Clover In this sequel to What Katy Did Trilogy, Clover Carr Katy s sister is now grown up and after Katy s marriage, she is left to take care of his ailing brother Little Phill in the mountains of Colorado Luckily for the home sick Clover her cousin Clarence Page also lives there with his partner Geoff Templestowe and young love blossoms between Geoff and Clover SuClover In this sequel to What Katy Did Trilogy, Clover Carr Katy s sister is now grown up and after Katy s marriage, she is left to take care of his ailing brother Little Phill in the mountains of Colorado Luckily for the home sick Clover her cousin Clarence Page also lives there with his partner Geoff Templestowe and young love blossoms between Geoff and Clover Susan Coolidge, pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey 1835 1905 , was an American children s author who is best known for her Katy Carr Series The fictional Carr family of this series was modeled after Woolsey s own family and the protagonist Katy Carr was inspired by Woolsey herself while the brothers and sisters Little Carrs were modeled on her four younger siblings.
Clover Clover In this sequel to What Katy Did Trilogy Clover Carr Katy s sister is now grown up and after Katy s marriage she is left to take care of his ailing brother Little Phill in the mountains of Col

  • Title: Clover
  • Author: Susan Coolidge Jessie McDermot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. What a lovely continuation of the What Katy Did series! This one focuses on Clover, who goes west with her younger brother Phil so that he can recover his health. Once there Clover can't help but feel homesick, till she sees her cousin who has settled down in the high valley with a friend of his. Soon Clover is inundated with visits from them both, and she finds she may not want to go home after all…I always did like Clover a bit more than Katy. Katy was so perfect in a practical way. Even whe [...]

    2. Who would imagine, that I would read Clover or Katy Book 4 at my age, but I am glad I did, it brought back to mind how greedily I had read the other three.Clover goes to Colorado to nurse her brother Phil, loves Colorado and its beautiful mountains, in fact she never wants to get back to the East, luckily for her she meets and falls in love with Geoff.What is striking about the book is the simplicity with which life was lived. Katy's wedding is elegant because it is so simple, everybody who matt [...]

    3. Dee-lightful! Its almost 6am.d a happy scratchy eyeballed few hours its been reading this under the covers so as not to wake the poor dear husbandling who puts up with my wild reading habits. My romp back into the Carr family's world has been all over the place but very much enjoyable.It not as detail packed as Katy's books but its still lovely and filled with glimpses of warm humor.The characters nicely captured whether good (Clover, her family, her friends) or tiresome (that Mrs Watson), the d [...]

    4. Oh, the joys of iPhones! I recently found four of the five 'What Katy Did's for free on iBooks. I had been rather upset because I have managed to mislay books two and three of the series, and had never read number four.I finished it in a day, and it bought me right back to my childhood (which isn't really so far away.) Susan Coolidge is, for me, as readable and as enjoyable as when I first read her. Now I've a compulsion to road-trip across America and study horticulture, which aren't bad side e [...]

    5. wordnerdy/2015/08I found out a year or so ago that the What Katy Did series actually has five books, not three! But I've been putting off reading the last two in case I didn't like them. Clearly, I'm finally getting to them. In this fourth one, Katy gets married, and then Clover takes their youngest brother out West for health-related reasons. Lots of funny little moments ensue, along with lots of descriptions of scenery and food. It's all a sort of cheerful industrious Christian sort of story ( [...]

    6. Sometimes, in a charity shop, you get lucky: a hardback copy of Clover, with dustjacket, priced 65p. I don't think I even knew at the time I found it that there was a sequel to What Katy Did Next.And what a little gem it is, probably the best of the 'Carr family' books. I totally approve of Katy's relaxed and understated wedding, and I love the journey to Colorado. Clover's own romance is lightly drawn and the story is a gentle one - yet well worth reading, just for the descriptions of St Helens [...]

    7. Sequel toWhat Katy Did Next, follows much the same formula. Heroine travels to Colorado to look after her consumptive younger brother, gets proposed to by the wrong man, then (without exchanging more than 10 words onstage) hooks the right one.[onlinebooksbrary.upenn/]

    8. Yet another delightful instalment to the series. I often wonder why so few people have heard of these books; they are worth every minute spent reading them.

    9. I didn't know there was a fourth Carr book until a friend mentioned it. I loved it - the same sweet, gentle, rather pious style as Coolidge's other books. A very pleasant, quick read.

    10. Fourth in the series featuring the Carr family, although until recently I only knew the three 'What Katy Did' books which were popular in my childhood. I was delighted to find that there are two further books about the same people, available free for the Kindle since they are long out of copyright.This book is about Clover, second in the family, although it begins with preparations for Katy's wedding. But the bulk of the book is about Clover travelling to Colorado with Phil, youngest of the fami [...]

    11. This is the fourth in an old series by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, aka Susan Coolidge. As a kid I bought the first three at my local bookstore (What Katy Did, What Katy Did At School, and What Katy Did Next), but not seeing any others at the store, did not realize that there were two more in the series. I loved the What Katy Did books and read them over and over as a kid. Just happening to Google the series recently, I found out of the existence of the two other books - I was astounded! I was even m [...]

    12. I love all of the Katy series of books and I'm really pleased this is no exception.In Coolidge's previous books, Katy has taken centre stage, with Clover featuring in her life, so it was very nice in this novel for Clover to be established as a character herself.The story follows Clover as she moves east with her ill brother Phil, to act as his carer as he recovers. The east is newly developed in the US and so provides many new wonder and creates many new friendships for the pair, some which pro [...]

    13. Part of a series I read the first 3 volumes of as a child. This was 50 cents at a fleamarket so I bought it.Most of this book is set in Colorado (where I've also visited), and reading tales about places you at least somewhat know and that are set on another time is always fun. But reading these kind of books as an adult where the greatest thing a woman can aspire to is a husband really makes you want to throw the book to a wall and scream in frustration. Also the educating and moralizing tone th [...]

    14. This 4th, less well known volume of the Carr Family saga starts with Katy's marriage to Ned, of course a very sensible and temperate occasion. Then, the story concentrates on Clover, and her experiences when she travels with her youngest brother to a Colorado mountain town where Phil has the best chance of recovery from a lingering illness. As ever, Susan Coolidge describes their surroundings in vivid detail and it is clear she is writing about a landscape she had viewed herself. With less of a [...]

    15. While this instalment of the Carr family follows Clover rather than Katy, I found it well worth a read for its description of the way the 'wild west' grew up. Clover travels to St Helens, expecting a wild unfinished place, only to find a fully grown town (complete with opera house). I also enjoyed the descriptions of the canyons, mountains and wilderness. Not a book full of action, and certainly not a modern book with much plot or character development, but an entertaining peep into the past.

    16. Although I read the first three of the Katy books in my youth, I wasn't till I got a Kindle a couple of years ago that I even knew there were any more in the series.Book Four deals with Katy's sister Clover taking their brother Phil out west to recover from an illness. This is a whole new world for them and a lot of the book consists of descriptions of the landscape and flora of the region. There are new people to meet, as well as some faces from the past.I didn't enjoy this as much as the first [...]

    17. Like many others, I was thrilled to find a fourth book in the "What Katy Did" series, and the account of Katy's wedding is just lovely. I liked the fact that this book drew the reader's attention away from Katy to Clover I just wish that Coolidge had spent more time developing the relationship between Clover and her future husband. The denouement seems rather sudden - we have no clue that anything is happening between them at all until he proposes and she accepts!

    18. Clover continues the story of the Carr family, only this one centers on Katy’s sister Clover and her brother Phil as they embark to the "Wild West" in hopes of improving Phil’s poor health. Clover learns to love the beauty and excitement of the West while making new friends and visiting her cousin Clarence. This installment was a bit more slow-moving than the others, but it is still an interesting read and should be read by fans of the previous three books.

    19. It was okay - pretty much the same as What Katy Did Next in terms of shape, but still enjoyable to read more about the Carr family. I never knew this book existed as a child however, so have no fond recollections of it which makes me judge it a bit harshly for its brevity etc as my brain wanted it to be a proper novel, but that's my problem, not the book's!

    20. So fun! This time we travel with Clover out west. I loved that it felt like another travel story, and I might have liked it even better. Loved the love story--so sweet! One thing I really love about the Carrs is how all the siblings are the best of friends. So awesome. It's a really fun and sweet read.

    21. Part of the "What Katy Did" series, but one I don't think I've read before! The first third of the book is still mostly about Katy and her wedding, but the rest focuses on Clover and Phil staying out west while Phil recovers from an illness (and meeting her future husband). It's a pretty cute book, but not as interesting as the earlier ones in the series.

    22. I found the first part of the book to be cloying and sticky sweet. It was, of course, about a wedding, but Katy and some of the others were just *too* righteous. Ick. However, my interest picked up again as they went west. I liked the rest of the story quite a bit. Still old fashioned. Still sweet and innocent. But really good, too.

    23. How the internet opens my world, I never knew as a child devouring the What Katy Did series that there was more. I did this properly and went back to re read all of the books. Just as good as I remembered them and I loved finding out a bit more about what Katy and her family did next

    24. A continuation of the Carr family as Clover goes to live in Colorado as a caregiver for ailing Phil. A different view of the west from that time period. I kept hoping they would meet Dr. Quinn, medicine woman (jk.)

    25. I didn't know this existed. I checked how much it is off Ebay and it will cost me a whopping P4000 just to have it sent here :< Then Project Gutenberg came to the rescue! Whoohoo! I can't wait to read this :D

    26. If you liked the other Katy books, you'll love this. The setting is slightly different, as with each of the other books. There is a great deal of time spent describing travel, scenery, food, lodgings, days out, and so on. The plot is largely predictable. But it is quite charming.

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