The Narrows

The town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident The town of Stillwater has been dying the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there Yet this most recent flood has brought something with it a creature that nests among the good folks of Stillwater and feeds off them The children who haven t disappearedThe town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident The town of Stillwater has been dying the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there Yet this most recent flood has brought something with it a creature that nests among the good folks of Stillwater and feeds off them The children who haven t disappeared whisper the same word vampire But they re wrong What has come to Stillwater is something much horrific.
The Narrows The town of Stillwater has a very unwelcome resident The town of Stillwater has been dying the long and painful death of a town ravaged by floods and haunted by the ghosts of all who had lived there Y

  • Title: The Narrows
  • Author: Ronald Malfi
  • ISBN: 9781619210653
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. spooooky!i am still trying to find a horror novel that scares me, because my fatal flaw is an inability to be scared by books. if you are sick of hearing me say this, we must have been friends for a while, so instead of being bored by my repetition, you should be grateful we are so close far as scary books go, this one was one of the better ones. some horror novels are all about the payoff, the splatter, the quicktime monster jump-out. this one is more about building atmosphere to better get you [...]

    2. I read this book with my Shelfari group. I've read a few of Mr. Malfi's works before and enjoyed them, so I was looking forward to immersing myself in this novel. My excitement was not unwarranted.The thing that stands out the most for me with this author is his style of writing. It's literary and almost lyrical at times. The descriptions are excellent and the style allows Mr. Malfi to take his time building this town and its people, without becoming boring. I can't help but make comparisons to [...]

    3. FIVE STAR HORROR. Perhaps the best horror novel I've read since I was 14 years old (nearly 30 years ago!) sitting in a recliner one snowy day completely absorbed in Stephen King's Salem's Lot. Malfi is, in my opinion, right up there with the greats: King, Simmons, McCammon. This audio book kept me company on my drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles, on a five mile hike, and two work commutes. There was never a dull moment in The Narrows; I was never bored. Every character came alive, the suspense bu [...]

    4. Something sinister is afoot in the small town of Stillwater. Down by the Narrows, kids are disappearing, livestock is being slaughtered and the entire town is in danger of dying out.Very well written. Atmospheric and appropriately spooky.

    5. I'm not a huge fan of vampire stories, but if I do read them, I can only hope they should all be as good and as original as The Narrows. As a matter of fact, vampires or not, I hope to read more genre books as good and original as this one was. I remember reading The Boy in the Lot a while back on kindle, it was a free short story, sort of a teaser for The Narrows and it was pretty good, it intrigued me, but it didn't really prepare me for how awesome this book was going to be. The thing with Th [...]

    6. How did this book get such a high rating? No, wait, I've got one better: how is the same author that wrote Little Girls. I totally didn't like that book but the writing is SO much better. What little plot there is shines in comparison.This book is filled with horrible, stupid people. Not horrible in the sense that they get up to mischief, though. Sorry to break that to you. It's just I have no words.This is a small town and children are going missing left and right, while cattle is being mutilat [...]

    7. Ronald draws the reader in with strong description and interesting characters. I am a big fan of Horror, but not so when it relies on cheap tricks and bland characters. Ronald has a poet's mastery of language and the ability to evoke the right feeling. His pinpoint details make reading this book more like watching a movie, and it's instantly and thoroughly chilling. He makes all of his characters interesting and rich. The combination compels you to read on. I really enjoyed it.I picked this book [...]

    8. Solid Malfi but not his best IMO, that belongs to Bone White. The first third really hit me personally emotionally which also added to my fright later because as the tension was being elevated I actually felt something for the characters as to who they were and not just what was happening to them. I always get my money's worth with this author and would recommend anything I've read by him so far, of which this is the fifth piece of fiction. 4.3 overall from me.

    9. Someone call ChillerTV. Option this for a movie or mini-series. Basically, the best book I've read all year.One thing you come to expect with Ron Malfi is, well, not to be cliche: but the unexpected. And by that I mean that Malfi has shown great skill in turning and twisting and adapting horror conventions and turning them into new, fresh stories. His characterization is excellent, and, at the bottom of it all, his stories are just as much about human nature as anything else.For example, yes - a [...]

    10. What a great read!I appreciated the slow pace with which this novel develops, which reminded me of a King novel. You get to know the inhabitants of Stillwater so well you feel deeply with them when the horror slowly creeps over their little town.The horror scenes are given sparsely, which makes them all the more intense each time they strike.Where other horror stories simply rely on chapter after chapter of gore and bloodshed, The Narrows provides an elaborate plot and complex characters.While t [...]

    11. The small town of Stillwater, Maryland is dying a slow death. Each year the population decreases because of the floods. Store close up and people move away. A small boy is found wash up in the Narrows. This is the beginning of a plague that strikes this small town. Cows and goats were found with their heads decapitated. Their heads were nowhere to be found. What type of creature inhabits this town? Ronald Malfi weaves this tale of vampires like only he can. Malfi is an excellent storyteller and [...]

    12. The opening scene was a strong start but after that the story lost momentum. Too much filler masquerading as unneeded background on the various characters. Generally had a creepy feel. A big deal was made in the very beginning about Halloween being just two weeks away but not enough was done with it. Good but still kinda missed the mark.

    13. Well written, character driven suspense story. Excellent desctiption of Stillwater and it's inhabitants. No action just for the sake of action, nice built-up and decent ending. The epilogue was a bit too much though. If you like The Narrows, give Snow a try too!

    14. This was my first experience with Malfi, and I must say I’m rather pleased. I picked up this book after reading his free short, “The Boy in the Lot”, which serves a prequel to The Narrows, and was just vague and intriguing enough to pique my interest.So this is a vampire story. OMG SPOILERS! Yeah, that’s not really a spoiler to anyone who’s read anything about vampires before. However, I’m pleased to say that Malfi has taken the theme and created something new, and very creepy, with [...]

    15. What are we reading?: The Narrows, by Ronald Malfi.Give me the short version: When the plastics factory closed it left Stillwater a rustbelt legacy, and local mythos of what grotesqueries had been pulled from the polluted waters of the Narrows.I've been judgmental and I think it's time I was big enough to admit it. Basically, on the heels of market saturation I've been skipping with a grimace any book that involved the words vampire, zombie, werewolf; or iterations of the three.So of course I sh [...]

    16. Why have I not read Ronald Malfi before this week?! His writing in The Narrows is so descriptively delicious and pitch perfect. I'm a slow careful reader. I like to take my time with a story; I let it build inside me. I like to really get to know the characters. And Malfi's writing and story telling is made just for my kind of reading. And though his language is very descriptive, I never got the feeling that it bogged down the story or hindered the characters and events. On the contrary, the boo [...]

    17. In The Narrows the dying town of Stillwater, located in the mountains of Maryland, sets the tone of desolation and hopelessness that permeates the novel. Floods have ravaged the town for a number of years, causing most of the residents to leave and the industry that once supported the town to shrink away. The floods also brought in a monstrous entity that is killing the townspeople and taking possession of its children.The Narrows is a brilliantly written novel written by Ronald Malfi. The novel [...]

    18. This book was not as expected! It was recogmended although the person hadn't actually read it. At the beginning I expected vampires and the like but what I did find I didn't expect! Ronald Malfi draws you in with strong description and interesting town folk. He has a masterary of language and the ability to give you the right feeling. Attention to detail of each character make reading this book more like watching a movie,at one point reading the full names of the characters got on my nerves. But [...]

    19. This is the first Ronald Malfi book I've ever read and now I'm wondering what took me so long. All I can say is - wow ! This is old school horror at it's finest. In case you might wonder what I mean by "old school" horror, I mean it's very atmospheric, well-written and above all, scary as hell. Mr. Malfi is a writer's writer and doesn't have to rely on quirky writing gimmicks and gratuitous gore to keep his reader's attention. If you're in a horror slump like I was and thought no one was still w [...]

    20. Seriously spooky! A terrific read, that will keep you enthralled into the wee hours of the morning.4 stars, and highly recommended to lovers of the horror genre.

    21. 3,5 rounded up to four. I think the rating would've been higher if I hadn't rushed with this. It was due back to the library and I was in a hurry to get it read. That definitely took out some of the enjoyment. This was my second novel from Malfi,and I'm really starting to love his writing. The guy can write! While I didn't love this as much as Little Girls,it was still a solid horror novel. The scariness builds up slowly,you know something is horribly wrong,but are not sure what. To me,this wasn [...]

    22. It began when the naked body of a child is discovered in the shallows of the river basin called the Narrows…10-year-old Matthew Crawly is the first to sense something strange when he and his friend Dwight discover a dead deer on the bank of the Narrows, its body ravaged in a way that couldn’t have been done by a living creature. Then Matthew thinks he sees his long-absent father on the grounds of the abandoned plastic factory… Maggie Quedentock, on her way home from a one-night stand, repo [...]

    23. A town already on the ropes just can't catch a break in The Narrows, a 2012 novel by Ronald Malfi. Instead, the few remaining townsfolk in the Rust Belt town are faced with floods, an infestation of bats, and as a nice, juicy cherry on top – vampiric creatures with a taste for brain-bacon.The events take off with a corpse that arrives with the floodwaters. Soon there's a spate of cattle mutilations, as local cows get their brains scooped out. Kids start disappearing as well, only to return as [...]

    24. This is my fourth book by this author and they just keep delivering. This one has echoes of Stephen King, both IT and Salem's Lot. There's a palpable sense of menace in this small town that's been flooded when "the narrows" spilt its banks. What has been washed up from the toxic depths of the old plastic factory? But I'll go out on a limb here and say this writing is vastly superior to King's. Sure, Stephen King is the master of the horror genre and he can tell a fabulous story. When he's good h [...]

    25. Grain silos give me the creeps. After reading The Narrows by Ronald Malfi, I wonder if I've always suspected something awful might take up residence in one of those things. Yikeees! The Narrows is a creepy and suspenseful horror novel written in the third-person omniscient point-of-view, which allows readers inside the minds of various characters as the story unfolds. This is fast becoming my preferred point-of-view because I'm able to experience events from varying perspectives. Love it! Someth [...]

    26. Well, I did like it, but it was only ok, it was a 'meh' book, if you know what I mean. I would say almost three stars.I thought it was very similar to Stephen King's novel, Salem's Lot. As in, plot pace, progression and overall story line: There are some kids that get into trouble, an adult who teams up with a child to make it all okay, the town is full of characters with individual stories and the ending is open. 'Oooh! What happens next?'I thought that Malfi is in actual fact quite an effectiv [...]

    27. My first venture into the realm of horror by Ronald Malfi and I am an instant fan. THE NARROWS plays with your mind. And that is okay. Drawing on the idea of a ghostly entity living in the small town of Stillwater pulls you into the story immediately and does not let go until--literally--the last page. Malfi writes as if his hair is on fire, working into the feeling of suspense and fear throughout the novel. His characters fly off the page because they're well-drawn, and the atmospheric setting [...]

    28. It's tough to rate this book. More like 3.5 stars but not quite 4. It's well-written and strong on characterization and descriptive prose, creating an appropriate sense of despair in this dreary, small-town where evil festers. My biggest problem is that it just doesn't do enough on the horror end, saving the confrontation with the head evil creature for way too long without enough build-up as to what exactly is going on, which would have made it more powerful of an ending. The vampire angle was [...]

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