Natural Causes

Short Listed for the prestigious Crime Writers Association CWA Debut Dagger prize, Natural Causes is the first of an ongoing series featuring Edinburgh based Detective Inspector Anthony McLean In a world where demons are not supposed to exist, he is one of the few unlucky enough to be able to sense their presence.When Edinburgh police find the killer of a prominent ciShort Listed for the prestigious Crime Writers Association CWA Debut Dagger prize, Natural Causes is the first of an ongoing series featuring Edinburgh based Detective Inspector Anthony McLean In a world where demons are not supposed to exist, he is one of the few unlucky enough to be able to sense their presence.When Edinburgh police find the killer of a prominent city elder less than twenty four hours after the crime, they are justifiably pleased So the murderer has killed himself that just saves the time and cost of a trial But a second murder days later bears haunting similarities to the first, even though once the murderer swiftly confesses and kills himself.Detective Inspector Anthony McLean is investigating the discovery of a dead girl, walled up in the basement of an old Edinburgh mansion She has been brutally murdered, her internal organs removed and placed around her in six preserving jars The evidence suggests this all happened over sixty years ago, an attempt to re enact an ancient ceremony that by trapping a demon in the dead girl s body would supposedly confer immortality on the six men who took one of her organs each.McLean s grandmother the woman who raised him after his parents were killed when he was a young boy dies after months in a coma following a stroke On top of this he has to investigate a series of unusual, violent suicides and a cat burglar who targets the homes of the recently dead But as another prominent Edinburgh businessman is killed, he begins to suspect that there may be a connection between the murders, the suicides and the ritual killing of the girl found in the basement The same names keep cropping up He just can t find a rational explanation as to how that connection works.As he digs deeper, and as the coincidences stack up, McLean is forced to consider an irrational explanation Could there really be something evil stalking the city he has sworn to protect And if so, how on earth can he hope to stop it
Natural Causes Short Listed for the prestigious Crime Writers Association CWA Debut Dagger prize Natural Causes is the first of an ongoing series featuring Edinburgh based Detective Inspector Anthony McLean In a wo

  • Title: Natural Causes
  • Author: JamesOswald
  • ISBN: 9780953047345
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
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    1. This is the first in the DI Tony McLean series and it has a supernatural and demons element to the storyline. The novel comprises of several elements, Tony looks into the circumstances behind a dead girl discovered in the basement of a Edinburgh house that is being renovated. The brutal murder occurred around sixty years ago or so according to the evidence. The girl's organs are in jars around the body which suggests rituals were performed where each of the men who acquired an organ is granted i [...]

    2. I have had James Oswald on my radar of authors to read for some time so when I was offered the opportunity to read the first novel in the Inspector McLean series bu Net Galley I jumped at the chance. After reading the opening chapters accustoming myself to the main characters etc. I fairly quickly got into the flow of the novel and had the main characters fixed in my head. Towards the end of the book I was already planning to read the second book and looking forward to it. At the time of writing [...]

    3. The murder took place at the start – but it was the end for her. As the nails went in - slowly, painfully - and evil loomed over her, she knew she would die here – she knew this would be the end for her.Detective Inspector Anthony McLean thought he had seen it all when he was called to the murder of a prominent business man – the horror and brutality was obscene. But when the murderer was discovered – dead – the relief of the force was palpable. But a second murder with shocking simila [...]

    4. Forget Midsomer, if you're a fictional character who wants to not be brutally murdered, you need to stay the hell away from Edinburgh.When I came across this book, I admit, I was expecting a Rebus rip-off. Mainly because nobody does police procedurals with detectives with gritty pasts and colleagues they don't get on with as well as Ian Rankin. I was prepared for an awful lot of eye-rolling, and I'm happy to say that the eye-rolling didn't come. In fact, I really rather enjoyed it. It was very s [...]

    5. Natural Causes by James Oswald.File this under my favorites. The author's first in the Detective Inspector McLean series.I am so very thankful I found this author and his series. This book has no let up e story has and will take precedence over anything else going on in the reader's life. Starting to read this book I discovered the magnetism of it so compelling I put all other distractions aside. Intense Action non-stop from every angle as well as character relationships building and growing. Do [...]

    6. This is the first book in the Inspector McLean series. The location is Edinburgh. The characters of this book were the best part of the book for me. I really liked them and the bond they had working as Constables, Inspector and Pathologist. Tony McLean did not have a shortage of cases to solve as there were many deaths. He was visiting the morgue for autopsies and conversations with pathologist Cadwallader often. The story mentioned many times how Tony McLean phone was always dead so people coul [...]

    7. You can't talk about this book in any way without first mentioning the opening chapter. My toes curled, my hands were in fists, and my throat hurt. I had to suppress the urge to throw up. The first chapter of this book is powerful - the imagery is horrifying and stops just short of being too much. It is terrifying that it could even be conceivable, grotesque that it could possibly happen. But it works. This chapter serves its purpose and serves it well. If you ever forget it then you're lucky - [...]

    8. I can't believe I actually finished this book. If it weren't for the fact that I'm a bit OCD I would have given up on it after the first few chapters. I wish now that I had.I must say the story line had potential. The characters were okay but undeveloped. The writing was just irritating unless of course you are from Scotland (where the story takes place) and enjoy the colloquial brogue that was so, well, overdone. The whole book felt as if it were being written by an American author trying despe [...]

    9. An enjoyable police procedural with a touch of the supernatural.I don't want to say anything about the story or spoil anything but if you like police mysteries it's decent.Inspector McLean was an okay character who I think I could like through further development. This series has serious potential - if Oswald can find a way to merge detective fiction with supernatural without being ridiculous I will be seriously impressed.I will be following these characters as they are good so far and I LOVE th [...]

    10. Natural Causes by James Oswald is the first of his Inspector McLean Mysteries and is a very good opener to a series that promises to reveal extremely dark deeds afoot in Edinburgh.Detective Inspector Anthony McLean is called upon to investigate the murder of a young woman whose body has been found walled up in the basement of an Edinburgh mansion. The woman had been brutally murdered many years ago and her internal organs had been removed and stored in jars alongside her body. The killing has al [...]

    11. Really? Honestly? What started out as a complex mystery ended up too stupid to bear. The demon did it! I've been pissed off about stupid endings before but this one takes the cake. It's a police procedural after all. As one approaches the end of the novel, you think that absolutely nothing can makes sense of the weird "coincidences". Well the fact is, that NOTHING does. The author has to pull a demon out of his hat at the end of the book to explain the weird occurrences. It turns out that a demo [...]

    12. This is yet another author I've not had the pleasure of reading until now. I've already ordered the next in this series, The Book of Souls. I love DI Tony McLean! He's a hardworking, determined inspector who honestly cares about every victim of every case, no matter when, old or new, the brutal crimes took place. He won't quit until he finds the answers that will ultimately lead him to the killer(s). Set in Scotland, the characters are life sized and believable, and the words were written so I c [...]

    13. This is the first book in the DI Anthony McLean series. There are several cases in which McLean is involved but the primary one - the ritualistic murder of a young girl from 60 years ago but newly discovered - seems to have connections to current crimes. Tony has to conduct his investigation with limited resources and very little help as most of the personnel in the precinct are assigned to a high-profile murder.Natural Causes is a new genre for James Oswald who is primarily known for fantasy. H [...]

    14. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.This is the first in a series I'd been meaning to read for a long time. Unfortunately stereotypes abound & several significant plot twists are telegraphed from a mile away. The fact the MC didn't see them coming doesn't exactly inspire confidence in his abilities. There's also a large paranormal element to the story that felt strangely discordant within this otherwise very british police procedural.Really disappointing as I was looking forward to having a new se [...]

    15. *Total Spoiler Alert!* - Reminded me of the Denzel Washington movie 'Fallen', with a Scottish accent. I liked McLean, but as fictional detectives go, he's not my favorite or even really all that memorable, and I finished the book two days ago. Someone on complained that the opening scene was too gory, set the tone for the entire book, and was therefore not worth reading. I disagree. Yes, it is a bit unnerving but not even close to a particular scene in The Road. (If you've read it, I think you [...]

    16. This book is the first in the Inspector McLean series, I chose to read it as it's a police procedural and it's a little different to others I've read before.I read some reviews for this before I picked it up and noticed some reviewers talking about the beginning of the book being quite graphic and not very nice, I didn't know what they were talking about as the copy I have starts like a police procedural, cut to the end of the book and there's a note from the author about how this started as a s [...]

    17. I am so thankful that this is now a book in paper form. It has sold over 300,000 as an ebook, and I can see why. It is absolutely brilliant. I love the main character Tony McLean, and apart from the very gruesome opening chapter, the book was enjoyable reading. McLean is going to be a character that I will want to follow, and look forward to the next "paperback" installment.

    18. Natural Causes by James OswaldInspector McLean series Book #14 ★'sFrom The Book:A young girl's mutilated body is discovered in a room that has lain sealed for the last sixty years. Her remains are carefully arranged in what seems to have been a macabre ritual.For newly appointed Edinburgh Detective Inspector Tony McLean, this baffling cold case ought to be a low priority, but he is haunted by the young victim and her grisly death. Meanwhile, the city is horrified by a series of bloody killings [...]

    19. On the whole this was a well written, enjoyable, whodunit that intrigued me enough to keep me reading to the end and it's likely I'll read the next in the series. I was slightly distracted by repetitive descriptions e.g. Nearly all women were described as having "a mop of x coloured hair" and on at least 3 separate occasions 3 different characters were hanging about like naughty schoolchildren waiting to be dismissed. Nitpicking, yes, but it was distracting. Generally the descriptive narrative w [...]

    20. On the face of it, this is a police procedural following Detective Inspector Anthony McLean as he investigates a series of murders and other crimes in Edinburgh. However, it takes an abrupt turn into the realms of the supernatural. That's fine if it's well set up, but this felt like a slightly desperate attempt by the author to fix a problem with his plot. It's all very deus ex machina.DI McLean is a solitary character and, for my money, none too bright for a professional detective. It takes him [...]

    21. I stuck with this book till the end but really didn't enjoy it.There was a moment at about 60% through when I thought I was getting into it but then the ending just confused me.Far too many characters and so many deaths, it became quite chaotic. Reading on a kindle made it impossible to flick back to remind myself who was who and so I just plodded on regardless and was totally lost by the end.From a police procedural point of view (I'm a crime scene investigator or SOC as McLean would say) it wa [...]

    22. Thoroughly enjoyable police procedural with a little bit of a twist featuring great characters and gruesome murders. On to book 2!

    23. Being almost computer illiterate and pre-social media, I only discovered tonight how you can search for books you might like by comparing your book compatibility with others on this site. I've spent the whole evening with 86%'ers, 91%! It's so exciting (thanks AB). So, the whole Oswald series were on my to-read list and they came up as matching my profile almost 100%. I've bumped this one up the list, skipped it over worthy non-fiction and research I intended to do and there we go. Don't you jus [...]

    24. James Oswald is a new author for me and I found his writing to be very easy to read. His characters were very well-drawn and by the end of the book, I felt like I knew them very well. The plot had more supernatural aspects then I am used to reading with the mystery suspense genre which made the book feel more like horror. I was glad to see that the supernatural aspects were fully explained and plausible in the end. The storyline was well-paced and hard to put down. There were many twists and tur [...]

    25. Possibly two stars is a little harsh but it didn't quite do enough to earn the extra pip, the story and plot was interesting but it was let down by the lack of a strong editor.The story was too long, with some baggy passages that should have been left on the cutting room floor and often, particularly in the early stages the description was clunky and rather pedestrian. (A number of typographical errors and gramatical mistakes pulled me out of the story as well)Having said that, there were some p [...]

    26. Description: When Edinburgh police find the killer of a prominent city elder less than twenty-four hours after the crime, they are justifiably pleased. So the murderer has killed himself; that just saves the time and cost of a trial. But a second murder days later bears haunting similarities to the first, even though once more the murderer swiftly confesses and kills himself.Detective Inspector Anthony McLean is investigating the discovery of a dead girl, walled up in the basement of an old Edin [...]

    27. Newly minted Inspector McLean is assigned a ridiculously difficult case. A girl, dead for at least fifty years, has been found walled up and ritually disemboweled in the basement of a house being renovated. Another case involves an important local man and some recent burglaries. And to top it off, McLean’s grandmother dies leaving him 5 million pounds.It’s a moderately interesting story although some of the events, like the inheritance, seem superfluous unless intended to be relevant in futu [...]

    28. Wow! What a story! It's one of the darkest plots I've ever read----I don't usually do gruesome----but wonderfully written, so well done that I hated having to put it down for any length of time. He does a great job of developing the characters and draws you into their lives whether you like it or not. Such a talented author.n't wait to read the next in the series. And once again I have to thank my and Facebook friend for recommending this to me. She hits a home run every time!

    29. This is the first book I have read by James Oswald, and I can't for the life of me remember why it was on my kindle, but it has certainly been there a while.So this is a police procedural intertwined with some super natural elements. I have no issues with realism and fantasy being blended, I am a fan of Stephen King and he does it superbly in many of his books. However, for me, this concept hasn't quite worked in this book. I found the occult elements were an easy way for the writer to account f [...]

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