you! Flora goes on an amazing adventure! She becomes a sled pig and makes amazing friends on this adventure! In this book flora teaches us to be ourselves even when its hard. She learns this lesson after she gets seporated from her mother and brothers.

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