My Life on a Plate

Optioned for film and published in sixteen countries, this British sensation explodes the myth that all people need to be truly happy is love and marriage Meet thirty three year old Clara Hutt irreverent, sometimes unkind, always self deprecating Clara is a part time magazine writer with a perpetually mysterious husband and two small boys, and some days she wakes up witOptioned for film and published in sixteen countries, this British sensation explodes the myth that all people need to be truly happy is love and marriage Meet thirty three year old Clara Hutt irreverent, sometimes unkind, always self deprecating Clara is a part time magazine writer with a perpetually mysterious husband and two small boys, and some days she wakes up with the feeling that her life isn t all it should be Her extended stepfamily is forever making demands her sons are constantly murdering each other all the other mothers at the school gate are perfectly groomed, but Clara is in her pajama bottoms and her husband s sweater With razor sharp wit and a healthy dose of insight into married life, India Knight takes readers on a continually entertaining ride through one woman s bumpy search for fulfillment.
My Life on a Plate Optioned for film and published in sixteen countries this British sensation explodes the myth that all people need to be truly happy is love and marriage Meet thirty three year old Clara Hutt irrever

  • Title: My Life on a Plate
  • Author: India Knight
  • ISBN: 9780618154449
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. See my full review here: booksaremyfavouriteandbest.worI needed something very light to read. Very, very light. A de-stressor if you will. And India Knight was up to the task with My Life on a Plate. It’s pure chick-lit fluff so if you really don’t like chick-lit, turn away now.It’s the story of Clare Hutt (known to herself as Jabba the), who has put her single days very much behind her, has ‘Got Her Man’, had two kids and is enjoying life as a Smug Married (to borrow a phrase from Bri [...]

    2. Books like this tend to make me sad, comparing this persons marriage to my own. It makes me wonder how these two people got together since their differences are so vast. Then I get upset when I hear the cute banter between the two. But then you get to the end of the book and are like WTF? Clara has managed to snag a great husband, a great house, two great children, and a great job that she can work part time at. But she wakes up one morning feeling that something isn't quite right. One thing is [...]

    3. Parts of this book I found entirely amusing. Other parts I found entirely alien. Characters occasionally rang true, but more often clanged in a cardboardy kind of way for me. I found myself not particularly caring what happened to anyone, except the two little boys. The grownups were all entirely too self centered. (And while the bit about the nits was funny, what the hell did she do with him in that interview to have the lice transfer themselves across the table from her head to his?) It was a [...]

    4. I wanted something fairly trashy to read & this did the job in an 'entertaining quick read' way. As long as you are prepared to put up with the fact that the lead character is shallow, immature, not a very nice person & rather offensive, you'll enjoy it. Despite all that I did enjoy this book as a guilty pleasure & read it very quickly.

    5. It kā pat iesmējos (vecums, laulības ilgums, pat bērnu skaits tak tomēr sakrīt :D), beeet ap 20. lpp. šur tur pāršķīru uuuuun biju izlasījusi. Ne interesanta, ne laba, ne valoda laba. Neiesaku.

    6. Definitely the light/entertaining read I was looking for. Four stars becausea) I lost interest during the main character’s visit to her ex-stepfather’s place; it didn’t add anything to the story andb) her obsession with looks/weight was very superficial and not aligned with the hilarious cleverness of some of her observations.The ending, however, was understated but perfect. This would make a pretty good chick flick.

    7. Elämäni tarjottimella on silkkaa chick littiä, ja pitkästä aikaa oikeasti hupaisaa sellaista. Onkin vähän harmi, että kirjan huolimaton viimeistely löi pienen varjon vetävän tarinan ja sinänsä ansiokkaan suomennoksen ylle. Eikä lukemani versio edes ollut ensipainos, vaan pokkariversio. Nyt nyt, Like, mites olisi oikoluku? Enkä edes puhu niistä lukuisista tekstiin jääneistä lyöntivirheistä. Mutta kun heti ensimmäisellä sivulla sekoitettiin "vaan" ja "vain" ja sivulla 120 si [...]

    8. Odious, privileged, upper-middle class woman alternates between whinging about her lot (successful husband, two children, nice big house, cushy part-time job as a magazine writer… woe is her, apparently) and utter smugness when comparing herself to other people. And the character is written so that she comes across as about 15-20 years older than she is actually meant to be. Pre-menopausal hot flushes at 33? I don’t think so.In addition to the crap story, the text is peppered with the use (m [...]

    9. I read the author's diet book, so figured I should check out her fiction. If you like chick-lit, it's not bad. The storyline isn't totally predictable, and the characters are very funny. The heroine is likeable. I think the main problem I had (other than not really liking the genre) was that her marriage didn't seem believable. Their meeting is briefly explained (they were young, she was better kept and better dressed), but I couldn't really fathom that these two people had been married for so l [...]

    10. This was a quick read, kind of fun, chick-lit. It took me awhile to actually LIKE the main character, Clara. I thought I'd have a lot in common with her at first: she's 32, a stay at home mom, has two boys who are always "murdering" each other, she feels frumpy and fat and unattractive, and she's kind of bored with her life. I totally get that. But the way she talks to people and reacts to situations (especially the whole I just didn't connect with her. Once her friends came to her, in trouble w [...]

    11. É um livro hilariante e comovente sobre as venturas e desventuras duma mulher casada.Clara Hutt é uma mulher na casa dos trinta, tem uma linda casa, dois filhos adoráveis que só a irritam 90 por cento do tempo, um marido atraente mas cada vez mais misterioso, uma família enorme e excêntrica, um part-time numa resvista, alguns amigos, um exuberante par de sapatos Manolo e, como ela própria diz, tem os seus dias de boazona bem atrás das costas, tal como a celulite!Também tem dias em que a [...]

    12. This was a fun 'commuting' audiobook. You'll most likely enjoy it if you are a big fan of Absolutely Fabulous. You'll probably like it if you enjoy British humour (a lot of it self-deprecating). The way she sneaks things in (Doctor Who references, sneaking makeup from Boots, i.e.)had me giggling in the car. It is very silly, and the reader is a joy (she does make you feel as though you're a confidante). The parts interacting between Clara and her boys were especially funny (to me), and I'm not a [...]

    13. Marriage isn't everything, is it? This book is funny and fun, and even when the story gets sad, neither the author nor the protagonist take things too seriously--both acknowledge that things could always be worse, and that's pretty refreshing. The book shows that love and marriage are of course important, and that they're some of life's Very Big Deals, but it also shows that they aren't the only things that matter to women, and that it's very much okay for that to be the case. I'm looking forwar [...]

    14. Love this book! The main character realizes things are not as they should be, and has to try to figure out what she wants in life. Really great characters; very funny wit; one of those books I read years ago and still talk about to this day. I loved the character descriptions and development - Knight made the main character so relatable I feel as though she's one of my good friends. Definitely in my top 3 'chick lit' type books - and though it's not a huge novel, there's quite a bit packed in.

    15. A brilliant book, extremely funny and very well written, I couldn't put this book down until I'd finished it and my only complaint would be that I finished it too soon and I would have liked it to be twice as long. India Knight has such an "adulty", unique way of putting things, she's very observant about everyday life and isn't afraid to talk about things that most people are too scared to even think about. Very down to earth and it was great that she addressed problems like being on the podgy [...]

    16. I kind of enjoyed this book. The protagonist is smart and funny, but, I don't know, a little too straight? No that can't be it - there's some stuff in the beginning with women sniping at other women that I almost didn't make it past, but after a little time, the journey of the character emerges, and it's pretty honest. I find that I need funny books, and this one had enough wit to carry me through the parts I didn't much relate to - fashion and body image and such.

    17. I'd call this chick lit. Clara Hunt is 33, married for 8 years and the mum (she's British) to 2 beautiful little boys. Her husband makes lots of money and pays for everything. He's handsome and smart and never goes to the loos in front of her. And yet, something's not quite right. Oh, they "potter along" together, but Clara senses something is missing--right up until the day Robert tells her he's leaving her.

    18. Honestly, I had trouble keeping my attention on the story. I found it to be really predictable and longer than necessary and I despise the ending. I did listen to the audio version, so that may have impacted my reading experience, but compared to other chick lit books, I found this one to be less-than-amusing and dry.

    19. I didn't like the book at first, but the more I read, the better I enjoyed the book. The main character isn't likeable and that was a struggle. This was a book club book chosen by Laura PC. Not many had read it because it was hard to get ahold of. But the ones who had read it agreed with me. One person really didn't like it (Laura R). But all kind of compared it to Bridget Jones Diary.

    20. I could not put this book down. I read it cover to cover on a train journey with tears dripping down my face it is hysterical. India Knight writes with such vision into everyday life, if you are a “normal” mother – you’ll feel you are looking in a mirror reading this book. A MUST for chic-lit fans, and a hysterical look at modern life for everyone else.

    21. A bittersweet read, I did wonder how much of Clara was really India, after all they do say that first novels are often largely biographical. I discovered India Knight through Neris & India's Idiot Proof diet but have never read any of her fiction before. I enjoyed this and found myself relating to more than I felt comfortable with.

    22. After 5 chapters, I can't bear the thought of finishing this book. The main character dislikes her husband, her children and herself. It was 5 chapters long of Self loathing. And I'm not invested enough in her to care. I don't accept this type of Self sabotage from my friends so I'm definitely not going to sit through this entire book. I have better things to do and read.

    23. For a thirty-something woman with a husband and two small children, this book scratched me where I itched. I consumed the book in one day and immediately passed it on to my friends in the same phase of life as I. I've lost track of who has the book now, as it is being passed around from one cul-de-sac to another. The book made me realize that it's okay and normal not to have it all together!

    24. May 2011: Third listen, and I still laughed out loud. I should buy myself a copy of the bound book. April 2010: This is my second listen, and I'm still laughing out loud.May 2008: Screamingly funny.

    25. "No children would ever be born if one approached the whole subject with any kind of logic.""He made me a mother and I will always be grateful; he could murder me now and I'd still say thank you for that. But then he took something away from me: his desire; my old self."

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