To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

1 New York Times Business Bestseller 1 Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller 1 Washington Post bestsellerFrom the bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind comes a surprising and surprisingly useful new book that explores the power of selling in our lives.According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in nine Americans works in sales Every day tha 1 New York Times Business Bestseller 1 Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller 1 Washington Post bestsellerFrom the bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind comes a surprising and surprisingly useful new book that explores the power of selling in our lives.According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in nine Americans works in sales Every day than fifteen million people earn their keep by persuading someone else to make a purchase.But dig deeper and a startling truth emerges Yes, one in nine Americans works in sales But so do the other eight.Whether we re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others Like it or not, we re all in sales now.To Sell Is Human offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling As he did in Drive and A Whole New Mind, Daniel H Pink draws on a rich trove of social science for his counterintuitive insights He reveals the new ABCs of moving others it s no longer Always Be Closing , explains why extraverts don t make the best salespeople, and shows how giving people an off ramp for their actions can matter than actually changing their minds.Along the way, Pink describes the six successors to the elevator pitch, the three rules for understanding another s perspective, the five frames that can make your message clearer and persuasive, and much The result is a perceptive and practical book one that will change how you see the world and transform what you do at work, at school, and at home.
To Sell Is Human The Surprising Truth About Moving Others New York Times Business Bestseller Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller Washington Post bestsellerFrom the bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind comes a surprising and surprisingly

  • Title: To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others
  • Author: Daniel H. Pink
  • ISBN: 9781594487156
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others”

    1. Lamentably, we live in era in which many best-selling authors mail it in. I won't name names, but some of the most renowned authors out there can publishing anything and sell a slew copies, even though their books at sub-par at best.Not this one.Pink's research and writing style make this an incredibly informative, dare I say groundbreaking, text. I'm not big on sales books, but this one is just remarkable. Get it. Read it. And read it again.

    2. I almost gave up on this because I disagreed with one of Pink's main ideas in the first part of the book: the idea that most people now spend most of their time in what he calls non-sales selling. I don't buy the idea that sales and persuasion and influence are the same thing. Sales are quantifiable; either you make your number or you don't. Persuasion is often tougher to measure. And influence is subtlest of all and can persist for decades.Also, Pink's attempt to coin the term Ed-Med to describ [...]

    3. This was fascinating. Forget the out of date image of a sales person being a slick man in a polyester plaid suit trying to sell a lemon on a used car lot. This book is about human behavior, motivation, and about how EVERYONE "sells" (if you're a parent trying to convince a child to do their homework, that's selling. If your job function has nothing to do with sales, but you're trying to convince others in your company to take a certain action, then that's selling). I listened to the audio versio [...]

    4. To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink is interesting, thoughtful, analytical, well-written, and, most importantly, helpful.Dan Pink is an alembic. A what? An alembic. Think mad scientist (or maybe alchemist). An alembic is that funky looking glass thingie, round on the bottom, crooked neck, sitting over a flame with liquid happily bubbling away. The liquid is vaporized, travels through the neck into a curlicue glass dealybob and comes out the other end condensed and distilled. That’s what Dan doe [...]

    5. To Sell is Human was one of the books I had heard about for months, recommended by my fellow entrepreneurial peeps left and right. Finally grabbed the audio version - narrated by the author - and listened to the book, and overall, it was a let down from what I had expected to find. The author uses the approach of getting his point across in a style similar to Malcolm Gladwell - whose first two books, Tipping Point and Blink, were brilliant! - but in the case of this book, do you really want to h [...]

    6. I like pop psychology books that provide a serious and accurate review of research while applying it to some phenomena, like, for example, interpersonal persuasion. I love Cialdini's classic book "Influence" and was hoping for a spin on the same topic from "To Sell Is Human." I was disappointed to realize that Pink's book was written for the lowest common denominator of consumer, someone with little interest in the background research who seeks only quick uncomplicated sound bites.My first clue [...]

    7. This is another great book by Dan Pink. I recommend everyone read for an improvement in their everyday interactions.My notes:"One of the most effective ways of moving others is to uncover challenges they may not know they have." (p.5)People are now spending about 40 percent of their time at work engaged in non-sales selling--persuading, influencing, and convincing others in ways that don't involve anyone making a purchase.With all of the information available to consume, "the new guiding princip [...]

    8. This is the best sales book I’ve read yet. Pink dismisses the slimy salesperson of the past and presents an enlightened view of sales. By “sales,” Pink means traditional salespeople (1 in 9 Americans) and those involved in “non-sales selling”: persuading, convincing, and influencing (everyone). Each chapter ends with several specific examples applying the chapter’s lessons. Pink includes entertaining anecdotes to illustrate his points, and backs them with primary and secondary resear [...]

    9. Once upon a time only some people were in sales. Every day, they sold stuff, we did stuff, and everyone was happy. One day, everything changed: All of us ended up in sales - and sales changed from a world of caveat emptor to caveat venditor. Because of that, we had to learn the new ABC's - attunement, buoyancy, and clarity. Because of that, we had to learn some new skills - to pitch, to improvise and to serve. Until finally we realized that selling isn't some grim accommodation to a merciless wo [...]

    10. Years ago, Daniel Pink, got my full attention with his book, A Whole New Mind, that argues for the embracing of the creative in our workplaces, in our education system and in our culture. As I recall, I read that book in two days.Then came Pink’s highly successful book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Using some of the latest social science research, Pink made the highly complex and heavily researched concept of motivation accessible to the reader by breaking down some com [...]

    11. DE CE SĂDomeniul ăsta al vânzărilor este unul fascinant pentru unii, urâcios pentru alții însă, cum spune și Pink, „we like it or not we are all in sales”, că trebuie să vindem un produs, un serviciu, o idee sau pe noi înșine. Astea nu sunt noutăți însă modul în care o facem s-a schimbat radical, in mare parte datorită internetului și accesului la informație. Dacă înainte vânzătorul putea să te păcălească mai ușor astăzi înainte să cumperi orice: compari pre [...]

    12. THE MAIN IDEA Everybody is a salesman! This is the main theme of Daniel Pink’s new book. Based on the understanding that sales is about convincing others – Pink goes on to explain how three key concepts – attunement, buoyancy, and clarity – are at the base of successful sales. He then describes the three key skills needed to put these concepts to work – pitch, improvisation and service. INTERESTING TIDBIT While a law student at Yale, Daniel H. Pink was the editor-in-chief of The Yale L [...]

    13. Once upon a time there was a reluctant sales manager. Every day she would wonder if she was doing the right thing. Then one day, she dusted off "to sell is human" and started reading. Immediately she was reaffirmed that some of the things she was doing was definitely right. That sales had come along way since the slick car sales guy from 70's. That everyone is doing now, in one way or the other. This removed the stigma from "sales" as a profession and the concrete tips in the book alleviated and [...]

    14. I checked this book out based on the premise: that everyone is in sales in some way. We’re all trying to move others to listen to us, buy from us, or do things for us. I hoped I would get some ideas how to manage that a bit better.The first half of the book was incredibly slow. I almost didn’t finish it. Pink spends most of the time hammering on the idea of everyone being in sales. The best part of it, though, was a focus on how the information age has shifted roles.Ten or fifteen years ago, [...]

    15. In part 3, section 7, Daniel talks about "lessons from Tinseltown" in his section on The Pitch. He writes, "In the most successful pitches, the pitcher didn't push her idea on the catcher until she extracted a yes. Instead, she invited in her counterpart as a collaborator. The more the executives - often derided by their supposedly more artistic counterpart as "suits" - were able to contribute, the better the idea often became, and the more likely it was to be green-lighted. The most valuable se [...]

    16. This summer I spent four months doing an internship in sales. I discovered that I love spending my days on the phone, talking to people interested in a product I passionately believe in. Seriously, it doesn't get better than being payed to talk endlessly about something you love. Upon arriving home from the internship, I googled "Top 10 Books About Sales." Now that I know I enjoy the field, might as well learn more about it. To Sell Is Human delivered what I was looking for.As I read this book, [...]

    17. Three sections, each with three chapters, each with three points, illustrated with about three stories. Less inspiring than his previous work, therefore three stars.

    18. Nu este o carte de tip manual care să conțină pașii vânzării.În carte vei găsi trucuri de psihologie (testate) care ajută specialiștii în vânzări și marketing să fie mai convingători.

    19. A very good book. The information is a bit too dense at times, but as long as you manage to keep focus it is a very useful and insightful reading. The style is not extremely catchy but this is compensated by the good quality of the information.

    20. I was drawn in by the promo line "Yes, one in nine Americans works in sales. But so do the other eight." A true fact. Even if you don't have to persuade people to do your job, you certainly have to sell yourself when you are looking for a job.I'm a video game designer, so one important part of my job is selling concepts to my coworkers, my superiors, and sometimes outside partners. That's why I picked this up. In a conference room, the charisma of a speaker can often have more influence than the [...]

    21. I picked this up after having my thought processes revolutionized by Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. This left me with really big expectations. My expectations weren’t quite met, but it was still a really good, thought-provoking book. Pink’s premise is that we are all sellers. We try to convince people to give up resources in exchange for what we want. As a teacher, I do this every day. I want students to give up their agenda for mine. Some days it works; some d [...]

    22. To Sell is Human is a fantastic look at the new way of selling; one relationship at a time. The book is an easy to read, understand and apply guidebook for people that sell anything (and we are all selling something).Pink's ABC method, with examples, provides the framework for anyone to be more effective at persuading others. It's all so simple, and yet so amazingly effective. It's a wonder this book wasn't written years ago, and yet, this book came at the perfect time. I highly recommend this b [...]

    23. Really excellent book, which I came to read after a conversation with a colleague.The title is a little misleading, as it is less about selling and more about how as humans, we spend a lot of time looking to influence and move others - be it via coaching, encouraging or selling.The book is short and has excellent examples, case studies, analogies and exercises that you can follow to gain a good grasp of the subject matter. I learnt a few new tricks during the reading of this book, but it also he [...]

    24. I have really enjoyed Daniel Pink's other books and am very happy that this one did not disappoint. I usually judge how good a non-fiction book was for me by how many pages I mark to return to so that I can take some sort of action on the ideas presented on that page. Of the 233 pages in "To Sell is Human," I now need to return to 37 of them! I don't consider myself a salesperson in the traditional sense but this book provides ideas for others like me - people trying to sell ideas to co-workers, [...]

    25. If I hadn't been on an airplane I would have abandoned this book about 25% of the way through. I'm glad I didn't do that. As a salesperson I don't dig reminders that there are many who don't like selling. That was the first part.After that it got into some metaphors and nonobvious stuff on selling, on how we do things, and even with some exercises.The book alone merits 3.5 stars or so but I always round up.

    26. This is an easy to read bool about selling and influencing people. While not as entertaining and fun to read as Guy Kawasaki, its them is similar and it does contain some good examples and rules to follow. It is not condescending and is highly readable. I would recommend reading Kawasaki's books first and then this one if you are trying to understand modern sales techniques and communication.

    27. At every stage in our lives and practically almost every day, we are constantly selling to others – it may be idea, beliefs, but most of the time, stories. Dan has taken this simple fact and tried to convert into a wholesome handbook on how to improve selling capabilities. I had read his earlier book – “A Whole New Mind” – and was highly impressed. So, I went into this book also with some great expectations.The world of selling has changed with the asymmetry in information being remove [...]

    28. So this "read" was not my finest moment. I was on a flight over the Pacific, and this audio book was available as an entertainment option. A few hours into it I was pretty beat, and I ended up finishing it after I arrived at my hotel, but overall I can say that I was of varying mental states during this one, so that is underlying my opinion here.This book had a bit of a slow start, and a meandering feel to it. I liked the subject, the content, and the various ideas it brought up, but it just see [...]

    29. If selling is persuading others to give us resources for some benefit we want to give them, then we’re all salespeople, says Daniel Pink. Teachers ask students to give up time and energy to study their courses. Doctors ask us to give up freedom to eat what we choose or not take the meds. And writers ask readers to give up their precious time to read the story. But, for many of us, the whole idea of selling reeks of dishonesty, pride and self-interest. So how can we sell? How can we poor introv [...]

    30. This is my first reading of a practitioner book in sales and influence. Danial Pink did a great job in supporting his arguments with related research and studies. Even though I work in a research and development department, reading this book increased my knowledge in research methodologies and techniques. Moreover, the book is full of success stories related to the context. Further readings on each specific story is possible thanks to the professional citation and the information availability on [...]

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