Forgotten Soldiers (What Happened to Jacob Walden)

Cold War saga about Air Force Captain Jacob Walden shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and the untold story of why he never returned home Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the sudden reappearance of Jacob Walden and follows the trail to find Jacob Ted encounters Charlie Smith, a secretive and seasoned Operative who may have answers to the questioCold War saga about Air Force Captain Jacob Walden shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and the untold story of why he never returned home Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the sudden reappearance of Jacob Walden and follows the trail to find Jacob Ted encounters Charlie Smith, a secretive and seasoned Operative who may have answers to the question about What Happened to Jacob Walden, and why Jake never returned home.
Forgotten Soldiers What Happened to Jacob Walden Cold War saga about Air Force Captain Jacob Walden shot down over Vietnam in and the untold story of why he never returned home Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the

  • Title: Forgotten Soldiers (What Happened to Jacob Walden)
  • Author: Warren Martin
  • ISBN: 9780985472702
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Forgotten Soldiers (What Happened to Jacob Walden)”

    1. I agree that it could have benefited from an editor but the basic premise is fodder for a very enjoyable story.

    2. So far this book has been interesting. I am reading the Kindle Edition, which so far has been very distracting with the grammatical and spelling errors. These distractions aside, I've definitely found myself somewhat unwilling to put the book down. This book definitely offers a very different perspective on a time in history. I will update this review when I have finished reading the book. So far I am half way through.Having finished the book, I must say this book is highly recommended. The stor [...]

    3. I found this to be a compelling read. It is written in a historical style and it would be very easy for me to believe that this is a true, rather than fictional story.

    4. A fantastic novel. Tantalizing. A great read. Destined to become a classic."Forgotten Soldiers-What Happened to Jacob Walden" is the cleverest thriller I have read this year! It has all the elements of true suspense. Unlike countless other mystery-thrillers, this one was written by a seasoned professional Special Forces soldier. The author, Warren Martin, has plunged into his rucksack of knowledge and experience and crafted a tale that will keep you in suspense until the final page. I highly rec [...]

    5. A very enjoyable, easy summer read! The author kept the story moving and provided enough realistic, historical detail that made you want to not put the book down. I look forward to reading other books by this author.

    6. As I read this book, I completely forgot it was fiction! It is written in such a manner that it is very easy to believe it is a true story.

    7. I find it hard to believe this is a book of fiction! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it hard to put down.

    8. Warren Martin’s fictional novel "Forgotten Soldiers" spreads across four decades from 1970 to current day. The lead character is Captain Jake Walden, in the earlier part of the story, a 24-year-old flying a sortie in Vietnam during the war. While he is able to eject and land safely he is almost immediately captured by a small group of Viet Cong or at least farmers loyal to the VC. There then begins a 400 mile jungle trek towards Hanoi where he will be handed over to the authorities. When he ar [...]

    9. Forgotten Soldiers - Fiction?? I wonder April 23, 2012By John PodlaskiAlthough this is a work of fiction, the story could very well have happened and none of us would have been the wiser.Captain Jacob Walden, 24, had only been in Vietnam for a month when his plane is shot down in 1970. He ejects safely, only to be captured by farmers loyal to the enemy. The author chronicles Jacob's 400-mile trek on foot through the jungles - northward toward Hanoi where he can be turned over to the proper autho [...]

    10. Captain Jacob Walden and his plane get shot down in Vietnam in 1970, ejects to safety, only to be captured by farmers, is marched through jungles and is later turned over to the North Vietnamese. And therein begins a horrific tale of his captivity under the torturous hands of the Vietnamese and later the Russians as, not a POW but a criminal for well over 30 years. His years of isolation, torture, starvation and the effect they have on him physically, mentally an emotionally makes for hard readi [...]

    11. Warren Martin obviously had a gripping and compelling story to tell and he wove a heart-wrenching tale into Forgotten Soldiers. One cannot read this book without both wondering what happened to so many of our MIAs and becoming determined never to forget them.I noticed some have complained that the first version of the book was fraught with editing errors but Mr. Martin has gone the extra mile to correct them and provide an updated version. Others have been critical that perhaps 4 and 5 star rati [...]

    12. To tell a good story you need some kind of narrative device that brings the reader in and then, once you have the reader, to keep them wanting more. That's what Warren Martin does in his debut novel, "Forgotten Soldiers: What Happened to Jacob Walden." The title alone is enough to entice a would-be reader to find out what actually happened to Jacob Walden. And once you start reading, Martin keeps on enticing you with this remarkable book.The story itself is an intriguing and captivating one, tho [...]

    13. I meet Mr. Martin through some Military Writers Society of America members. This book is listed as Historical Fiction but reads like history, or as one of my teachers once told me: His Story.From the first page, readers know that Jacob Walden dropped into a heap of trouble. What happens after that is believable account of one man's journey through Hell and beyond. After you read it, you may even ask yourself, how could this happen?Other than some formatting issues, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. [...]

    14. I really could not put this book down. Jacob Walden a downed pilot during the 70's Vietnam War era remained a prisoner till someone found he was still alive even nthe government deckared him dead. His family went on with their lives until an event turned all ntheir worlds into a mystery no one would ever hear about. After thirty years in camps and the torture ho make a choice. Charlie was the reason he became free and they and the other survivors of two groups would be allowed to live when many [...]

    15. Free download = too many grammatical errors? I should be an editor. Good book, though (through ch. 5).June 9, 2013: Final review. Grammatical errors were distracting. How does that happen?? Other than that, about half way through the book, I realized it was fiction. I honestly thought this was non-fiction. Good story, the author did his research, and the last 25% of the book (Kindle edition, don't know how many pages that involved), I couldn't put it down.I'm actually torn between 3 and 4 stars, [...]

    16. Historical Viet Nam era novelWould have given this book a 5* the except for many multiple redundancies. Enjoyed the plot and heart breaking story of long term survivors of the Viet Nam conflict. Terrible atrocities were inflicted on the POWs from many nations. So glad there was a somewhat happy ending for the small group of rescued survivors.

    17. An excellent read! Although historical fiction, much of the book revolves around actual fact.A surprise ending!

    18. Exciting story with a surprising twist. Sadly, the spelling and grammar were terrible and made reading the book difficult at times.

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