Temptation Island

Welcome to Paradise Only the rich are invitedy the strongest survive But is it heaven on earth or a devil s playground Fame Money Success Lori wants them Aurora is being destroyed by them, and Stevie s got them at her best friends expense These three women are all drawn unwittingly to the shores of Temptation Island, all looking for their own truth But they dWelcome to Paradise Only the rich are invitedy the strongest survive But is it heaven on earth or a devil s playground Fame Money Success Lori wants them Aurora is being destroyed by them, and Stevie s got them at her best friends expense These three women are all drawn unwittingly to the shores of Temptation Island, all looking for their own truth But they discover a secret so shocking there s no turning back It s wicked, it s sensational Are you ready to be told The island promises the one thing money can t buy but the glittering waters drown dark secrets The price is devastating.
Temptation Island Welcome to Paradise Only the rich are invitedy the strongest survive But is it heaven on earth or a devil s playground Fame Money Success Lori wants them Aurora is being destroyed by them and Stevie

  • Title: Temptation Island
  • Author: Victoria Fox
  • ISBN: 9781848450677
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. When I read Victoria Fox’s debut novel, Hollywood Sinners, last year I was massively impressed. It was opulent, it was larger-than-life, and it seemed Fox was the heir apparent to Jackie Collins’s throne. It would then be safe to say that the wait for her new novel seemed endless. For me, it couldn’t come around quick enough as I waited to see what Fox would do next. Where it would be set, who would be in it and what would happen that was so shocking and so scandalous you forgot it was fic [...]

    2. WELCOME TO PARADISE Only the rich are invited. . . only the strongest survive Fame. Money. Success.Lori wants them, Aurora is being destroyed by them and Stevie’s got them at her best friend’s expense. These three women are drawn unwittingly to the shores of Temptation Island, all looking for their own truth. But they discover a secret so shocking, there’s no turning back. It’s wicked, it’s sensational. Are you ready to be told? But the glittering waters drown dark secrets. The island [...]

    3. This started off as good but then it became annoying.I quite liked all 3 female characters to begin with. Stevie was my favourite, followed by Aurora and Lori.All 3 of them were interesting and seemed like strong female characters but towards the end I really didn't care what happened to any of them.The premise of the story and the background of the island and what was going on there was really interesting and I would have liked there to have been more on this and more on the people who were the [...]

    4. 3.5 starsTemptation Island is quite a lengthy book which initially I thought was chic lit, but probably leans more towards women’s fiction given there are three female protagonists and it spans several years of their lives until the present day. Three fascinating women: Lori Garcia, Aurora Nash and Stevie Stellar are attractive and young and in the spotlight, all for different reasons. Lori’s story begins very much like Cinderella’s; her mother is dead, her father has remarried to a horrib [...]

    5. I have to say, when I agreed to reviewing this book I hadn't realised it was 600+ pages! I think it would've been a great beach read had it not been so long. As it's told from three points of view over a span of three years, it's more like three books in one. It starts with a young boy finding a body on the beach, then goes back to tell the three girls stories and the mystery unravels until we're back to the end to find out who the body was and how they got there.To be honest, this book was so l [...]

    6. I've got to be honest, I'm not actually sure if I liked this book. It caught my attention at first, and I was interested where Aurora was going to end up once she started to become more human, so from that point of view it worked. I did wish there had been a happy ending for her and her self-described "soul mate", though, and a more conclusive ending to the big dramatic secret.The big sticking point for me was Lori and JB though two people who do absolutely nothing worthwhile or good throughout [...]

    7. Super sexy, twists and gasp-out-loud moments galore, fabulous characters that you love to love or love to hate. Perfect bonk buster material and a damn fine beach read. My other half read some over my shoulder and decided he might quite like to try a bonk buster himself

    8. I didn't realise this was a Harlequin romance novel when I bought it. I haven't read such explicit sexy time books before. I actually enjoyed reading it!

    9. Enjoyable read, if a little too long. Loved the various settings though and the use of all three point's of view worked really well.

    10. Nonostante la lunghezza, l'ho trovato divertentissimo e rilassante. I capitoli scorrono veloci e si è immersi in un'atmosfera simile a quella dei romanzi di Jackie Collins: tutti sono ricchi, belli e con vite piene di glamour! Una lettura perfetta per l'estate e per staccare la spina e divertirsi. Nonostante non sia una cosa che mi interessa nei romanzi, questa autrice scrive le scene di sesso in modo esplicito e senza tabù, cosa che rende la lettura ancora più 'piccante' e spensierata.

    11. The subtitle for this book, Sexy, Sensational, Sinfully Good, pretty much sums it up.I don't even know where to begin to summarize the plot, because there is a LOT going on here. The island in question actually appears in less than half of the novel. The rest of it takes place in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, and a private school in England, not to mention the Mediterranean Sea. The story is told primarily from three points of view (but there are more thrown in, although it never gets co [...]

    12. I have read Victoria Fox first book Sinners which I enjoyed although I felt it didn't made a lasting enough impression on me. When I this book I loved the front cover and it immediately reminded me of the sort of covers that we see from authors such as Tasmina Perry and Louise Bagshawe. Something else I noticed was the fact that this book seemed a lot heftier than the last with a whopping 600 pages!We are introduced to each of the 3 women Lori, Aurora and Stevie by chapter. The chapter tells you [...]

    13. I had never read anything by Victoria until Temptation Island and I must say that I have really enjoyed the story, but not only that, the prose is funny and clever too. I am looking forward to the next in my to be read list which is Hollywood Sinners. Temptation Island is about the island of Cacatra. A luxurious setting surrounded by jewel like waters, it belongs to Reuben van der Meyde and attracts the rich and famous from far and wide to relax in its healing environment. Cacatra has a dark sec [...]

    14. Haven't read any Victoria Fox before - but I grew up with Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz and Shirley Conran, so this book was on a familiar wavelength from page one. Some reviewers have called it a bonkbuster, others a "holiday read", but I must say that the author does what she does extremely well. Three main characters: Lori with the gangster boyfriend and nightmare family; Aurora, the daughter of two country stars, indulged and indulging in every sort of excess; Stevie, the unexpectedly succes [...]

    15. this book was a poor imitation of a galm novel The plot in itself was boring There was little to no wow factor The only captivating thing was maybei dont even know what! Yeah they traveled to cool places, cruzed on yachts, were all beautiful nd got their positions with stroke of luck A lot of strokes i think But it was just limp! The author, i thnk, got a little over board with her vocabulary using too ostentatious words for simple things Nd loosing focus on the big picture Definitely a no-go!

    16. Like I said before - such a huge book. I liked the ending but it was sort of like a mini wrap up. After such a huge story with so much detail it just seemed to give an a=overview of "What happened to them" and it was done. I would have like to hear more about Lori and JP and when he saw his baby for the first time. Found it quiet graphic in the sex scenes, it was a porno, mystery and murder all in one book. I didnt think it was a Chick Lit book. Once I got over the fact it was huge I did enjoy t [...]

    17. Книгата започна доста обещаващо откъм хода на събитията. Принципно не обичам книги, които всяка глава разказва за отделен герой, та и тази не направи изключение в случая. Прекалено много наркотици и секс за вкуса ми, почти никакви кой знае какви обрати. Нищо непредвидимо ка [...]

    18. I'm not much of a chick lit reader but this was perfect for a bit of thoroughly enjoyable summer escapism - I couldn't put it down. There's enough glamour and romance (or whatever you want to call it) to keep it fun and lighthearted, but it's all underpinned by a brilliantly concocted story line - this one's almost like a crime novel, with new twists coming out right to the end. Brilliant stuff.

    19. This was the first book I've red by Victoria Fox. I am a huge fan of Jackie Collins books, and i must say i am falling in love with Victoria Fox too! Even though this book was 600 pages long i really enjoyed reading it. Actually i couldn't even pull myself away from this book. However, i was a little bit let down by the ending, i wanted something more i guess. I really do recommend this books to Jackie Collins lovers, you wont be disappointed !

    20. Three women. One island. And a secret that will lead to murder.And what a plot it is! Victoria Fox weaves an incredible adventure of mystery and intrigue with twists and turns so villainous this book will keep you entertained for hours.Read the full review here:kees2create/blog/2012/

    21. Temptation Island follows the stories of three women – Aurora, the spoiled, wild child daughter of American Country & Western royalty; Lori, the poor girl with a face that makes her a star; and Stevie, a Brit who went to America in search of adventure and stumbled into a world of fame and fortune. A little long but still a great book.

    22. Not a book I would usually read but it was recommended. I really enjoyed it the characters where well written and you could understand what they where going through. Will be looking out for more books by this author.

    23. I loved that it has 4 different main characters/ stories and I could kind of relate these characters to celebrities! (Like the horny young singer was definitely Miley Cyrus :D) You do predict that they will all link to something in common but what kept me going was how?!

    24. gave up at page 36, too many other books to read. no time to read something I have no interest in. only downloaded as it was free from Starbucks. shame good reads don't have an abandoned category.

    25. Fantastic story Kept me page turning from beginning to end. Thought it was just average looking at the cover but has hidden surprises.

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