The Dogs of Winter

A small boy, a cruel city, and the incredible dogs who save him.Based on a true story When Ivan s mother disappears, he s abandoned on the streets of Moscow, with little chance to make it through the harsh winter But help comes in an unexpected form Ivan is adopted by a pack of dogs, and the dogs quickly become than just his street companions They become his familyA small boy, a cruel city, and the incredible dogs who save him.Based on a true story When Ivan s mother disappears, he s abandoned on the streets of Moscow, with little chance to make it through the harsh winter But help comes in an unexpected form Ivan is adopted by a pack of dogs, and the dogs quickly become than just his street companions They become his family Soon Ivan, who used to love reading fairytales, is practically living in one, as he and his pack roam the city and countryside, using their wits to find food and shelter, dodging danger, begging for coins But Ivan can t stay hidden from the world of people forever When help is finally offered to him, will he be able to accept it Will he even want to A heart pounding tale of survival and a moving look at what makes us human.
The Dogs of Winter A small boy a cruel city and the incredible dogs who save him Based on a true story When Ivan s mother disappears he s abandoned on the streets of Moscow with little chance to make it through the

  • Title: The Dogs of Winter
  • Author: Bobbie Pyron
  • ISBN: 9780545399302
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. It was a outstanding story, in my opinion. The story was about a little boy named Ivan tying to face the streets of Russia after he try's to run from the lady from the orphanage. He faces so many challanges during his small age. I am hoping to see a series of the book. This story is a nice story to read it has adventure, action, sadness, and courage.

    2. A very emotional read, particularly for animal lovers. I found I had to read this in short bursts as I was constantly on edge worrying about what would happen to the dogs (and the boy). It is based on a true story set in Moscow in the 90s, and is a sad description of life for abandoned children at that time. I loved the dog characters and really connected with them. The ending is disappointing. I guess I wanted a happy ending after all the sadness, but we are not told how things ended for the do [...]

    3. I've been in the cold before, but author Bobby Pyron showed me that I had never been in the cold of Russia, like Mishka in The Dogs of Winter. This book starts out when Mishka is only five years old and progresses from there, as he grows older he learns new ways to survive as he lives on the streets. Mishka used to live a very normal life, with his grandmother and mother, however it is all turned upside down when eventually his babushka, or grandmother dies. His mother has no one to talk to, and [...]

    4. Based on a true story, Dogs of Winter by Bobbie Pyron tells of five-year-old Ivan, a street kid in Russia who formed a close relationship with a pack of feral dogs. While this young adult novel is well-written and full of enough adventure to appeal to even the most reluctant reader, at about the halfway point, the heart-breaking events portrayed also became too much for me to bear. Dogs of Winter is a book I both love and hate.The symbiotic relationship between Ivan and the dogs is touching and [...]

    5. MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITIvan's mother has disappeared and her boyfriend is taking him to an orphanage when he escapes rather than be thrown into such a desolate place. As a five year old boy, he is among many of Russia's children that have fallen through the cracks where social safety nets are no longer existent because of the downfall of communism. With no systems or limited funds in place, these children form gangs and substitute families where abuse runs rampant between the older and yo [...]

    6. Once again, I'm struck by the power of a book that won't sit on the shelves in Fiction, but will take pride of place in the Young Adult section of the library.I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed The Dogs of Winter. Actually, enjoyed is maybe not the best word. I was riveted, saddened, choked up with fear and sympathy for five year old Ivan and his dogs; rooting for him and horrified at the idea that this is based on a true story. Living on the streets and in the subway tunnels of an unnamed and [...]

    7. In 1996 I was living in West Virginia. I had been out of college for one year. Despite having graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, I could not find a job that paid more than minimum wage. Things seemed bleak; I felt desperate, alone and afraid. I felt that life was tough and unfair. I had no clue.At the same time, in Moscow, four year old Ivan Mishukov walked out of his flat to escape the daily horrors bestowed upon him by his mother and her alcoholic boyfriend. Life on the streets [...]

    8. When 5-year-old Mishka’s Babushka Ina dies and his mother is suddenly gone, the bad man takes him to The City. Mishka runs away and joins a gang of street kids who sleep in the train stations, steal and beg. As winter approaches, the gangs become more violent, as do the police who try to rid the underground of the homeless children. Mishka befriends a dog, Lucky, and his pack who let the small boy share their food and keep him warm. Soon, he is known as Dog Boy. These wild dogs protect him and [...]

    9. I spent pretty much this whole book on the verge of crying my eyes out over how much I wanted to scoop up and mother this poor homeless child (and not just because he would come with 7 wonderful dogs), which is not a feeling I have ever had before in my life. The only thing that staved it off was how loving and protective the dogs with whom he formed a symbiotic relationship for warmth, food, affection and protection were. But that had me on the verge of crying most of the time too, because a ho [...]

    10. I hope this makes the WAW nomination but we'll have to be careful with younger readers since it has references to drugs and prostitution. Again, like with Breaking Stalin's Nose, I haven't read much historical fiction about Russia, so I enjoyed learning about it. In this story a boy's mother dies and her boyfriend abandons him so he starts living on the streets and begging. He ends up living with a pack of dogs who love and accept him more than any of the people he meets. This is a yes vote for [...]

    11. Wonderful but heartbreaking book based on the true story of a five year old boy who, after the fall of the Soviet Union, chooses to live with a pack of wild dogs in order to survive. Not much is actually known about how the faithful, protective dogs managed to care for the child or why they were willing to do it, but the author does a good job putting the puzzle pieces together. It breaks my heart that children are forced into such dire situations but it is a great story of what humans are willi [...]

    12. Actually very wrenching read. My 12 year old son cried at the end and I actually only read the first half (shhhh, don't tell him, he'll kill me) because I have too much to read for award group and work right now. What I did read was beautiful and so very sad.This novel works for both boys and girls. Targets readers who enjoy dog stories, adventure, other cultures and character heavy novels.

    13. BAD ENDING! he SHOULD HAVE lived on with the dogs and be HAPPY but no he had to live on as a artist! boooooooo on a scale of 1-10its a 0! i LOVED it, UNTIL he got kidnapped by cops separated from the dogs and lived as an artist! i HATE it NOW!

    14. I very much enjoyed this book. It was wonderful. I definitely have a warm feeling whenever I look at it or think about it. You just take this amazing journey full of sadness but also happiness with Ivan and his pack that protected him and loved him as one of their own. And the fact that it was based off a true story makes it all the more powerful. I was also able to learn some things about Russia and what happened after the Soviet Union fell in the 90’s, the thousands of homeless people and ch [...]

    15. This book had me interested from the very beginning, and it is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who likes dogs or to a person who just loves to read. This book does have a couple of things that may make a person cry like when one of the dogs gets killed, or when the poor little boy gets abandoned by his mother. From curiousness to anger this book made me feel every emotion I could possibly feel. Not only that but it made me think about my life compared to this kid compared to myself [...]

    16. This is a very emotional book. Sometimes it is sad, sometimes even depressing, sometimes it makes you feel good. I guess Ivan was lucky to get adopted by dogs as in my opinion they are much more loyal than most people. Because what sort of people have no money to feed a kid but they still have money to get cigarettes and alcohol? And unfortunately these things happen everywhere, not just in Russia. Some people have their priorities sorted all wrong. I can understand that Ivan's mother was very s [...]

    17. In my opinion The Dogs of Winter is a very good book that most every on will enjoy. Some things in the book are definitely not for kids. I would suggest eleven or older if you would like to read. One thing that I personally like in this book would probably be the vivid imagery and the idea of dogs. As well as the good I Imagery this book has some strong wording that makes it easy to understand. Another I really don't fancy about this book is some of the characters kind of leave. IF I had to reco [...]

    18. So, I really enjoy books about feral children. However, I admit that many novels that touch on the subject rarely do it any justice. That's not the case with this one! I don't even know where to begin. I read this book about three, maybe four years ago in the span of a few hours. I loved it then but admittedly forgot about it. When I reread it recently I found that I enjoyed it even more! I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys stories that tug at your heartstrings and turn your view of the [...]

    19. The Dogs Of Winter is a book about a kid who loses both of his parents. HE DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO THE ORPHANAGE. This kid is special because to survive the harsh conditions of the outdoors he doesn’t hang out with the other childrenhe joins a pack of dogs! Together they find many resources such as some nice Christian ladies who give away supplies for these hopeless children. Although this may end up completely backfiring in the end. And he also finds shelters to live in with the dogs like a gl [...]

    20. A story that makes the reader be aware of his environment. A calling for all people to be compassionate and sincere to go the extra mile of not almsgiving as a method to alleviate poverty but to give help where it is appropriate. Start with the concept of childhood, adults needed to learn that childhood is a delicate part of life that needs to be protected and nurtured at all costs.

    21. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!! No joke. After reading this, I read it 4 more times. Never get tired of the amazing plot and the adventures and the bond one can have with dogs. I feel really bad for Ivan because he deserves so much better. Go Back to the dogs!! This book made me cry so much.

    22. Great book based on a true story. I loved how the feelings and emotions were portrayed in the dogs's and boy's actions. Great imagery to move the story along. Has some perfect heart-tugging parts that feel so real. Recommend to anyone who likes historical fiction.

    23. I have read this book so many times over, I absolutely love it!! It has many twists and turns right as you think you have the rest of the book figured out. It is a heart-wrenching story that had me thinking for days after.

    24. Interesting and moving story about a homeless orphan in Russia who becomes part of a pack of dogs and they all rely on each other to survive. Kids who like heartfelt and serious animal stories would enjoy this.

    25. Saddest book of all time. I cried about 50 times. If you want to here about the real struggles of being an orphan in the cold of Russia this is perfect book.

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