The Traitor in the Tunnel

Get steeped in suspense, romance, and high Victorian intrigue as Mary goes undercover at Buckingham Palace and learns a startling secret at the Tower of London.
The Traitor in the Tunnel Get steeped in suspense romance and high Victorian intrigue as Mary goes undercover at Buckingham Palace and learns a startling secret at the Tower of London

  • Title: The Traitor in the Tunnel
  • Author: Y.S. Lee
  • ISBN: 9780763659592
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Okay, this is going to be short because really there are only a few things I want to say about this novel. 1. I loved it. Really, really loved it. Mary confronts the skeletons in her closet . The book takes a somber look at the people who sire us and how their mortality and morality affect us. This gives Mary new depths and she evolves much more as a character. 2. The kisses are smoking hot. My toes curled multiple times. It’s quite a feat since I wasn’t even the one being kissed. 3. Lee’s [...]

    2. This is a rare event for me but I have accidentally started a series in the middle and now have to go back and read from the start! This turned out to be a really good book.It is set in Victorian London, in Buckingham Palace no less, and it follows the adventures of a young lady who is acting as a kind of private detective. The story is good, the romantic interest is very entertaining and, although I am absolutely certain the author has taken great liberties with the behaviour of Queen Victoria, [...]

    3. This book was absolutely wonderful! There was sooo much you didn't expect. Leave it up to Y.S. Lee to make it a suspenceful yet funny Victorian novel. She put it the right amount of detail in the book. Enough to let you get the main idea of where the characters are and what they are doing, but not so much to bore you to death. It was so good I couldn't put it down until 2:43 am (I could have stayed up longer- but unfortunatly, I had school in a few hours). Something that I enjoy in all of Y.S. L [...]

    4. I have, honestly, never come across a couple in a book more adorable and perfect together than Mary and James.Y.S. Lee, THANK YOU, for giving us these two, especially James!P.S - Queen Victoria is SUCH a badass in this book! :D

    5. This is a young adult novel I was granted access to through Netgalley – with thanks to them. It is the third book in a series, but the only problem with that is that I want very much to read the first books and don't have them yet. (This also appears to be called The Traitor and the Tunnel - for the original Canadian edition, perhaps?)Mary Quinn is undercover. She is twenty years old, and a part of an extraordinary intelligence agency, and posing as a maid in Queen Victoria's household. And I [...]

    6. Three and a half stars: A book with a little something for everyone: mystery, romance, history and thrills. Mary Quinn is working undercover on her first real assignment. She is posing as a parlor maid in Buckingham Palace. Mary in actuality is a secret agent working for an agency that employs all women spies/ detectives. Mary is sent to the palace to try and track down a thief. Someone is stealing small artifacts from the palace. While performing her daily duties, Mary unwittingly stumbles acro [...]

    7. Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers: thebooksmugglers/2012/03/b**WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN THE AGENCY SERIES. If you have not read books 1 & 2, and you wish to stay unspoiled, look away now! You have been warned.**After the events of The Body at the Tower, Mary Quinn finds herself a full graduate of the Academy and an official operative of The Agency. Her first official assignment, however, is the somewhat disappointing mission to discover the id [...]

    8. The Traitor in the Tunnel is by far the best installment of The Agency series; with the character introductions and early foundation cases out of the way, Mary finally (literally) moves onwards and upwards - in the world and as an agent of The Agency - faces her past and hitherto mysterious Chinese heritage and really makes some serious relationship progress with former beau (of sorts) James Easton. Hurrah.Nothing could have prepared me for how much I enjoyed the change of scenery - we depart fr [...]

    9. Oh my god!! It is rare that I find a series that sucks me in the way that Y.S. Lee's Agency series has. It is even rarer when every book in a series gets a 5-Star ranking from me, but that is what happened with these historical mysteries.For those of you who are unaware, The Agency is a young adult historical mystery series that tells of the adventures of Mary Quinn. Mary is a former street thief who was saved from execution/transportation and given the opportunity to be educated at a charity sc [...]

    10. Mary and James sitting in a study K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes animalistic passion, then comes serious makeout scene, then comes James with his hand up her skirt!I skipped the second book in the series for the very dull reason that I couldn't find a copy easily at hand, and I figured this was the sort of series you could skip around in.It appears I was right. The Traitor in the Tunnel has all I dislike about the first book in the seriesd then some. To its credit, its also "minus some." The extreme [...]

    11. You should have seen my face when this book came in the mail, it was probably Facebook worthy!! When I first started reading the book I was starting to feel a little let down, so I put it down and thought, what was missing? It was only then that I realized that my anticipation for this book had been building up for over a year, so I had envisioned some almighty holy grail-esque shining novel in which I would hear a choir singing whenever I turned a page. And that I shouldn't start the book think [...]

    12. Mary is undercover posing as a maid in Buckingham Palace, trying to find a thief. Her assignment isn't going as well as she'd like and there is tension in the Agency complicating matters further.To make matters worse, James Easton is back unexpectedly and Mary suspects that (view spoiler)[the Chinese man that got arrested for the murder of a nobleman (hide spoiler)] is her long lost father.Conspiracies, an immature prince and not nearly enough support for Mary, who is struggling to complete her [...]

    13. Rating: 2.5/5I think it's been too long since I picked up this series because although I literally inhaled this book since I borrowed it from the library yesterday, I didn't enjoy it as much. First, anything where royalty is involved just bores me; their generosity, their love for their people, ugh it chafes at me and I don't enjoy all the prostrations that it involves. Second, there wasn't much high tension in the story, for me at least. The resolution to the mystery kinda whimpered out at the [...]

    14. 3.5 stars.“If you ever need to poison someone, do it with a bacon sandwich” You do not know how much at ease I am when I readY.S.Lee. For me, The Agency series turned out to be full of humor, family, friendship and James Easton. Even though the first book was slow to build a steady pace, they were so freaking relaxing. Especially after clawing through the endless chapters ofUlysses byJames Joyce. And what I love most about these epic quick-reads is that the romace is never, ever over-the-top [...]

    15. I think I can say it now : i'm in love with The Agency series and it might be one of my favorite series ! This third book was even better than the two first books !!!! I couldn't put it down and I read it in one sitting. Once again I was so happy to be back in this world of spies, this victorian era, london This time this is completely different. At the beginning of the book Mary is already in a mission so we're right from the beginning into the action. And this is quite extraordinary there is s [...]

    16. 3.5A lot is happening for Mary, both personally and professionally, in this latest installment. It opens with Mary on her first assignment as a fully trained Agent, even though the case - petty thefts at the palace - is a bit humdrum after the excitement of previous cases.But then, while she's at the palace, this go awry for the Prince Bertie, and the case touches on Mary's on past. She also is left in a position of having to decide just how far she'll go to compromise herself to get information [...]

    17. Ah, Ying…you are amazing. If I could give you a big hug right now, I would, I would also look like a crazy person/creepy stalker, but it would be worth it, because you just wrote the most PERFECT third book in a series of this kind, and I'm so happy I can finally give my beloved Mary Quinn a 5 star rating! SO HAPPY!In this third book, Mary is working as a maid at the Buckingham Palace, undercover, of course, for the Agency. Some objects have gone missing, suggesting there's a thief among the s [...]

    18. Y’all, historical mysteries are one of my favorite genres. The Agency series by Y.S. Lee definitely delivers – I love these books! The Traitor in the Tunnel is easily the best yet.Mary Quinn, working for the shadowy female Agency, is undercover at Queen Victoria’s palace as a maid. Some petty thefts have been going on, and Mary is hoping to figure out who is behind them. Then things get complicated. Extremely complicated. The prince witnesses a murder – and the accused murderer just migh [...]

    19. Whenever a new Agency novel by Y. S. Lee comes out, I always try to resist the temptation to devour it immediately, knowing that I will have to wait a while until the next book. I succeeded in resisting for all of approximately two weeks after I was approved for it on NetGalley. While, in my opinion, THE TRAITOR IN THE TUNNEL didn’t quite live up to how much I loved the first two Agency books, it is still a satisfying return to Lee’s Victorian London.My biggest frustration with TRAITOR was t [...]

    20. This is very likely the best of The Agency series so far. Certainly better than the second, which wasn't quite so good as the first, though it's a bit harder to remember that one, as it's been a good year or more since I read it (but I do have some vague recollections of a mystery gone horribly awry). I enjoyed the writing, the story was excellent, and I have a notion that the setting was perhaps a bit better done the others. Also, the addition of Mary's father didn't go amuck.So overall, quite [...]

    21. This installment of YS Lee's excellent historical romance-mysteries is, in my opinion not quite as tightly plotted as the last two, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. If I could, it would get 3.5 stars. Mary is, as always, intelligent, courageous and impulsive. Her thoughts always take more of the center stage than the actual mystery, and in this one, the mysteries are numerous and a bit confusing. They don't end up being related, which was disappointing. And as for Jameswell, at the beginning o [...]

    22. Okay, this review will be short but let me just some this book up first in three words: fun, addicting, and fabulous.I absolutely loved the new setting in this one. We went from the absolute lows of Victorian society (the poor and the hardworking who live in shoddy housing and unhygienic places) to the utmost of highs (the ruling royalty). It was so fun seeing how she portrayed everyone from the well-meaning, sharp, but also caring queen to the ineffective, cowardly, and lazy ponce of a prince. [...]

    23. This series continues to be entertaining with well-developed characters and excellent plots. The mystery in this one, the thefts from the palace and the lurking about in the tunnels, is somewhat secondary to Mary's personal mysteries and actions. Not that that is bad, it's just that solving the mystery isn't central to the story, although it is the central story.Without going into much detail, I loved how this one ended. I would have liked Mary to get to know more about her heritage and why thin [...]

    24. So far this is my favorite book in the series. Of course this is the natural thing for most series because the characters and the world setting is mostly done in the first book. So we already have the established characters and just get to focus more on the plot of the story, which is a new mystery for Mary to solve.This time the characters involved may be closer to Mary than she would have ever thought. It not only develops a story within the Royal court at Buckingham Palace, but one that leads [...]

    25. This book made me laugh out loud, it made me flip pages frantically to find out WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, it made me sigh soulfully over perfect romantic scenes, it made me cry, it was-- in short-- a Mary Quinn book. The mystery here is a little less tightly-plotted than the others have been, as the two disparate threads Mary is investigating never coalesce into a larger, joined problem and the payoff in each-- since neither has been the specific focus-- is therefore lessened. But Mary's emotional [...]

    26. I loved this book! Mary finally confronts the ghosts of her pastd she seems to be the better for it. She also has to make some major decisions about where her life is going n this book, and I really hope that she sticks with what she chose. James is so confusing. I mean in the first part of the book, I really hated him for what he did to Mary. But by the end, I was totally back on his side again. The mystery, as usual with Y.S. Lee books was great. I never suspected who was stealing the trinkets [...]

    27. 5 starsNice to see Mary as a full-fledged agent. Glad she was able to see her father for one last time. Also glad to see James again. Wonder if Mary will stay with Anne or go to work with Felicity. Finally, glad that Mary and James confessed their feelings for each other. Can't wait to read Rivals in the City!!!

    28. Subplot and plot do a good job of going hand in hand for this book- the romantic subplot and B-cast being very influential and necessary. Lee paints a very vivid picture of the lives of a royal servant in Victorian England. Even while in our educated, undercover spy's shoes, the actions and thought processes and lifestyle are still presented as our character goes into and acts her character. Historic figures and fictional characters interacting are always interesting, and especially when meeting [...]

    29. Mary has a new assignment: to find out who has been stealing from Buckingham Palace. Disguised as a parlor maid, she keeps an eye and an ear out for gossip among the servants, but Queen Victoria runs a tight ship and there is very little idle chat on the subject. Mary is growing frustrated, the end date of her mission nearing, when she makes an interesting discovery that convinces her employers to let her stay on a little longer.This novel is an improvement on the previous. Mary seemed to make m [...]

    30. This was everything I was hoping for in the next book! I was so happy to find out what happens with James Easton and Mary. I read this book because of several things: my personal obsession with the Victorian time period; my interest in romantic relationships within books; and my curiosity after reading the first and second books. Thank goodness this book delivered when it came to those three things. However, another reason that I absolutely loved about this book was the amount of research the au [...]

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