Bedtime Is Canceled

The note read Bedtime is canceled Maggie thought of it Her brother wrote it A journalist read it This was big news He reported it Before they knew it, the whole city discovered that bedtime had officially been canceled, so no one went to sleep Cece Meng, author of I WILL NOT READ THIS BOOK and TOUGH CHICKS, delivers once again with a pitch perfect cautionary tale, aThe note read Bedtime is canceled Maggie thought of it Her brother wrote it A journalist read it This was big news He reported it Before they knew it, the whole city discovered that bedtime had officially been canceled, so no one went to sleep Cece Meng, author of I WILL NOT READ THIS BOOK and TOUGH CHICKS, delivers once again with a pitch perfect cautionary tale, a wry parody of our information glutted age, and heart warming brother sister adventure Illustrated by French artist, Aur lie Neyret, who makes her U.S debut with wit and whimsy
Bedtime Is Canceled The note read Bedtime is canceled Maggie thought of it Her brother wrote it A journalist read it This was big news He reported it Before they knew it the whole city discovered that bedtime had offici

  • Title: Bedtime Is Canceled
  • Author: Cece Meng Aurélie Neyret
  • ISBN: 9780547636689
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. A brother and sister team tries to fool their parents by writing a note that states: Bedtime is canceled! Mom and Dad don’t buy into so the kids throw the note in the trash, but the wind picks it up and carries it across town to the desk of a newspaper reporter. The reporter makes the note headline news and people all over the world forego bedtime with bad results. The next day adults are too tired to perform tasks correctly and by dinner people are cuddling up in their dinner plates. The brot [...]

    2. Bedtime is cancelled! The news is out. A classic 'wishful thinking' children's book with a lesson to be learned. This book incorporated lots of examples of modern technology such as i phones, i pads, laptops and other examples of communication that are now part of a child's landscape.A great bedtime read with reasons behind why there is a bedtime and what would happen if we didn't have on.

    3. I was just confused reading this book — nothing seemed to connect. One of those books when you reach the end you just shrug and say eh.

    4. This book is charming and hilarious! Meng's quirky books always hit just the right note for me and my kids.

    5. The story is a fun exploration of a what-if? idea. I kept checking the front matter because these illustrations have the feel of having been a cartoon or an animationa little like the 2D Rankin-Bass animations from my childhood. I wonder if an elementary school classroom would want to read this and discuss the media and the reliability of the transmission of information? One thing I did appreciate was the wide range of media portrayed in the text and illustrations--from handwritten-with-crayon n [...]

    6. The pictures looked like I was watching a cartoon. The story was cute enough for a kid to think it was plausible to cancel bedtime. Only strike I have against it was they mentioned both texting and emailing. Takes away the possibility of "classicness" when technology will probably be outdated in 10 years.

    7. This book could be used to teach kids about how information travels or the power of a rumor, but I imagine there are other books that could do a better job of it. The writing didn't flow very well and some of the illustrations, while funny, didn't make much sense.

    8. This is an entertaining story about the way news spreads. The narrative is fun to read aloud and the illustrations are colorful. It made me tired just to think about missing an entire night's sleep, but our girls thought it was hilarious. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    9. I think this book is based on some conversation the author had with someone and then thought it was a good plot! Just my thoughts really because this story doesn't make sense!

    10. I also stopped at my local library and grabbed a few books to read, and lo and behold, I found a book called Bedtime Is Canceled. Now anyone who has ever been a child can remember the efforts made to extend bedtime as far off as possible. And anyone who has ever been a child can probably remember their parents telling them they were not going to stay up all night.It never kept us from trying though. And the incredibly funny thing about this story is how bedtime mistakenly did get canceled and th [...]

    11. A brother and sister conspire to get out of bedtime by writing a note saying it was cancelled. Their parents are not persuaded by their efforts, but their note flies out of the window and onto the desk of a gullible news reporter. Thus it goes out across the media that bedtime is cancelled and hijinx ensue.Illustrations are cute.

    12. I didn't like this one. Especially I did not like the face illustrations and the text do not flow. Good premise for a picture book, bedtime is canceled but not this title.

    13. Just when parents thought that it couldn’t get any harder being a parent, bed time was cancelled. This was such a fun and playful book about how a town would react if bedtime was canceled. All of the adults went crazy and the children went wild. It was a creative idea which I really enjoyed!

    14. Very much about consequences. A little odd in that the kids who originally advocated for bedtime being canceled gave in when their parents disagreed, before the note made it out into the world, so it doesn't really seem like they had a lesson to learn?

    15. Here is a picture book that will resonate with most children and their parents–Natalya still groans at the mention of bedtime! and we still voice the reminder with a steely edge. Natalya was and is clever in her push to extend her waking hours, but she never wrote a note to try and pass off as some sort of edict from on high. Although, like the parents in Cece Meng’s story, we would have recognized the handwriting and practiced some common sense.The children throw the note away, but it drift [...]

    16. Maggie and her brother wrote a note that “bedtime was canceled” and gave it to their parents. Their parents blew it off and threw it in the trash. Somehow the note ended up blowing out the window and landing on a newspaper reporters desk. It was published as front page news the next day. The principal was enforcing this new decree and parents were not happy about it. News traveled fast via email and the evening news. Kids played all night. Unfortunately, the next morning weird things happene [...]

    17. Maggie and her brother write a note saying Bedtime is Canceled. Their parents don't believe it so the note goes in the trash. But the note blows out the window--just like in Mary Poppins--to a newspaper where it gets printed in the news. People believe the message and some crazy consequences follow. Maggie and her brother write another note, Bedtime is NOT Canceled, and give it to the newspaper. All is right again in the world hopes.The illustrations are created digitally and have a watching car [...]

    18. When Maggie and her brother compose a written declaration that bedtime should be canceled, their parents don’t believe a word of it. The carefully written note is thrown into the trash and bedtime continues until the note is found by the most unlikely person. Stylistically charming and technologically current, characters send e-mails and write text messages – accurately displaying how quickly information, especially inaccurate information, can be relayed. The writing is a tad abrupt with min [...]

    19. Meng, C. (2012) Bedtime is canceled. Clarion Books.School Library Journal ReviewedChoice BookThis humorous book answers the question of what would really happen if there were no more bedtimes. The book follows a brother and sister as they try to convince their parents that bedtime has been canceled. Although their parents do not believe them, a surprise takes over the entire town. The children across the town all enjoy a night of no sleep, but the results of the bedtime reform has a negative imp [...]

    20. A brother and sister come up with a great idea, they'll write a note cancelling bedtime and give it to their parents. But mom and dad know, this note is no good so they ask the siblings to throw it out, only it floats out the window and makes it all the way to the desk of a newspaper man and right into his outgoing story bin. So what happens when the note gets printed in the papers and declared as a fact? Will parents everywhere win a losing battle of fighting for reinstated bedtime or will slee [...]

    21. What do kids always want more than anything? To not have to go to bed at a set time every night. I loved this book because it was very true that these kids didn't want to have to go to bed, but once bedtime was canceled, they wanted to have a bedtime so they could sleep and get some rest. I think the best teaching moment is to let the kids not go to sleep and see how they feel and eventually they will want to sleep all of the time! The illustrations showed how tired not only the kids were, but a [...]

    22. Cute little book with some fun illustrations. Though the change from bedtime is canceled to bed time is not canceled was so quick and sudden I thought I accidentally skipped a page. I wish there would have been more transition with Maggie and her brother as to why they suddenly were un-canceling bedtime, because they were laughing and having fun, so I wasn't sure why they would suddenly say bedtime wasn't canceled. Perhaps if they had seemed tired and groggybut they really didn't. But all in all [...]

    23. In the story, "Bedtime Is Canceled," two siblings decide that they are going to convince their parents that bedtime is canceled. Instead, the note that they end up writing ends up at a newspaper company and gets published. Everyone believes that bedtime is canceled, so no one is sleeping. Because everyone is sleep deprived, people start acting crazy. Finally, the children decide to announce that it was a joke and write a letter to the newspaper company saying, "Bedtime Is Not Canceled."Good stor [...]

    24. Society is brought to it's exhausted knees when a bulletin cancelling bedtime, written by two young children, ends up being printed by a newspaper. Word is further spread through emails, social media, and word-of-mouth. Somewhat of a chicken little for the modern age, but with a lighter touch. I laughed several times at the clever story line and illustrations. Great book for kids who like to laugh at adults and adults who can laugh at themselves.

    25. My little boys gobbled this story up. As if their big happy grins weren't enough, laughs were escaping them on just about every page. A little sister and brother duo wish for something all kids have wanted at some point or another--to cancel bedtime. Of course, the parents aren't on board with this idea. But then the gears start working just right so the unbelievable is believable. The results were deliciously funr the kids that is.

    26. This is a fun book that every child will enjoy reading. Parents will also enjoy the book as they will find it amusing. I gave this book 5/5 stars. I thought the illustrations were well done and helped the book move from one scene to the next. I liked how the story followed through with its idea and you get a resolution at the end. I recommend this book to all families and especially those who have a hard time getting their kids to bed at night!

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