Hayalet Tugay

Hayalet Tugay, Koloni Savunma G lerinin zel Kuvvetleridir Bu se kin askerler l lerin DNA s ndan yarat l r ve KSG nin en zorlu operasyonlar na kacak m kemmel sava lar haline getirilir Gen , h zl , g l ve normal insan ekincelerinden b t n yle yoksundurlar Evren, insanl k i in tehlikeli bir yerdir ve daha da tehlikeli olmak zeredir nceden sava m oldu umuz Hayalet Tugay, Koloni Savunma G lerinin zel Kuvvetleridir Bu se kin askerler l lerin DNA s ndan yarat l r ve KSG nin en zorlu operasyonlar na kacak m kemmel sava lar haline getirilir Gen , h zl , g l ve normal insan ekincelerinden b t n yle yoksundurlar Evren, insanl k i in tehlikeli bir yerdir ve daha da tehlikeli olmak zeredir nceden sava m oldu umuz rk, uzaya yay l m z durdurmak i in ittifak kurar Onlar bir arada tutansa KSG nin en b y k s rlar n bilen hain bilim insan Charles Boutin dir KSG galip gelmek i in Boutin in niye b yle bir eye kalk t n bulmak zorundad r Jared Dirac Boutin in DNA s ndan yarat lan bir s per insan cevaplar temin edebilecek yegane ki idir Jared n beyninin Boutin e ait elektronik an lara eri ebilmesi gerekmektedir, fakat an nakli ba ar s z olunca Jared, Hayalet Tugay a teslim edilir Jared ilk ba ta m kemmel bir askerdir Fakat Boutin in an lar yava yava y zeye kt k a Jared onun ihanetinin sebeplerini ve insanl n d manlar n n basit bir yenilgiden ok daha feci eyler planlad klar n anlamaya ba lar.
Hayalet Tugay Hayalet Tugay Koloni Savunma G lerinin zel Kuvvetleridir Bu se kin askerler l lerin DNA s ndan yarat l r ve KSG nin en zorlu operasyonlar na kacak m kemmel sava lar haline getirilir Gen h zl g l

  • Title: Hayalet Tugay
  • Author: John Scalzi Cihan Karamancı Ozancan Demirışık
  • ISBN: 9786053751823
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. James Cameron and John Scalzi Share An Awkward Elevator RideJames Cameron: Could you hit the button for the top floor, please?John Scalzi: Sure. Say, aren’t you James Cameron?JC: That’s right. My friends call me King of the World! Ha Ha! Just kidding. JS: Right.JC: You look kind of familiar. Have we met?JS: Met? No. Maybe you recognize me from my author’s photo on my books. I’m John Scalzi.Long pauseJC: Uh……No, sorry. I don’t think I’ve read your books.JS: Really? You haven’t r [...]

    2. Things I like about John Scalzi’s 2006 novel The Ghost Brigades.1. It is the second book in the Old Man's War series, but not really a sequel, more of an expansion from the universe created by Old Man’s War. In this respect, Old Man’s War was more like a prequel, just crafting a setting for what comes later.2. Green super humans.3. Scalzi has demonstrated an adept ability to tell a serious story and have fun with it while still not taking himself too seriously, yet at the same time not dev [...]

    3. overall this is a fun, fast-paced, and competently written novel. after finishing this book, I immediately wanted to read more - a good sign! and it is a thoughtful novel - I really liked how it carefully and quietly lays down small but important plot points that are clearly going to be even more important as this space opera continues. in general, I like Scalzi's minor note approach to his world and it is well-matched with prose that is clear and straightforward yet sympathetic and often resona [...]

    4. “They can run all the tests they want; nothing will show anything but evidence of a natural catastrophe. Because that's what it was. It just had a little help."I don’t know whether it was because I was more focused this time, but I believe I enjoyed Ghost Brigades a bit more than Old Man's War. Scalzi is extremely popular, and rightly so. His military Science Fiction stories are tautly plotted and fairly lean, which means you can read them quickly. Yet, they also deal with interesting concep [...]

    5. Warning: Spoilers for Old Man's War, book one in the Old Man's War sequence.A secret is discovered and war is looming. Former enemies are allied against the Colonial Union and it's up to the Special Forces, the Ghost Brigades, to stop them. They only take the dirtiest jobs and this is no exception.The Ghost Brigades deals almost exclusively with the Special Forces who have been nicknamed the Ghost Brigades on account of their entire Forces using the bodies of people who did not enter the militar [...]

    6. In order to catch a traitorous military scientist, Charles Boutin, the Colonial Defense Forces transfer a recording of his consciousness into a new body. Thus, Jared Dirac is born. The transfer apparently didn't take and Dirac joins the CDF's special forces, the Ghost Brigades. When Boutin's personality begins surfacing, Jared's life takes a turn for the worse. Can Jared stop Boutin before the CDF goes to war against three alien armies? This wasn't exactly what I was expecting from a sequel to O [...]

    7. “To everyone who thinks writing a sequel should be easy because you've already created the universe: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Heh. No.”Sorry, man. I feel for you, but it doesn't make me give you any sympathy stars.Why was this book sucky compared to the first one?We lost our old hero from the last book, John, and it was his wittiness and maturity that made the story way more than just some space war deal. John's humanity made his journey more compelling to read because we could relate to his f [...]

    8. Before reading this book, a bunch of people had told me that it wasn't very good, didn't live up to its predecessor, Old Man's War. But while I do agree it's not quite as good as Old Man's War, I liked The Ghost Brigades a great deal more than I was expecting.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    9. The Colonial Defense Force is desperate. They've learned that three species are gearing up to fight a war against The Colonial Union. This isn't the most surprising or frightening part. The worst part is there is one human involved, Charles Boutin. Boutin is a genius CDF military scientist who knows all their secrets and who should be dead. The CDF is willing to do whatever it takes to learn why Boutin turned even going to the point of making a clone using something Boutin should've never left b [...]

    10. This is the second volume of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. I enjoyed the first book Old Man's War very much, I even rated it 5 stars on my review (adjusted to 4 later). However, I read it in June 2011 and I have just read this second volume three years later. The reason is that since reading that first volume I have read so many books that I like much better and a 5 stars rating seems inaccurate. In all fairness I do not think there is much wrong with Old Man's War apart from some of [...]

    11. I believe that science fiction and fantasy are the most effective way of exploring our own morality. When we see people in an alternate world, it is easier for us to step back and look at the choices they make as a parallel to the choices we make. It forces us to really consider the state of our world, and whether or not changes need to be made for the better. Scalzi has written incredibly real and humane characters, in a plot that is very timely to the world we live in. This book will stay with [...]

    12. Executive Summary: A fun sci-fi space opera. You won't get deep plot, just a fast-paced military storyIN SPACE!Audio book: This is the second book I've listened to by William Dufris. He's pretty good. He speaks clearly and with good inflections. You can tell the characters apart. He did seem to use the same voices as from Cryptonomicon, so I kept thinking of characters from that book. Overall though, I enjoy him as a narrator. Full ReviewSomehow I hadn't heard of John Scalzi before last year. I [...]

    13. What is important about choice? Is it really important how you choose or is it more important that you have the ability to choose in the first place?Just now you chose to read my review out of a million other things you could have done, so thank you for that. But it was your freedom of choice that enabled you to choose my review.Jared Dirac doesn't have that kind of choice. He is a member of the Special Forces, genetically engineered soldiers who's only purpose is to save humanity via black ops [...]

    14. While I didn't love it as much as Old Man's War, it was still a really good story. It's set in the same world and there is a crossover of a character or two, but it's very much it's own separate story. That said, you really have to read the first in order to get a grasp on the science background and the ongoing war between species.The CDF has discovered they had a traitor in their midst but he has escaped and instigated an alliance between three different species with the outcome being they team [...]

    15. 4.5“Fear isn’t the desire to avoid death or pain. Fear is rooted in the knowledge that what you recognize as yourself can cease to exist. Fear is existential.” This sequel to Old Man's War brings quite a different point of view of this universe. The narration doesn't follow John Perry but in fact two members of the Ghost Brigade, section of the military introduced briefly in the first book, Jane Sagan providing the only real link between the two. Again, we get the adaptation to a new body [...]

    16. Perhaps twice a winter, I enjoy making a big pot of chili, suitable for snowy nights and bone chilling cold. I spend much of the morning slicing, dicing and simmering. Although I follow the same general recipe every time, on occasion it just doesn't turn out as savory. I don't know if I boiled instead of simmered, uncovered instead of covered, or failed to sneak in extra secret spice. All the same ingredients and yet it doesn't quite spark. Still decent, mind you--I wouldn't throw it out--but I [...]

    17. Ghost Brigades starts a new story after the events of Old Man's War. John Perry is not a POV character this time around, but Jane Sagan returns as a major character. Harry Wilson, the genius in spite of not having the math, also plays a smaller role.The BrainPal technology developed by the Colonial Defense Force has so far given the human military an edge in its competition against other alien life forms for colonisable planets. But even superior technology may not be enough to counter a secret [...]

    18. Weaker than the previous entry, but still fairly readable. Scalzi's work as a film-critic really shows through here, as he relies heavily on sci-fi and military film tropes and cliches to build his story. The perspectives chosen to construct the narrative (third person and close third person) are an unwelcome departure from Old Man's War's first person, and this results in a slight feeling of disjointedness and a lack of intimacy. Only loosely connected to the previous novel in terms of characte [...]

    19. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book more than book one. I was so relieved that John Perry did not make an appearance in this book as I had found him kind of bland and boring. Instead, we get lots more Jane Sagan and a new Special Forces soldier, Jared Dirac, both of whom go on interesting journeys in this novel. And some worrisome and illuminating info is related by the antagonist, which will presumably be dealt with in later books in this series.

    20. Ako nešto volim, volim kad je knjiga inteligentno pisana. A scalzi je očito svladao tu vještinu. Još mi je bolja od prve, prepuna je easter eggova, sinteze ideja iz različitih klasika SFa, a opet originalna. Puna je iznenađenja, radnja je cijelo vrijeme glatka i logična bez trzavica, i kraj je pomalo neočekivan ali sasvim u skladu s ostatkom. i nije preduga. napokon je netko svatio da knjiga ne mora imati 400 strana. 4.5 zaokruženo na 5

    21. I really like John Scalzi's writing. It's not too fancy, no particular bells and whistles, but it's not stilted either. It goes down easy. The Ghost Brigades is set in the same context as Old Man's War, and links up to it in various ways, but the main protagonist is a different one with a whole different bundle of issues. I wasn't surprised that Scalzi decided to write more about the Ghost Brigades, and I was half-expecting it not to link up at all -- which would have been disappointing, really. [...]

    22. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this, especially the last 1/3. It's an incredible story, but the writing is just terribly clunky. The secondary characters are all basically the same person, and the exposition between them is way too obvious and unrealistic. It's not delivered in a way that people actually talk to one another. That's my main gripe with it, really. It was also missing the humor that made 'Old Man's War' so much fun.A big part of the reason I had to give it 3 stars is that thi [...]

    23. Nije bolje od Old Mana, jer nedostaje mi John Perry, ali i dalje je to odlično. Heinlenovski do ibera, i zapravo začuđuje koliko Scalzi plagira Heinleina stilski. Ne da je isto, nego je ISTO. E sad, to je i dobro i loše; loše jer nije stilski orginalno, a dobro jer ne može svatko pisati kao stari Bob a Scalzi to može i to obilato koristi. Radnja je također svježa, rat traje između ljudi, Eneshana, Obina i Rraeya. Sklapa se čudan savez, ali i politčka previranja s više strana tkio ć [...]

    24. Meni znatan pad u privlačnosti no i dalje dobra vojna space-opera.Izgleda kao samo jedna epizoda u općoj tematici no pojavila se negdje pri kraju informacija koja izgleda bitnom za nastavke.Scalzi je odlučio malo skloniti našeg glavnog djeda iz početka sage i od poznatih tu je samo njegova simpatija poručnica Sagan no to ništa ne smeta - i dalje odlična literatura za ljeto.Sad jedan mali odmor od teme pa povratak na treći nastavak.Više od trojke, manje od četvorke - ako vam se uvod do [...]

    25. That ending! I need the next book right now. I need more answers about The Conclave and Anti-Conclave and to get to read about John Perry again.Also worth noting, this is more than a fun romp of an SF book. It's also very reflective and has deeper themes. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of what it means to be human, prejudice and choice.

    26. There are plenty of good reviews on GR of this sequel to Old Man's War, so I'll dispense with a plot description. It was a well-written, briskly-paced tale, but I didn't like it quite as much as Old Man's War. That earlier first-person narrative had the perfect blend of humor, future world-building, exciting military adventure, and likeable characters. Just the fact that The Ghost Brigades did not feature John Perry from the first book was a bit of a disappointment (though he does resurface in l [...]

    27. didn't work as well for me as Old Man's War. The first part was ok, almost a carbon copy of the debut of the series - with special training and first mission as part of a crack team. It was towards the conclusion when things really came apart and I felt like I was reading a cross breeder between Austin Powers and a late Steven Segal flick.(view spoiler)[ we have here a mad scientist with a grudge who wants to annihilate the whole human civilization in order to save it and a minimal commando team [...]

    28. If you're a fan of Scalzi's writing—and his humour—you'll like this book!On the surface, it may seem like a light, easy read, but there are quite a few interesting social commentaries about humans, rationality, purpose, and how we think. And really, what better way to tackle these issues than in an incredibly entertaining story set in an equally fascinating world?My only minor gripe is that there are a lot of info dumps not attached to any particular POV. I guess I've been reading a lot of t [...]

    29. İtiraf edeyim biraz yoruyor. Kenara çekilip soluklanmak istediğim zamanlar oldu çünkü dur durak bilmiyor bu kitap. İlk kitabı daha etkileyici ve daha komik bulmuştum ama bu da müthiş zaman geçirtiyor. Tek eksik yanı ilki kadar akılda kalıcı olmaması. (Belki ilkini 2,5 kez okuduğumdan da olabilir tabii bu. Bilemiyorum.) Belki biraz mesaj verme kaygısı gütse veya sorgulama, irdeleme vs. olsaydı daha çarpıcı olabilirdi. Neyse, karakterleri sevdim ve özgün fikirlerle dolu [...]

    30. On it's own - it's a good read. But if you'll compare it to Old Man's War - it doesn't have the same subtlety, depth and emotional impact of the first book. That said - I did enjoy the story. It's got science, humour, military action, unexpected ally and unlikely villain. That's one grumble I have about the book - I wasn't convinced about main villain's motivations and chosen methods in the end. Ah, well - I still enjoyed reading it and planing to get the next one.3.5*

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