Hearts and Flowers Border

A visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories some funny some heart wrenching but she needs to deal with all of them before she can open the door to allow her past to shape her future A story starting in the present day, narrated by a woman who needs to retell her past before she can move on with her future There is no fantastic underlying plot, just aA visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories some funny some heart wrenching but she needs to deal with all of them before she can open the door to allow her past to shape her future A story starting in the present day, narrated by a woman who needs to retell her past before she can move on with her future There is no fantastic underlying plot, just a simple retelling of events leading to the present day Most of us will recognise the uncertainty of youth and the first flush of love.
Hearts and Flowers Border A visitor from her past jolts Laura Stewart into memories some funny some heart wrenching but she needs to deal with all of them before she can open the door to allow her past to shape her future A st

  • Title: Hearts and Flowers Border
  • Author: L.T. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781933720029
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Great book! I read the online story a few years ago and I loved it. So now it was time to read the published and polished edition by Ylva. I don't know if there are significant changes in the story, but it certainly is as captivating as the first time I read it.

    2. There’s only ever one bad thing about a book by L.T. Smith and that is this: it has to end and the reader must return to reality. But no matter how bad it is that the journey has to end, the good makes it all worth it.Funny, sweet, smart, beautiful and sigh-inducing, Hearts and Flowers Border comes with its own wonderful interior monologue and may be even more touching and hysterical than See Right Through Me.L.T. Smith's way with words is what I love most about her novels. They ring true beca [...]

    3. Ok, I've got a big soft spot for this book. I also know that lots of other folks would be driven mad by the author's voice and the language but I can't help but love this book. There's plenty of angst and sex, which I sometimes am in the mood for. This book is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, even though I want to shake the hell out of the main character. But that's how angsty romance novels are, right? There are some typos and some words that didn't get removed in the editing process so I [...]

    4. Great first novel by L.T Smith. She really knows what to give us in terms of romance: lots of chemistry, lots of angst, love, hot sex, jealousy, longing, hoping, deceiving, forgiving, happy ending. It's all there. All the feelings. The butterflies in your belly. The ache in your heart. The throbbing in your groin. Yes, everything.The first person POV works wonderfully. I loved the first part of the story. The one that goes back 13 years and tells the story of how they met and fell in love with e [...]

    5. I love the first part of this book. Lauren was so funny. The best part was everytime she's talking to herself or to the readers. Very entertaining but when I came to the second part or like 3/4 of the book was kind of BLAH but all in all it was actaully a GoodReads!! Oh I almost forgot the Love was hot the graphic was kind of cool I would just like to suggest to add some Sex talk to make it more hotter or real. Thanks!!!

    6. I almost gave it 5 stars, because Emma is so so so dreamy! Like really, she is such a caring, lovable, sweet (aside from being gorgeous as hell) character, of course Laura fell hard for her, who wouldn't? There were some things that bothered me a little though. First was the fact that they didn't seem to know anyone else besides their own family. I mean, when Laura was an adult didn't she have any friend at all? I don't know about Emma, we never get to follow her life much, the book is always un [...]

    7. I'm a sucker for an L.T Smith book. I love her narratives. I took a star off for all the misunderstanding drama in this book. It's a bit much and can feel like drama for drama's sake. Also, first person is done well, but it does mean Emma remains a bit distant to the reader.

    8. There is a lot of humor and funny dialogues packed in a book full of anguish, bullying, confused feelings. The main character. Laura, leaves me with mixed feelings about her - I’m not sure if I like her or not - sometimes I wish I could just shake her and yell at her but other times I felt bad for her. My favorite character is definitely Emma - she is lovable, caring and sweet. I like the humorous way of LT Smith’s writing and how she puts serious topics in her books but portraits her charac [...]

    9. I was expecting a lot more out of the book based on all the good reviews this book received. It was well -written but very angsty and to me, quite melodramatic. It also only had one person's POV - Laura's and she was in her head most of the time. I would have liked to have seen more of Emma's perspective of their relationship. Perhaps that would have balanced out the book and made it less "draggy".Thank you ylva for providing this book for review.

    10. Holy- how I loved this book! Read it twice. I can't recommend this enough, its got just the right amount of angst and heart-wrenching pages, both fun and unfair, yet its so cute and fluffy! It is VERY good. So far this is my favorite romance book, and best of all, it has both young and adult settings. The emotional tension this book conjures is quite good. It pinched my nerves so bad I was shaking. So its a no brainer that this book has some truly vexing parts, and that vexing part is A girl Or [...]

    11. I really really enjoyed this book. It drew me in from the first page and had me smiling and frowning in all of the right places. Laura's observations and way of saying things had me laughing on numerous occasions, I suppose I could relate the the British sense of humour. As other people who have reviewed have said the story itself is relatable. First loveThe trials of having an instant connection with someone you've only seen, of falling in love with someone you don't think you can have. That fi [...]

    12. So I agree that this book is supposed to have many of the ingredients of a good romance: love at first sight, chemistry, angst, longing, hot sex and happy ending but to me they are hardly enough.I hate books that tell rather than show. To me that's bad writting and bad story telling, and this is exactly what happens in this book and, for me, this is its most important failure.Secondly, the reader is hardly introduced to one of the characters (Emma) and therefore the behaviour and decisions of th [...]

    13. Once I started reading this book, I really couldn't put it down until I reached to the last page The story is told from a first person perspective called Laura Stewart. It starts of when Laura is sixteen and telling us about her falling in love with Emma Jenkins. At times I felt for Laura when Emma is 'blind' to Laura's love. A series of misunderstandings later, we see Laura and Emma not seeing each other for ten years Than the story is told in the present time. We see Laura and Emma meet again. [...]

    14. Really funny book! Laura, the main character, just had me laughing out loud with her remarks and observations. Just cute British humor. This is a story of first love, loss, moving on/growing up, and then facing the past when Emma suddenly comes back into Laura's life

    15. I absolutely loved this book. This author has a way of capturing you and drawing you into the story. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great story, has a sense of humor and enjoys the British style of writing. Overall, this is one that should not be missed.

    16. Loved itThis sums up what I like about this book "Never let the actions of others make you think less of yourself. Life is what you make of it.

    17. The first half is better than the second half where the main character becomes a bit of a histrionic drama queen, but it's definitely a fun read in the beginning.

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