Dont You Want Me

Sex There s a lot of it about But Stella isnt getting her fair share On the wrong side of 30 and as a single mum who divides her time between London s most PC playgroup and lessons on pulling from her mate, she wonders if she ll have sex again.
Dont You Want Me Sex There s a lot of it about But Stella isnt getting her fair share On the wrong side of and as a single mum who divides her time between London s most PC playgroup and lessons on pulling from her

  • Title: Dont You Want Me
  • Author: India Knight
  • ISBN: 9780140297409
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is chick lit, obviously, and I don't normally read chick lit, given that the women who write it sound like they would drone on about relationships and diets and I prefer women who talk about sex and food. It's not as bad as prick lit, though. I would rather gouge out my eyes with a spoon than attempt to read another Nick Hornby novel. His writing lumbers under the misapprehension that self-regarding, immature, mediocrity is the natural state of the modern urban male. Knight, from what I hav [...]

    2. As I've written quite a few reviews about chick-lit books that I found less than satisfying, I thought I'd dig about and find one that I genuinely enjoyed.I first found this book because it had been left behind in a holiday home, not a promising start, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted something funny, intended for women, and with an ending that wouldn't leave me apoplectic and unfulfilled.This delivered all of those things.The main character is refreshingly moody and highly strung, a cha [...]

    3. This book was an absolute scream. With multiple laugh out loud moments and a plot, which almost any mother can identify (Happy Bunnies playgroup - say no more) I raced through the pages.I'm not going to reiterate what you can read on the blurb, but despite a cliche plot and the MCs personal situation coming across as a bit contrived--a young mum with no job, no money worries and the ability to still have a life--this story was very well observed, hysterically written and totally engaging.What sh [...]

    4. A entertaining, light read and deeply funny. Some great observations throughout and even though you can figure the plot out half way through, it's still satisfying. If you want a break from deep literary stuff and a bit f romantic escapism, I'd recommend this. Don't expect it to tax you however, and don't expect anything deeper than a set of accurate and amusing snapshots of Stella's genuinely portrayed life.

    5. The plot had poetntial, but like halfay trough the book it got lost. I was really disappointed because I thought it was gonna be different, and have a better ending, but sadly it wasn't like that.

    6. Really needed a jolly, light read, after feeling fatigued and low after long spell of draining, depressing and ongoing illness. Exactly what I needed; easy to read, funny and uplifting. Was very predictable, but not complaining as was very satisfied with ending. If this novel was ever made into a film, Frank would absolutely have to (HAVE TO!) be played by Damien Lewis. Love India Knight's writing style.

    7. To be honest, I was starting to get a bit fed up with chick lit because it can be very hit and miss. You get some really good books in this genre and some (pardon me) dross or at least passable but doesn't hit all the spots! This one is up there in the pretty good section. Very funny, has all the ingredients to earn being amongst this genre. Humour, plenty of it, a nice fella who is not only good looking (and ginger) but caring with a GSOH - pretty much what we look for in our ideal bloke. Downs [...]

    8. I choose this book because I needed something to read that required zero thought, zero contemplation, and zero effort. Perhaps I should give this book 2 stars since it delivered just thatzero.Don't You Want Me? is about a late 30ish single mother who hasn't dated in years nor had sex. Estelle is looking to get back in the game of dating and inlists her flat-mate, Frank, to help her out. You can probably guess everything else.The cover of this book read; "Miles funnier and ruder than anything els [...]

    9. The plot and the characters are so unbelievably transparent especially the main character, who seems to drift through life feeling sorry for herself despite her HUGE Primrose Hill house, a daughter (another thin character that seems merely to be an accessory), childminders whenever she wants them and money for doing nothing much.I haven't quite finished this book but I have a strong suspicion that the ending will involve her lodger.If any other author had written this I might have given it two s [...]

    10. Stella, mère célibataire de 38 ans vit avec Honey, sa fille et Frank son colocataire.Dans un style léger, l'histoire nous entraîne dans les méandres de la vie affective et sociale de Stella. Vous ne manquerez pas de sourire au fil des pages. Mon coup de coeur va à la crèche où Stella et Honey font de nouvelles rencontresEcriture humoristique qui ne manquera pas de vous délasser après une journée de boulot intense!Ma note : 4 étoiles

    11. Tā kā saņemu kā Z-svētku dāvanu, bija jāizlasa. Māsīca uzdāvināja. Pēc izlasīšānas domāju, ka laikam viņa uztraucas par manu seksuālo dzīvo. (chuckle) Jo grāmata bija ap un par seksu. Galvenais, ka varonei ir 38 gadi, es īsti nespēju tik tālu aizdomāties, lai iejustos viņas ādā. Lai gan grāamta man tīri labi patikās. Viegla lasāmviela ar diezgan banāliem jokiem, bet man bija jautri. Beigas gan bija skaidras jau no pirmajām izlasītajām lapaspusēm. :P

    12. It is well written and the characters are interesting and peculiar enough for us to overlook the one or two obvious developments. The only thing that seemed a bit off for me was Stella, all intellectual and judgmental and opinionated, living solely off alimony. But again, it was not non fiction - it is still chick lit, and within the genre, it wins more often than not.

    13. Pleasant, enjoyable enough chick lit. I always enjoy reading India Knight books, even if there's not a massive substance to them, they're enjoyable reads.

    14. comincia benissimo: è allegro, spumeggiante e pieno di battute divertenti. poi - prevedibilmente - si appiattisce, diventa banale e un po' melenso. peccato.

    15. Predictable plot line but the real fun is in the descriptions and characterization. Lightweight but a fun, easy read with very relatable heroine and lovely hero!

    16. Sì, vabbèl suo genere eh!Tra l'altro il finale è scontato tipo dalle prime 3 pagine o giù di lìrò è divertente!

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