Blue Treasure

An artistic girl, a resourceful boy, a strange will, a long lost painting, a charming, seemingly peaceful house in Bermuda, two snoopy strangers, an underwater cave and a tropical hurricane.Neither threats nor Bermuda hurricanes stop the tantalizing search for the Lost Vermeer.
Blue Treasure An artistic girl a resourceful boy a strange will a long lost painting a charming seemingly peaceful house in Bermuda two snoopy strangers an underwater cave and a tropical hurricane Neither th

  • Title: Blue Treasure
  • Author: Helen Girvan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Blue Treasure”

    1. Bermuda and a Vermeer--interesting combination and a great look at Bermuda in the 30s when the railroad was running and horse driven carriages and a bicycle and ferry were the alternative forms of transportation. The mystery itself is ok. A good read on a cruise to Bermuda and fun to read with a Bermuda map. We even biked the rail trail and saw a few of the old stations and tunnels.

    2. I found this book in a thrift store and, being in desperate need of a book (hey, I was traveling and had been seperated from my stash) I bought it for the princely sum of, I believe a quarter.It is somewhat dated in its outlook on life, but, on the other hand--it IS a very old book, having been written in 1937. It has "realistic" (for that time) people doing what they would have done, and NOT "modern" people reacting in an historical setting. Things that happened in the past can NOT be "moderniz [...]

    3. Read this as a little girl and still remember it. Vermeer is one of my all time favorite painters so the plot intrigued me. Loved the descriptions of Bermuda and the hurricane. A great, if old, young adult read.

    4. Found this old book and thought it would be a good, quick read for vacation. Nice story about an art student who finds herself in a unique situation and makes the most of it! Most of the story is set on the island, so it's very relaxing and vacation-like. Mystery. Suspense.

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