Titanic 1912

The original news stories of the hours, days and weeks following the sinking of the RMS Titanic Interviews with survivors, testimony of the crew at the U S Senate hearings held just 3 days the ship sank, revealed the ship had been on fire since it left port in Southampton How did the newspapers get the story very wrong from the beginning They reported that the passengThe original news stories of the hours, days and weeks following the sinking of the RMS Titanic Interviews with survivors, testimony of the crew at the U S Senate hearings held just 3 days the ship sank, revealed the ship had been on fire since it left port in Southampton How did the newspapers get the story very wrong from the beginning They reported that the passengers had all been saved and the ship was under tow to Halifax when indeed the ship had sunk and two thirds of those on board lost their lives Who were the heroes of the Titanic What was the role of the wireless in the rescue How has today s media managed to get the story wrong This look back at the 1912 news stories by a 21st century reporter brings out how much of the original stories were correct, after the first big errors of the first reports.
Titanic The original news stories of the hours days and weeks following the sinking of the RMS Titanic Interviews with survivors testimony of the crew at the U S Senate hearings held just days the ship sa

  • Title: Titanic 1912
  • Author: Ken Rossignol
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. First, the positives. There were many photographs I had not seen before - and some I never care to see again (primarily the one where a body is being pulled from the ocean during the recovery efforts. Even though it was just on my Kindle and it was an old photograph, a bit blurred and all, this is just not something I care to see. However, the myriad of other photographs aided in the story where the text was lacking and I found them to be interesting. Some were repeated however, so perhaps that [...]

    2. How very interesting to see how the tragedy was portrayed in the world's newspapers. There were conspiracy theories, accusations made about burning coal weakening the sides. There were accusations made that people hold off telling their story until they were offered lots of money. They used the term "Yellow Journalism" during that time, due to all of the rumors and misinformation. This is a historic must read.

    3. Great first account reports from the survivors. Brings it painfully to life. But it is a story worth telling. Great audioBook with narration that was perfect for the time of the actual event.

    4. A fun, quick read. "Titanic 1912" reveals the April 1912 newspaper headlines that circled around the great shipwreck not all the articles were factually correct, but it's the best the reporters could piece together on limited information.There are some comparisons of the Titanic vs. the recent Concordia incident of 2012. This is a refreshing perspective to find in a Titanic research book.I could easily see teachers even recommending it for students to read -- especially great in contrasting what [...]

    5. A great read that parallels the recent sinking of the Concordia off Italy with that of the Titanic sinking! The reader is presented with actual news accounts of the day in the order in which they broke on the world. Remember all news then was flashed around the road via wireless radio, or in Morse Code! Messages were placed in stacks and then transmitted in order, with those which collected the largest fees being sent first. This was the first of many mistakes that would result in needless death [...]

    6. Great book on the Titanic! This book focuses on the news reporting after the sinking of the Titanic. It's a fascinating historical account of the immediate aftermath of the disaster and how many mistakes were made reporting about those who were rescued and what went on. It's chock full of pictures and old newspaper articles, and all of it made some interesting reading. I recommend this book, especially if you love reading about the Titanic. Thanks to the author who provided the free copy to revi [...]

    7. A history of all rumors and news from the time of the sinking of the Titanic. Its nice if you want to understand the press hype of the time. For me there might be too much information. If you like to know everything about the Titanic, this book gives you a good look on what was thought, commented, rumored and communicated at the time.

    8. Titanic 12 was a good read, full of historical facts and pictures as well as diagrams of the events of that fateful night. The Titanic even after all this time lives on in many forms, it was a ship of dreams that turned into a nightmare and this book captures both the dreams and the nightmare; this is definitely a good read

    9. This book had some interesting facts in it that I wasn't aware of as well as pictures and diagrams. This still remains a fascinating subject for me to read about.

    10. Difficult to understand the misinformationWe now hope that the standards of the media are more correct than at that time. Now the misinformation seems to from the government.

    11. A review by Anthony T. Riggio of the book "Titanic" 1912 by Ken Rossingnol I read this little gem of a book in a day and a half (three hours). It is a story spun around then current News paper articles from The US, Canada, Ireland and England. I down loaded this book (for free) from Kindle and is a handy reference book for lovers of history. Ken Rossignol does a good job in his narrations and there are so many great stories in this collection of facts and witnesses of the event.My one complaint [...]

    12. Excellent book. Easy to Read, Direct, Concise, and to the Point.This book on the Titanic was very easy to understand, and comprehend. As always, it's a tale that will break your heart, no matter how the material is presented. It was a terrible tragedy that will continue to haunt me all the rest of my life. What a waste of life! May God bless those poor souls, and may their afterlife be kinder to them, particularly the band that continued to play until the ship simply sank, and all of those heroe [...]

    13. I bought this for free on my Kindle a few days back, and I was stuck waiting in the car while my BF helped his father with a few things, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It wasn't bad, not I felt like it was poorly constructed for a Kindle book. At one point all the writing overlapped underneath a picture of Molly Brown, and I couldn't even read it. I think it's just my older model Kindle, but I couldn't get any of the pictures or articles to full screen either so I was left squinting at it haha [...]

    14. This book has true news paper reports, facts, and other personal accounts of what really happen to the Titanic in 1912 and the lives of the people that were on it. Things that I had never heard or read about, very educational. This is a different view of the story of the Titanic. Ken Rossignol is a wonderful author and knows how to write to hold your interest. I had read some of his other books and enjoyed them also. This amazing book is full of actual news paper reports and pictures throughout [...]

    15. Great research & writingRossignol has presented us with an outstanding research of the press accounts of the time. I enjoyed this book for the trip back in time. As a former history teacher I was especially interested in the variety of accurate and inaccurate reporting immediately after the RMS Titanic tragedy. I also enjoyed the photos and newsprint article of the time, but would have liked it better if the articles were readable. Nevertheless, kudos to Mr. Rossignol for a well researched a [...]

    16. If the sources are correct, I learned a lot about this amazing piece of history. Usually the author backs up his statements with reference to the source of information. At times, I feel the author went on his own beliefs or rumors about the events that unfolded that fateful night. Overall a good book

    17. It's interesting, how facts become more and more blurry with time. Actual eye-witneses die, leaving us with suppositions regarding so many details. I believe Mr. Rossignol has done a very good job, pulling together the facts of the time with the ideas and beliefs of those who are alive now. I found this to be a very good read.

    18. I enjoyed reading Titanic 1912. I think it's the first book I've read about this disaster. This book is a good overview and prompts me now to read more. The black-and-white photos are good. My first Kindle download did not include the photos, but the author's help and 's help solved that problem. re-loaded the book to my device, and now I have the photos.

    19. Great book! I have read several books about the Titanic and its ultimate sinking, but not from this perspective. Because it was different from those I have read in the past, it made for more interesting reading. It has a lot of great learning material for those who want to learn more about this subject as well.

    20. InterestingThis book had many pictures of the titanic that I had never seen before. The facts mentioned some I knew but others were new to me. It was well written and is sure to be used in classrooms of history teachers

    21. Interesting narration of the sinking of the Titanic.Interesting and informative narration of the sinking of the Titanic. According to the reporting news of the major newspapers and interviews of the people directly involved.

    22. titanicI loved how this book had a lot of pictures to go along with what it was talking about. The author did an excellent job with facts and making the book easy to read without being overly detailed

    23. Written with a different approach — that of the news articles of the time of the disaster —, this was an emotional read that kept me turning the pages.

    24. Excellent research, and includes information I had been previously unaware of. Many photos included.

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