Power Play

Meet Eleanor Harding, a woman who loves to be in control and who puts Anastasia Steele in the shade Now she s the boss, everything that once seemed forbidden is possible From the author of the best selling Sheltered , Charlotte Stein s Power Play is the perfect read for anyone lusting after than Fifty Shades of Grey.When Eleanor Harding is promoted, she loses twMeet Eleanor Harding, a woman who loves to be in control and who puts Anastasia Steele in the shade Now she s the boss, everything that once seemed forbidden is possible From the author of the best selling Sheltered , Charlotte Stein s Power Play is the perfect read for anyone lusting after than Fifty Shades of Grey.When Eleanor Harding is promoted, she loses two very important things the heated relationship she had with her boss, and control over her own desires.She finds herself suddenly craving something very different and office junior, Ben, seems like just the sort of man to fulfil her needs He s willing to show her all of the things she s been missing namely, what it s like to be the one in charge.Now all Eleanor has to do is decide is Ben calling the kinky shots, or is she
Power Play Meet Eleanor Harding a woman who loves to be in control and who puts Anastasia Steele in the shade Now she s the boss everything that once seemed forbidden is possible From the author of the best se

  • Title: Power Play
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Yay for more fun, sexy good times from Charlotte Stein! This story made me smile and laugh and squirm (but in the good way). Of Charlotte's titles that I've read, it's most like CONTROL -- both in terms of the characters, because it's a femdom book with a lovely submissive hero, and in terms of the heat level. This is erotica with a romantic streak, rather than romance with an erotic streak -- though honestly, when it comes to Charlotte's books (and in general?) there's not much point in trying [...]

    2. It's no secret that I think Charlotte Stein is an erotica wizard (witch, whatever). This was brilliant. The heroine is a sub turned dom. There's not much to say. It Stein and it's completely hot and the heroines inner battle about her desires versus her pride versus her feelings is well developed amidst all the sex. I've re-read it a couple of times and I find more things to like about it each time. Some of her descriptions in this book are very memorable as well (there's one about the hero's ey [...]

    3. 4,5 stars!! There are times in a romance reader's reading life when you come across a book that floors you in so many ways, words fail to accurately describe your thoughts. A book in a subgenre that is normally not what you prefer to read. A book in a narrative that you always shout from the rooftops that it's not your thing. A book that is from an author you've never read before. A book of which a casually read excerpt grabs you immediately and intrigues you to the point that you don't care abo [...]

    4. This is the book I have read from Charlotte Stein, and I loved it. It was filthy erotica but had a very vulnerable storyline behind it, with very likeable characters. I have to admit I love reading about powerful women and this story worked very well with the equally likeable sub, Ben.

    5. More like 2.5 stars. There's a lot I liked about this Birth of a Dom story. A woman goes from falling into a submissive role in a sort of BDSM "relationship" with her superior at work. When that ends abruptly, she falls into the dom role with a subordinate, learning as she goes along and enjoying (and worrying over) every minute of it. There were few things that bothered me about the story, plot-wise. The only two that really jump to mind: not enough buildup to that scene with Aiden, so it felt [...]

    6. Over the top but still sexy. The situations Ben and Ms Harding place themselves in, especially the work place ones, are just ridiculous and improbable. Ms Harding is a budding Dom and Ben her eager sub. It reminded me of the movie The Secretary, but in reverse. The first 75% of the book is just them playing kinky games at the office. Interesting to see an unsure, beginner Dom which made me nervous for Ben's safety. I liked Ben. He's big, clumsy with boyish charm, unapologetic about his need to s [...]

    7. Another beautifully written and well-paced story from Charlotte Stein, the second of hers I've read, and one that makes me look forward even more to reading the rest of her back catalogue.This was sizzling hot, with erotic scenes that somehow managed to explore each moment so sensually, yet without threatening the pace. The story is an interesting progression of a woman controlled sexually by her boss, who then gets his job and turns into the controller herself, this time with her sort-of assist [...]

    8. This is a book about a woman who is unexpectedly thrusts into power (in more ways than one). I picked up this book because when I read the sample, it was one of the best erotic openings I'd ever read. And the book as a whole didn't fail to disappoint. The sex scenes were creative and well-written, the characters were interesting and likeable. My only complaint was that the middle fell a bit flat. And the ending went on longer than I thought necessary. But with an amazing intro and a satisfying e [...]

    9. This is just porn without plot. I didn't really see a strong emotional connection between the two characters until the last two chapters. I also don't buy how the heroine just instinctively knows how to be a Dom. It doesn't seem like something you just pick up one day, but I could be wrong. I also didn't really enjoy the author's writing style. It felt jumpy, and I often had to reread passages in order to reorient myself about what is going on.

    10. Ms. Stein reminds me of a British Megan Hart - very dirty stories, with broken and damaged characters, who manage to make a beautiful relationship out of the mess. Power Play features one of my favourite tropes: the boss and employee have a (forbidden, secret) relationship. The story is so well done, full of deep emotions - shame, lust, love, joy - I was constantly on edge to see where the story was going. What started as a seemingly shallow kink-in-the-office story evolved into a rich story.

    11. Maybe more like 2.5? I've read this book before - so maybe this time the novelty was gone, but more it's just super stark stories and erotica aren't my thing, especially these days.Ms. Stein does an excellent job though at writing titillating stories.

    12. I made it about 15-20% through. I'm putting it aside for now. I just don't like the set up for this one as I did the other two I have read by this author. Will still continue to read her back list (I'm very excited about it) but I don't think this one is for me.

    13. Alright.Over the top with no story to put some fat on this bare-bones, claustrophobically close-lensed erotica.

    14. I just can't explain why I love this author's writing but I do. I love the introspection of her heroines and the characters are so interesting and delicious.

    15. Great erotic romance. Eleanor finds herself giving instructions to her assistant Ben that he is more than happy to do. Worth a read.

    16. [Read more reviews at jessysbookclub.wordpress/]I can’t tell you the excitement I get just before I start a Charlotte Stein book! I actually have some rituals which are too weird to elaborate in this post :) but yes, I get excited.So this one is about Eleanor (or Ms. Harding) who is Mr. Woods’ submissive. That is until Mr. Woods is fired and Eleanor is promoted. See Mr. Woods was also Eleanor’s boss. Eleanor has been eyeing Benjamin, who she thinks is ‘a bit of a mess.’ She fantasizes [...]

    17. This one was a bit harder for me. I don���t mean that in any sort of pervy ���hur hur��� way either, thank you. See, I have this issue with serious masochism and humiliation. My brain can���t wrap itself around the concepts I guess. They���re like the two things about BDSM I can���t truly understand because I can���t imagine myself ever being like ���well maybe if I was drunk and Phin asked really nice I���d try it������Well ok, t [...]

    18. See also my review of Stein's Control.Similar themes here: a budding, nervous female top paired with a big, bumbling, boyish male bottom who happens to be her employee. In this one, however, unlike the virginal Gabriel, Benjamin is joyously secure in his submissive tendencies and the way he initiates Eleanor--who had been playing the sub role with her erstwhile boss in an odd, furtive, somewhat ill-fitting dynamic--plays out beautifully, with all the tensions and contradictions inherent to the s [...]

    19. "Well, if there is anything else I can do for you, Ms. Harding' he says, and so I cant be blamed. Its the fault of that little ellipsis he leaves on the end of his sentence, that little trail off into nothing."What exactly do you want me to do?' And he puts far too much emphasis on all the wrong things. His want is hoarse and husky, his question mark like a hook curling around my waist. I'm tugged into this before I'm sure I want to be, and that's prior to his gaze jerking its way back to my fac [...]

    20. My first CS, though it took me a while to get into it because of the play-by-play of every single thing the narrator is thinking. Once I adjusted to the pacing, I really enjoyed it, particularly because the two main characters were both afraid and fearless at the same time. I was a little worried it wouldn't turn romantic enough for me, and although it was never going to be hearts and flowers, I did swoon a bit at the end. Need more CS recs. I hear good things about Control and Sheltered.

    21. Charlotte Stein takes on a heroine who discovers she's a 'switch' and leaves behind the brutally satisfying unspoken sub role with her boss only to discover her femme domme side with a promotion and a new obviously submissive employee begging for her stern attention. Sexy sparks fly--there's a scene with a ruler--but I don't want to spoil it for you. Only Stein could carry off this complex heroine in such a short space. Lurved this dirty little story so hard--wanted a sequel.

    22. This one just wasn't really my cup of tea. I just never found Benjamin swoony or hot at all. He always just sounded like a chubby fumbling buffoon and even when she described him as something different w/o his clothes on, I just couldn't get the original picture out of my mind. Just not my thing.

    23. In my eyes Charlotte Stein can do no wrong. She writes dirty, sincere, vulnerable erotica that always appeals to me. She might flip the script in traditional gender roles, throw in some sci fi or just write about people exploring boundaries and falling for each other. No matter what the take I'll buy it.

    24. One of my above all favorites. I can never get enough of her. I think what gets me the most is her uncertainty about herself and how he sometimes seems to be following but then leading. This book was good for me to see the possible appeal behind that type of relationship.


    26. There was just something about this book that I didn't care for. I am someone who needs to get into the characters to enjoy a book (or at least 1) and I didn't like any of the characters in this bookriously - any of them.

    27. Super hot, even though the author kept repeating the same words over and over again. I found it slightly annoying, and unrealistic that everyone used the same terms despite being English/Irish/American.

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