The Cherry Cola Book Club

With its corrugated iron siding and cramped interior, the Cherico, Mississippi, library is no Antebellum gem But for young librarian Maura Beth Mayhew, it s as essential to the community as the delicious desserts at the Twinkle, Twinkle Caf It s a place for neighbors to mingle and browse through the newest bestsellers, for the indomitable Miss Voncille Nettles to host hWith its corrugated iron siding and cramped interior, the Cherico, Mississippi, library is no Antebellum gem But for young librarian Maura Beth Mayhew, it s as essential to the community as the delicious desserts at the Twinkle, Twinkle Caf It s a place for neighbors to mingle and browse through the newest bestsellers, for the indomitable Miss Voncille Nettles to host her Who s Who in Cherico meetings The library may be underfunded and overlooked, but it s Maura Beth s pride, and she won t let the good ole boys on the City Council close it down without a fight.Which is why Maura Beth has founded the Cherry Cola Book Club a last ditch attempt to boost circulation and save her job Over potluck dinners featuring treasured family recipes, the book lovers of Cherico come together to talk about literary classics But soon it s not just Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee being discussed over chicken gumbo and homemade biscuits with green pepper jelly Secrets are shared, old dreams rekindled, and new loves slowly blossom.Southern charm, wit, and warmth combine in this delightful novel about great books, true friends, and the stories that give life its richest meaning, on and off the page.
The Cherry Cola Book Club With its corrugated iron siding and cramped interior the Cherico Mississippi library is no Antebellum gem But for young librarian Maura Beth Mayhew it s as essential to the community as the delici

  • Title: The Cherry Cola Book Club
  • Author: Ashton Lee
  • ISBN: 9780758273413
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I really didn’t like this book. I really wanted to – it’s the story of a small town librarian, Maura Beth, who has been told by the city council that she has until the end of the year to show the worth of her library or it will be closed. There is a cast of small town characters – a restaurant owner, an elderly genealogist, a retiree, a cooking show host – who rally around as Maura Beth starts the Cherry Cola Book Club in an attempt to boost library usage and secure their future fundin [...]

    2. I had so much fun reading this book!Here comes a confession.I did not have a library cardE CHERRY COLA BOOK CLUB inspired me.I’m now the proud owner of TWO library cards!From the front cover of CCBC to the very back cover, there is something for everyone. The invitation to Cherico, Mississippi begins with the words on the front cover, "Everybody has a story to tell" And indeed, this debut novelist, Ashton Lee, does have an incredible tale to tell! The story, the closing of the library in the s [...]

    3. This book has a really cute premise, and I wanted to love it. The southern foods, and characters, the importance of community and the small town feel should have satisfied. But it didn't. Each character was shallow, you didn't really get to know anyone everything happened really quickly, (except for those never ending book discussions which I did not enjoy at all) nothing seemed to matter. I couldn't care about any of them. It was just flat. Kinda like Becca's cherry cola punch made with flat co [...]

    4. Lovers of small town Southern novels full of quirky characters, this one's for you. When a city councilman decides to close the shabby, under used local library in favor of building an industrial park, a few colorful folks rally around the young librarian to save the institution. Their solution: a book club discussing Southern classics to bring more people into the library, and they feed these people well as each meeting starts with a buffet (recipes at the end of the book, a feature everyone lo [...]

    5. Honestly I wanted to give this 1 star, but I can't be that mean to any book that supports libraries. The dialogue was horribly fake, the characters flat and even I (a librarian) was a having a hard time getting behind their goal of saving the library because nobody was using it in the first place! Only when it was threatened did the librarian make an effort to get people to use it, telling the town council how important it was. Honestly, it was just ridiculous. Also, while Lee clearly did more r [...]

    6. As I am a librarian, I anticipated this novel about a young librarian fighting city hall to save the Iibrary from being closed down, would appeal to me. UnfortunateIy, i found the dialogue stiff and the plot bland. Disappointing.

    7. I don't know if Ashton Lee knows it or not, but his novel, The Cherry Cola Book Club, is a wonderful love letter to libraries, librarians, and all the people who love and support them. He took all the turmoil surrounding libraries in recent years, wrapped it up in one small Mississippi community library, and gave us a librarian heroine to cheer for. Maura Beth Mayhew is shocked and devastated when Councilman Durden Sparks informs her she has five months to increase circulation and make the publi [...]

    8. I just finished reading 'The Cherry Cola Book Club.' My favorite bookstore, Knoxville, Iowa's The Next Chapter is hosting Ashton Lee in June! I agree with Michael Morris's comparison to Jan Karon's 'Mitford'. I will now recommend both authors to those of us who live in small towns and love them! Like Karon, Lee has created characters who are believable and unique. The "characters" in the town come to life; each page is an opportunity to spend time with the characters in their daily lives. I look [...]

    9. Not only did this book introduce me to several wonderful characters that I truly grew to care about, but I also found a couple of recipes in the back that I simply must try. I am looking forward to a lively discussion about this book with some friends. Well done, Mr. Lee, and I will happily read along if you should offer a sequel to this novel. I will also be on the look out for future writing from this author. This was a good read indeed!

    10. Entertaining light read. Young librarian, members of a book club, and their neighbors in a small Mississippi town unite and bond as they fight to save their public library when local officials threaten to close it down. The book's author, Ashton Lee, will be speaking at our Friends of the Jackson-Madison Co. Library meeting in September.

    11. Cheer on the libraries. Some of my earliest and most favorite memories are of time spent in a library. Libraries are a very important part of a community.

    12. Another quick and easy read with predictable happy ending. As a retired librarian and patron of a very small community library I could relate to story very well. For me it was a fun read.

    13. It's a pretty safe statement to make that I'm not in possession of a "cozy" personality. I haven't the temperament or inclination to be a "cozy" person. Sure, I'll curl up with a good book, but chances are that it's gonna be a glass of wine next to me, and not a cup of tea. And the book is more likely to be American Psycho than anything by Lilian Jackson Braun.But alas, I've already read American Psycho. And my in-real-life cats are jerks enough to make me want to avoid their literary counterpar [...]

    14. Anyone with a passion for books, cherry cola, or sweet, southern towns is sure to take find a friend in Ashton Lee and his latest book, The Cherry Cola Book Club. Librarians are sure to get a kick out a book like this, in which the town pulls together to try and spare the local library. The local Councilman, Durden Sparks, gives the town librarian, Maura Beth Mayhew, five months to improve her situation or else the librarian has to be torn down. Maura Beth isn’t quite sure how she is going to [...]

    15. Funny and upbeat cozy read complete with quirky characters that nevertheless addresses a timely and serious subject: library budget challenges in the present economy. In real life, libraries are cutting hours, purchasing levels and programs/services due to slashed budgets. Even when times are good, libraries are challenged to create a sense of value within their communities. In this novel, a small library in a small southern town is fighting for its place in the community. The young and rather i [...]

    16. If you love your library and reading books, this is an excellent take on keeping a library going. This story is witty, informative, and full of southern small town charm. The Cherry Cola book group in Mississippi, was born out of desperation when librarian, Maura Beth Mathew finds that a crotchety city councilman wants to close down the library and use those funds to start a commercial area. If numbers of library users and library events don't raise, the library closes. The characters who make u [...]

    17. Book #1 Read in 2014The Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton LeeA southern, small-town library is in danger of being closed due to lack of funding. The young librarian decides that the library must be saved, as it is an integral part of the town, at least in her mind. To try to boost circulation and membership numbers, she establishes a book club where southern fiction is discussed and pot luck dishes are shared. As an added bonus, the book club members forge strong friendships. I loved the writing o [...]

    18. I liked The Cherry Cola Book Club. A small town librarian takes on the ‘nasty’ town Councilman who is threatening to do away with the Library and her position because he doesn’t think the community needs or uses the Library and feels the money could be better spent elsewhere.I found myself quickly invested in the story. I loved Maura Beth’s ability to bring the community together, not just to support the Library, but each other as well. I grew up in a small, rural community in the northe [...]

    19. The writing wasn't bad, but I felt that it was slow going.I didn't quite understand the main character Maura Beth. She showed an abundance of confidence in her actions, but not in her thoughts. Everything she did was extremely successful, but she still constantly worried. So I felt that her character wasn't balanced quite right.Other than that, I liked the plot and that's what drew me into the story. I have a friend who is going to school to be a librarian. She's learning just how important it i [...]

    20. The Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton LeeFirst I saw the cover and title and wanted to read this book because it involves a book club, love books.Maura Beth has been the local librarian and now with budget cuts she may lose her job. She's come up with anidea to start a book club to get others involved to prove that books are a necessary thing for their town.Love the cute story behind the name of the book!With her networking while one is rushed to the hospital, she's able to come up with an idea to [...]

    21. I had really high hopes for this book. It was about saving a little library and a group of gals who start a book club in hopes of drumming up enough interest to make the local politicians take notice: how sweet is that? But unfortunately it was soooo slow. It was written primarily in dialogue, which is one of my pet peeves. I was in the mood for a lite, wholesome little story about women who read, and this was definitely that, but it just wasn't the book for me. (I didn't finish this, I only mad [...]

    22. This book is a light read about a small-town Southern library facing budget cuts and closure. Lee introduces a bevy of colorful characters who pull together to save the library from extinction. The voices of the characters give one a delightful taste of Southern life and attitudes of the current time. From the assertive librarian Maura Beth to the retired spinster teacher Miss Voncille, I was entertained by the quirky souls who rally together to discuss great literature and save their community' [...]

    23. Warm, downhome Chick Lit deals with the universal plight of libraries. Cherico, Mississippi may have a library made out of corrugated iron and supported by the shear will of the Maura Beth Mayhew, but don't underestimate it's staying power. Maura is determined to keep the library open in the face of corruption, sexism, and indifference. Can Maura save the library with a book club and lots of comfort food? Surprising things can happen at a book club, friendships kindled, love renewed, and lives s [...]

    24. CCBC is what a friend of mine would call a "Sunday afternoon read." Meaning a cozy read on the screen porch with a glass of ice tea; Don't think too much about it, just enjoy the characters and the story!Mr. Lee is coming to visit the library system where I work in a few weeks and I am looking forward to meeting him. Not only to welcome him to our library and talk to him of his book, but also because of the way his replies to some of the posts on have made me smile.

    25. good, easy read about a librarian in a small town being creative to keep up a library against political economic cut-backs. Includes recipes.

    26. Charming book! A light-hearted treatment of a serious matter. Read my extended review on MINA'S BOOKSHELF minadecaro/2015/0The charming “Cherry Cola Book Club” series by author Ashton Lee may be just the ticket if you are looking for a light-hearted beach read with a generous dose of ‘Southern’ character, mouth-watering references to regional cuisine, and a social commentary colorfully veiled by the quirkiness and theatricality of its various cast. Labeled as cozy, due to the small and s [...]

    27. I'm extremely torn. I have looked forward to reading this book for over a year, but .First, let me just say that if I were just an average Jane reading this story, I would think it was a great story with lots of southern charm, and with sweet and often quirky (but memorable) characters that really help this story shine.However, as a librarian, I am not sure that author, Ashton Lee, understands all that we do, and a director of a small-town library (no matter how young she is) is not going to sim [...]

    28. This is the story of a small town library in Cherico, Mississippi. Like so many small town libraries, this library has critical financial problems. The city council does not see the importance of the library. They want to take the library funding and use it to develop a industrial park near the town (after all that will bring jobs to the town). Maura Beth Mayhew has been librarian for 6 years and took the job right out of college. Seems to me in 6 years she could have done more to improve the li [...]

    29. You had me at book club. ~ SheilaI discovered this little gem while browsing audible for an audio to go on my phone while I was working outside. Initially as the story started, I had a strong feeling my review was going to include the words “predictable” but sweet.I have to admit though, I was surprised at the depth behind this story. Maybe it was because of my involvement in our local library and City Library Board, but Maura’s fears of budget cuts and the community not being aware of the [...]

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