But She Is My Student

Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and very well qualified that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom Kat s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for how was she to know those mesmerising greenMiss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and very well qualified that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom Kat s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for how was she to know those mesmerising green eyes would reappear here Great lesbian chick lit.A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Birchill.But She Is My Student follows the journey of Miss Katherine Spicer in her first year of teaching at Coldfield Comprehensive School She is a gorgeous, intelligent young woman hailed as a fantastic teacher whose two best friends have to keep her spirit alive when she is faced with an impossible situation How was she to know the woman she kissed would turn up in her A Level History class The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the reader back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.Great lesbian chick lit.But She Is My Student will make you laugh out loud and have you crying out for the fairytale ending.A really fantastic lesbian novel that will also appeal to the avid chick lit reader.
But She Is My Student Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive confident enthusiastic and very well qualified that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her c

  • Title: But She Is My Student
  • Author: Kiki Archer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. and Smashwords both have an excellent money-saving feature: the downloadable preview. I've successfully avoided shelling out for a number of books by reading the preview and judging that the book would be a waste of money. Having read some excited blog comments about Kiki Archer, I decided to check out the preview for But She is My Student, and thereby saved myself the cost of the book. Thank you .My main quibble with this book was the amateurish writing style: it read like something one of the [...]

    2. I wrote the book so I am biased but I would love some reviews!My website: kikiarcherPreview of the book on UK: amazon/gp/reader/B00Preview of the book on : amazon/gp/reader/B007G Thank you for your timeKiki

    3. I think I had too high expectations about this teacher-student romance but this story disappointed me, unfortunately. I didn’t feel the emotions/feelings nor did I really believed them. So, I think that when neither you feel connected nor can you empathize with the characters, it's quite hard to care enough about the story. This is what happened to me with this book. I can’t recommend it since I didn’t enjoy it but who knows, maybe you will.2.5

    4. Newly qualified teacher, Miss Katherine Spicer got quite a shock on her first day of teaching in her new school. Sitting hidden in the corner is Freya Elton. Freya is the woman Kat met at a gay bar over the weekend. Freya is the woman Kat kissed heatedly. Freya is the woman that just disappeared. Now here she is, as large as life sitting in Kat’s class. Freya is Kat’s student. Will Kat’s career be over before it’s even begun?Freya Elton is a student in her final year at school. Freya is [...]

    5. I couldn't read more than a few chapters. I think one of the problems I had with the book was not being the target audience: what turned me off from the first pages might be typical chicklit - the little I am familiar with it: * There are tidbits of physical descriptions in places that seemed awkward to me (for example, in a scene from the main character's PoV, there is a bit about bracelets on the best friend's "slightly plump wrist", which felt jarring to me - it seems both unnecessary for the [...]

    6. I just re-read this book and was reminded of how much i loved it the first time. My first review though, i seriously struggled with having to lower it to 4 stars because i was angry at the abrupt ending. I'm reassessing that and going back to giving it 5 stars. It's one of my favorite books, memorable, and one you'll want to read again. The writing is brilliant and funny and there's not a boring part in the entire plot AND the sequel just came out (which i'm hoping will help me with the abrupt e [...]

    7. I accidently stumbled across this book, I'm so glad I did!!!But she is my student is not your typical girl like girl book. Instead it takes us on a journey with Ms sexy Spicer (yes I have crush on a fictional character) a history teacher, who finds herself kissing her student one night unbeknown to her. Kiki doesn't only focus the book solely on Kat, but those who are close to her too. We get an insight into Kat's work life as well as her home life. I can't recommend this book enough. I've never [...]

    8. ExcellentI've read all of this author's books several times, but never it seems left a review. I've already recommended them to several friends but now I'm gonna recommend them to you. This book will make you laugh, cry, be frustrated and shout at the screen. It's easy to get involved with the characters as the author is very clear who is the good, the bad and the down right ugly. Really well written and I bet you'll find yourself on a journey back to secondary school. It's fun, it's witty and i [...]

    9. I liked the story but I hated the heterosexual sex scenes. When I buy a lesbian book, I want a lesbian book. I'm not interested in sex between heterosexual characters.

    10. I thought there was was waaay too much until needed detritus in this. I skimmed to the parts about Freya and Kat. Im currently reading the sequal and so far its Much better!

    11. First off I should say that I enjoyed this book a lot. A friend recommended it and although I was a bit uneasy about the subject matter I got a copy and read the whole thing in a couple of days. The characters are believable (apart from the head teacher) and the story was an interesting new angle on the pupil-student scenario that has cropped up several times in novels and on TV. All the way through I couldn't help but wonder what would really happen if someone found themselves in the position t [...]

    12. I cant give this book a higher rating because ive read better written books that ive given 2 stars to. With the premise, this should have been a great book! Im so disappointed since a teacher-student romance should be really exciting and all. There were moments that were good, but man it was really hard to like this one. The story was okay but It wasn't written well at all - I dont know what the editor was thinking. The conversations were too stiff and robotic making me feel bad for the characte [...]

    13. Very, Very Good - A*Loved the setting, it was so English and so pitch perfect. You must check out the author Kiki Archer's website:kikiarcher/Already downloaded the sequel Instigations and cannot wait to find out about how Kat and Freya's relationship develops.Bravo

    14. I didn't really enjoy this book. It was a long read for me (meaning it took forever to read for lack of interest). It is very British and difficult to understand at times. There is a brief kiss in chapter one and the rest of the book is foreplay.

    15. it was an okay book but why did Bea had to turn into the 'psycho lesbian' she was fine half-way thorough the book it's like the author was trying to add forced drama she could've given her a happy ending

    16. The story was alright and the second half was a lot better than the first. I really enjoyed the character development. I did however find the books ending to be very rushed

    17. **** Some spoilers ahead.This is the story of a very young and attractive blonde secondary teacher who falls for one of her appealing and precocious students. They meet briefly in a bar before they know who's who and they kiss. Then they meet in class. We follow them through a school year of classtime together though not much classtime is actually depicted. The relationship is awkward at first. Once the student turns 18 there is some development between the leads, but not much. There is one MEH [...]

    18. Easy reading, few spelling errors especially the head teachers name kept being spelt differently! Cliché in places, a take on of Loving Annabelle. The descriptive plot of the heterosexual sex was unnecessary. I don’t get why we had to read that and got hardly any Lesbian Sex when this is supposed to be a Lesbian story? I thought Kat lost her sex appeal because she is “Vanilla” after that speed datingI’ll try the sequel if there’s any improvement and perhaps some kink? Probably not

    19. Student teacher/inappropriate relationship, slow build, but found myself wanting this relationship to happen. Character's generally not believable but a entertaing read.

    20. This was my first girl x girl realtionship book. It was also a student-teacher romance so I was really anticipating to read this. In my opinion, to say it is a student-teacher romance isn't really true because there wasn't any realtionship while they were in school, they only avoided each other and tried to supress their feelings until the end when Freya finished school and they conffessed their feelings to each other.This book was an okay read because there were a few things which ruined my enj [...]

    21. I am a critical editorial reader, but aside from the terrible title, this book was a surprise. It was well written, and well paced. I did notice a couple of typos and a little bit of head jumping in places, but not so bad it was hard to follow. It was a refreshing read, finally someone who got it right! Clearly teacher/student story-lines can be so cliche filled it's impossible to read the things and I am sometimes loathe to touch them, probably because the market is saturated with more forward [...]

    22. I've read the Kindle sample of this and am not inclined to read on.The story seems intriguing, though not really different from other lesfic romances. I wouldn't be surprised if a Lot of my suspicions about secondary characters came true. The writing itself leaves a lot to be desired. While there are no errors as such, the switches between the two plotlines are not indicated (formatting?) which leads to confusion and the dialog annoyed me. The individual voices aren't distinguished well making i [...]

    23. one of her bestFirst Kiki Archer book I read. I've read this one a few times since. (But only just a few times. Maybe.) It's a great teacher/student story about falling in love, yet playing by the rules. Kiki masterfully hooks this reader into the story and kept me enthralled. Great angst and sorrow throughout, then a wonderful reveal, then another angry part, but it all works out in the end. Sexy bits done tastefully. But it is worth reading to get to there. Fine stand alone. Or read the sequel [...]

    24. I am not necessarily a big fan of teacher/student relationship stories, but this was written quite responsibly - and, as usual, highly entertaining. The student is 18, the teacher only 21 herself, (even though she did feel older to me). So this made it possible for me to give it a go. This, and the fact that I love to laugh and Kiki Archer makes you laugh on every page. You very likely won't stop reading before you have finished this book, wanna bet? And then you can go and purchase the next Arc [...]

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