Tilly Witch

Tilly Witch forgot how to be mean and had to return to finishing school for witches to re learn the trickery of the trade.
Tilly Witch Tilly Witch forgot how to be mean and had to return to finishing school for witches to re learn the trickery of the trade

  • Title: Tilly Witch
  • Author: Don Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780140502626
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. To story of a witch that isn't mean anymore and is always happy is a fun and interesting story for any age. She shows why school is important because you learn the things you need to know in order to do your job after school well. She proves that sometimes you even need to go back to school in order to refresh your skills which I think is a great lesson for children or anyone really. Education is important and with it you can be your best self. This would be a great book to read around the holid [...]

    2. This was a fun story about Tilly Witch who loses her ability to be mean at Halloween and only wants to do good. I think this would be a fun story to read at Halloween and come up with some activities for. I also liked the message that Tilly goes back to school to relearn all the important things she needs to know to be a good witch. This is a good lesson for children that school is important as is the things you learn there.

    3. A marvelous witch book, though full of various stereotypes. It does seem that witch stories for modern children feature unusual modes of transport, more a la mode pour les temps. What do 21st century witches ride? (I hope no 90s witch was so addled as to ride a Segway.)An important feature of human nature is illuminated by this book: we do care very much what the cats in our lives think of us.

    4. This is an odd book. A mean witch turns good and has to relearn how to be mean. I suppose it was supposed to be cute, but I'm not sure I want my kids to learn that being mean is a goal to be reached. Although I agree that sitting in the corner wearing a dunce cap, humiliated in front of classmates, is probably a good way to build up enough resentment to turn evil again.

    5. This book gets five stars for its staying power in my memory. Our family owned a copy of this and I recall using my mother's typewriter to copy all the text from the book. I remember it as a funny story with a good moral (I was 7 years old at the time). Hello again, Tilly!

    6. This book has a rather interesting twist for the plot: a witch becoming nice and enjoying it until she realizes it's not who she's meant to be. Summarizing and comprehension would be things to look for from your students after reading this book.

    7. A sick book that is littered with suggestive words that have a different meaning in an adult context. It was painful to hear this book being read to children. Also, what moral? That witches are supposed to be mean. I would avoid.

    8. A great life lesson. It is a wonderful book for young children with plenty of pictures that will entertain them while instructing their minds. I really love that I found this book and know it will remain on my shelf for my son to enjoy.

    9. This was one of my most favorite children's books when I was younger! Of course I would love a book where the happy ending is that the wickedest witch of all re-captures her evil Halloween spirit, but seriously it's an adorable book and to this day, I still have it on my bookshelf :)

    10. This book was quite different. It is a story about Tilly the Witch, Queen of Halloween, not being able to be mean. She has to go to a witch school to relearn how to be nasty to the children of the world and to stay like that for the Halloweens to come. I read this around Halloween time!

    11. My sister gave me this book. It was discarded from the Keene Memorial Library in Freemont, NE. The book has been taped in several places and is warped.Fun story.

    12. A cute witch story that neatly taps into surf culture through Tilly Ipswitch riding a surfboard through the clouds. Features a more diverse colour palette than most of Don Freeman's other stories.

    13. Tilly Witch is about a witch who looses her evil touch and has to return to witch school. I love the illustrations in this book and think it would be a fun book for kiddos to read.

    14. My daughter like this more than I did, not that I didn't like it it just wasn't my favorite. It was a very cute book. Great pictures.

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