The Stone Light

Evil forces have invaded Venice the city that Merle and Serafin call home Luckily, the two friends hold secrets that just might stop the pharaoh from destroying their ancient city.Merle has within her spirit of the Flowing Queen, a mysterious legendary force who serves as her guide Indeed, the Queen s voice has led Merle to Vermithrax, a winged stone lion And togetherEvil forces have invaded Venice the city that Merle and Serafin call home Luckily, the two friends hold secrets that just might stop the pharaoh from destroying their ancient city.Merle has within her spirit of the Flowing Queen, a mysterious legendary force who serves as her guide Indeed, the Queen s voice has led Merle to Vermithrax, a winged stone lion And together they are on a mission to Hell to enlist help from Lord Light.Meanwhile, Serafin remains in Venice He s joined a group of rebel boys who are plotting to assassinate the pharaoh But can a group so small really kill the biggest, most powerful man on earth Though they follow separate courses, Merle and Serafin will both encounter unexpected betrayals and startling revelations And together they learn that evil takes many shapes in the world of Dark Reflections.
The Stone Light Evil forces have invaded Venice the city that Merle and Serafin call home Luckily the two friends hold secrets that just might stop the pharaoh from destroying their ancient city Merle has within her

  • Title: The Stone Light
  • Author: Kai Meyer Elizabeth D. Crawford
  • ISBN: 9780689877896
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Stone Light was even better than the first book in this trilogy, The Flowing Queen. Much better actually. It took everything that happend in the prequel and put it on a whole new level. The events in The Stone Light are much more exciting and dangerous, the creatures and characters more wondrous and bizzare. It gets more and more dramatic with every page, without becoming ridiculous. This might be a middle grade novel, but it doesn't read like one, which is another big improvement, compared [...]

    2. 4.5 Sterne für eine tolle Fortsetzung - ich liebe die Ideenvielfalt und die spannenden Abenteuer :) Nur noch das Zarenreich widersteht den Heeren des Pharaos, der mit Mumienkriegern und Skarabäusschwärmen die Welt überschwemmt und allerorts nur noch Ödnis hinterlässt. Und Venedig, die letzte Hochburg, widerstand mit der Hilfe der Fließenden Königin den Ägyptischen Hohepriestern, doch auch sie droht nun dem Pharao in die Hände zu fallen. Merle ist allerdings auf dem steinernen Löwen Ve [...]

    3. Da Hörbücher bei mir in der letzten Zeit viel zu kurz gekommen sind, wurde es nun mal wieder Zeit, mich mit ihnen ausführlicher zu beschäftigen. Den Anfang macht der zweite Band der "Merle"-Trilogie von Kai Meyer. Der erste Band hat mir im letzten Jahr schon sehr gut gefallen und ich war sehr gespannt, wie es bei der Geschichte weiter geht.Kai Meyer hat es mal wieder geschafft, mich an seine Geschichte zu fesseln. Er schreibt das Buch sehr flüssig, spannend, unterhaltsam und trotz so manch [...]

    4. Funnily enough, this book is the one that made me want to read this series, because it looked good, and I hate to start things in the middle. But when I picked it up the first time a few weeks ago, I couldn't get into it. Which might be because it does start things in the middle. Picking up right where Water Mirror left off. Merle and the Flowing Queen are still trying to escape the Egyptians on the back of Vermithrax, and Serafin, left behind, is desolate. An attack by mummy soldiers and a sur [...]

    5. Leider fand ich den zweiten Teil der Merle-Trilogie bei Weitem nicht so gut wie den ersten. Zwei bis drei Sterne wären das, aber halbe Sterne hat ja immer noch keiner GR beigebracht.Was mich an diesem Buch nicht angesprochen hat, war das ganze Kriegsszenario, ich finde Kämpfe generell nicht so spannend und denke, dass Kai Meyer das Thema eh schon mehr als ausgelutscht hat (das sehe ich jetzt so, weil ich viele seiner späteren Bücher vor der Merle-Trilogie gelesen habe), der ganze Serafin-Erz [...]

    6. Awesome book. I read the first book in middle school, so I'd forgotten practically everything about the world of this series, but it was easy to get back into the swing of things. One of my favorite things about these books is the juxtaposition of cultures that don't historically mesh - Czarist kingdom and Egyptians and Venice (and Hell!), with the twist of magitech and myth. Definitely doesn't have the same feeling as steampunk, but it has the same mix of the fantastic into a certain milieu's f [...]

    7. A good bridge that makes me super curious for the next part. Though for me there were so many questions opened and nothing was answered. So my quest for answers so to say was not satisfied. I hope for a lot of answers in the next part.

    8. What I Liked. This is purely an adventure story. In addition to the unique creatures we encountered in The Water Mirror, this time around mighty sphinx are added to the mix. And like the lions, some are winged and some are not. Meanwhile, one group of characters stays in Venice while the other group flies off to explore the environs of Hell.Now this is not Dante's Inferno. This hell has massive talking stone heads flying through the air, mad scientists, mysterious technology and alien like creat [...]

    9. Much like the first of the trilogy, this book was strong on creativity and cool worldbuilding, pretty good with tension, and startlingly good at creepiness.I wonder if the vividness had something to do with its being translated into English, which seemed to give it some unusual word and phrase choices. Occasionally, this didn't work so well, or was just kind of weird - for example, it kept using "from one moment to the next" to mean "suddenly" or "instantly," and only context really told me that [...]

    10. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooWARNING: This book is the second in a trilogy. Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who missed that. When I finally figured it out (the words "Book Two" on the cover were a good clue), I had to run out and buy the first one, THE WATER MIRROR. I read that one as fast as possible, so I could get to this one. The first book was fantastic and ended with a huge cliffhanger. If I hadn't already had this second book in my possession, I probably would have been qui [...]

    11. Der steinerne Löwe Vermithrax, Merle und die fließende Königin schaffen die Flucht aus Venedig und machen sich auf den waghalsigen Weg zu Lord Licht. Sie wollen ihn um Hilfe bitten, für sich und den Bewohnern von Venedig. In der Hölle treffen sie auf ungewöhnliche Kreaturen, sie erleben spannende Abenteuer und erkennen, dass nichts ist, wie es scheint.Zur gleichen Zeit versuchen Serafin, sein Erzfeind Dario und dessen Freunde eine Rebellengruppe in Venedig aufzubauen. Anführer dieser Grup [...]

    12. As the second book in the trilogy it’s only natural that more of the story and the world will continue to unfold. Unlike some series where each book is its own story, this is one large story spread over 3 different books. This iteration, as it takes the reader deeper into the history and the titans that are clashing, becomes darker than its predecessor, which will mean that the third book will progress even further. The action in the book is faster as the stakes are higher, but overall, this s [...]

    13. I waited a really, really long time to read this because I loved The Water Mirror so much and I was afraid this book wouldn't be able to live up to my expectations. The problem with that is that the book starts right back in the middle of the action where the first book left off, and I couldn't remember much about what was happening in the story. It took quite a long time to figure everything out again and really get into the book.The Stone Light also suffers from some of the usual problems with [...]

    14. I don't really have much to say about this except that I found it rather mediocre. The first book in the series, The Water Mirror, seemed a lot more exciting, perhaps because at that point a fantasy set in a dark, "other" Venice seemed more original but also perhaps because I was actually traveling in and near Venice while listening to the book on CD. The Stone Light was not really bad, but I had trouble coming up with things about it which would recommend it to readers. With the departure from [...]

    15. This is the second book in the Dark Reflections series and is the sequel to The Water Mirror. Merle travels with Vermithrax, the stone lion on a mission to visit Lord Light in Hell while her companion, the thief Serafin, joins a group intent on resisting the Eygptians occupation of Venice. The group is led by a sphinx who can appear as a woman. They plan to assasinate the pharoah and it is unclear if the sphinx can be trusted or if she has her own agenda. On their trip to hell, the group finds a [...]

    16. Second in The Dark Reflections Trilogy, Meyer paints a world filled with mermaids, magic mirrors, invading mummies, and obsidian lions. The Stone Light centers on Merle, who with her friend Vermithrax (an obsidian lion), saved The Flowing Queen (a deity). However, The Flowing Queen entered Merle’s mind and now they are on a quest to ask for help from Lord Light, ruler of Hell. Back in Venice, Merle’s friend Serafin, a thief, joins forces with a rebel group trying to assassinate the invading [...]

    17. In the second Dark Reflections book the story fractures, following Merle as she sets off with the Flowing Queen to find help for Venice against the Pharaoh's invading army and also following Serafin's story as he stays behind in Venice. The story jumps around a lot between the two characters, though Merle still receives the majority of page time. That jump can be a bit disconcerting and was at times awkward. Otherwise the story continues to intrigue me and the world building is excellent. Meyer [...]

    18. This is the truly amazing sequel to The Water Mirror. The main characters literally go to Hell, in search of help against something truly evil, of all reasons Unlike the first book in the series, this one grabs you from the first page and refuses to let go until the very end. I read it in one sitting on a night when I had the house to myself, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity. Having to space the reading out over a few days would be torture. There were moments when I was genuinely scared, an [...]

    19. Mmmph! Yes! First of all I love these covers as well as the books, and I love the continuous theme of mirrors. I'm actually kind of reading the series backward. I started with The Glass Word and then The Stone Light and I have yet to read The Water Mirror. Reading this clears up the confusion around Professor Burbridge and Lord Light. As I was reading the first part, I realized that they have absolutely no idea that Burbridge and Lord Light are the same person! Whoops! I wasn't supposed to know [...]

    20. This doesn't have the rich storytelling that the first novel in this series had used to create a "Golden Compass" like tale. The novel goes back an forth between two events. One consists of the takeover of Venice and Seraphin and the other apprentices' reaction to it. The other event takes the reader on a journey to and through Hell with Merle, The Flowing Queen, and the black stone lion, Vermithrax. The reader is treated to a grotesque and fantastic description of Hell and it's inhabitants, lik [...]

    21. In this second installment of the Dark Reflections trilogy, Meyer has blitzed by “Strange,” past “Creepy,” and settled the story in the range of “Bloated Puddles of Massive Sea Witch Corpse Bobbing on the Ocean.” It’s one thing to write of nausea, but it’s another matter to write in a manner which induces nausea. One big positive: the good and evil of Hell within Earth is much more clearly defined. I don’t feel lost in some spiritual puzzle anymore. The Underworld is one more m [...]

    22. Es bleibt spannend!Zwar muss ich sagen, dass der Anfang des Buches sich etwas gezogen hat, aber sobald die Hölle vorkam ging es ziemlich flott weiter.Die Story teilt sich irgendwann in zwei Stränge, den von Merle und den von Seraphin- das macht es zusätzlich spannend, da man immer am Ende eines Kapitels etwas in der Luft hängen gelassen wird und wissen will wie es weitergeht, aber vorher den anderen Verlauf lesen "muss", an dessen Ende man dann natürlich da weiterlesen will; kann mitunter r [...]

    23. De los tres, este es el que menos me gustó, pero la saga es muy buena y siempre la recomiendo para quienes gustan leer fantasy y juvenil.El personaje del león de piedra es muy bueno!!!!! Meyer me pareció un autor muy ingenioso, y realmente la gente parece adorar esta saga. Es por eso que sigo sin entender cómo no es más conocida. Los libros fueron saldados y se conseguían MUY BARATOS en cierto momento. De tener oportunidad, leanla! eso si, no recomiendo empezar por el medio, porque se pier [...]

    24. A good continuation to the first book. Ideas of religion are being more fully explored yet still not what I might hope for, maybe it will get even better in the next book. In some ways he's really bringing everything together and writing a good story. In other ways it seems like he gets a little lost and off track from the story. The trip into hell gets a littlelong. I think this book is setting up for some really cool things in the next book. A little weaker than the first but feels like a sett [...]

    25. Reading this book in German, my second language, was much faster than I expected. The pace really keeps up! As in the first book, Die Fließende Königin the slightly-disturbing imagery that hangs in my mind after I lift my eyes from the pages is a bit spooky, and the end of the book is as cliff-hangery. The book nicely balances the back-and-forth between following Merle on her journey through Hell and Serafin, still in Venice, but no one is safe, not yet.

    26. This book was much better than the first although it was thoroughly creepy.I feel extremely bad for Junipa. Not to be mean but she's become pretty much a freak. First the mirror eyes and now the stone heart? Her life is bad enough as is!In this book, I am ridiculously fond of Eft, Lalapeya, Vermithrax, and Serafin. I'm too lazy to go into detail but I have one simple question. How can Merle and Serafin be so sure they're in love with each other? They're fairly young (Romeo and Juliet?!) and they [...]

    27. Kai Meyer's sequel to The Water Mirror is much more compelling than his first installment. I think this is mostly because the plot allows him to indulge the extent of his weird, visual imagination (which is his gift) much more, as it takes the protagonist, Merle, finally outside of Venice and into hell. Sphinxes, bizarre creatures called the "Lilim," giant sea witches. Definitely entertaining, though I continue not to really care much about Merle herself and definitely not about her barely dimen [...]

    28. The writing was a little better here than in the first book, though there were still a lot of unnecessary exclamation points and modifiers. Again, this may be the fault of the translator, but it still bugged me. Progression of the story was pretty good--no "soggy middle" problems--but I wish there had been a little more character development. After two books, I should feel like I know and understand these people, yet they still feel like strangers. Perhaps someone should explain to Meyer the dif [...]

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