Technicolor Time Machine

L M Greenspan, the head of ailing Climatic Studios, gave producer Garney Hendrickson, five days to get a major movie in the can and Climactic out of it.Impossible Not with Professor Hewett s miraculous presto chango time machine, the answer to a Hollywood producer s prayer.Nipping back to AD 1,000 with a whole film crew and two glam stars, Barney sets out to prove thatL M Greenspan, the head of ailing Climatic Studios, gave producer Garney Hendrickson, five days to get a major movie in the can and Climactic out of it.Impossible Not with Professor Hewett s miraculous presto chango time machine, the answer to a Hollywood producer s prayer.Nipping back to AD 1,000 with a whole film crew and two glam stars, Barney sets out to prove that the Vikings discovered America five hundred years before Columbus and to film the event in glorious technicolor But it s not as easy as it sounds, as they realise when history lets them down and their Viking Columbus fails to show up in the New World
Technicolor Time Machine L M Greenspan the head of ailing Climatic Studios gave producer Garney Hendrickson five days to get a major movie in the can and Climactic out of it Impossible Not with Professor Hewett s miraculou

  • Title: Technicolor Time Machine
  • Author: Harry Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780860078876
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Time-travel stories come in two main varieties. There are the paradoxical ones, like Back to the Future or The End of Eternity, where your actions can change the past, creating a new future. And there are the jigsaw ones, like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and All You Zombies, where nothing can be changed, and the point is seeing the unexpected way in which it all turns out to fit together.This book is a quite amusing jigsaw story. The mad Hungarian inventor approaches Barney Hendrickson, a d [...]

    2. It feels slightly churlish to slate this book. Harry Harrison in Pulp mode can write anything between forgettable nonsense to complete, idiotic genius. If you are looking for the latter, you have Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers to enjoy, as for the former this is right up your street.The plot is entertaining enough, using a time machine to make a historical movie, but the characters are bland even for a pulp novel and we're not given the glorious fun and foolishness that Harrison is often ca [...]

    3. This book was silly without being childish and lightly clever without being overly complicated. I enjoyed the bit of character development without a crazy world-shattering ending. I had a good time reading this one as it was pretty funny. I really enjoyed how it seemed to be in Archer-time. You know, that show has an interesting element where it doesn't seem to place itself in any given era. This book, oddly enough, had that effect on their present-day time, the time the book started in. I know [...]

    4. Technically, this review is for "The Time Machined Saga" as it was serialized in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine from March-May 1967. I picked up the three Analog issues somewhat randomly at a book fair, mostly based on the title and the fact I was able to find all three parts of the story.I really enjoyed the idea of using time-travel to film on-location period movies and to make film production almost instant from the perspective of anyone in the present. The premise kind of falls apa [...]

    5. 'SF rarely comes funnier than this' states the Observer on the cover of my copy. Not sure I'd go along with that ;-) but maybe that was the case in 1968 and ultimately this is still a joy to read. Undoubtedly coloured by memories of the first time I'd read it and it presents an unavoidably dated picture of the movie-making business (to say nothing of a stereotypical view of Vikings), but the author's clearly having such unabashed fun with the brilliantly simple central concept that it's impossib [...]

    6. If you have ever worked overtime to get things done before a deadline, you will find this book both sadly relatable and hilariously relatable. What if you had a time machine in a situation like that? Would it magically solve everything?Although it may look like a setting of a cheap comedy, the book is actually pretty tense. It kept me glued to the story wondering what will go wrong and how every action will or will not affect the future.The tone is rather bleak as the plot develops but the humou [...]

    7. I'm probably one of the few people that likes this Harry Harrison book better than the Stainless Steel Rat stories. It's such good fun. I love that the main characters use a marvelous invention like a time machine to make a madcap attempt to save a failing movie studio. The story is so utterly ridiculous that it almost feels real. All you need to say is there's an honest to goodness viking turned movie star who gets paid in Jack Daniels and a big battle scene where Native Americans are repelled [...]

    8. A broke movie company decides to use a time machine to go back in time and film a movie with real Vikings. I love time travel books. Of course, everything doesn't go as planned. The book was written in 1967 so it was also fun to see the stuff that wouldn't have happened today. I did some reading on the novel and found that it was first published as a serial in Analog magazine in 1967. My husband's father had tons of old sci fi magazines that we now have so I looked through them and found this st [...]

    9. Maybe my rating is a little higher because I had such low expectations for this book. I had the feeling that Harry Harrison wrote in a kind of noir style, which I don't care for. Instead, I found it to be more pulp-ish than noir-ish. Still not my favorite, but if the subject is good, I can excuse pulp. This just happened to hit my sweet spot of time travel, sci-fi (which I guess all time travel stories are) and Hollywood parody. Don't expect great literature, but it was a fun story.

    10. Surprisingly enjoyable and original pulp adventure, which is fairly clever in its use of time travel. A little old-fashioned and the characters are one-dimensional, but it moves fast and is mostly fun.

    11. Сначала я всеми фибрами души сопротивлялась восприятию «Фантастической саги» – весь этот подход к коммерциализации машины времени казался излишне крамольным, и разглядеть юмор было тяжело. Но аудиокнига сделала свое дело – пока мимо проносились огни вечернего города, я [...]

    12. I first read this book when it Ppeared in analog Magaxine back in 1967 (I was in grade 9). I loved the story and was intrigued how Harry used the Grandfather clause(how you could not go back in time and kill your |Grandfather). I wrote a book report on it fro my Grade 9 English teacher who gave me an A for my writing and a D for makingin up a book to write about. I took the magazines into class and he was appaled.Barney -the hero- is a bad movie-maker, and his boss, Climactic Studios, is about t [...]

    13. Ez a tipikus esete a „Ne ítélj könyvet borítójáról” mondásnak.A regény egy igazán humoros, kalandokkal teli időutazós sci-fi. Hogyan húznál ki egy filmgyártó vállalatot a csődből, ha már csak pár napod van? Építs egy időgépet és menny vissza az időben, kb. 1000 évet és forgass filmet az Új-világot meghódító vikingekről. Mennyivel olcsóbb eredeti helyen forgatni, eredeti szereplőkkel, főleg ha az utazás nem kerül sokba.Igen ám, de ki tud ónorvégül? [...]

    14. Üks selline teos, mis oli hoolimata täiesti kohutavast kaanepildist (tõsiselt, mis kurat sellel kaanel on kujutatud?) ja kohutavast tõlkest suurepärane lugemine. Isegi kaudtõlge ei suutnud hävitada mõnusat teksti voolavust ning häid nalju, mistõttu muigasin või pugisesin naerda kogu teksti vältel. Kui millegi üle nuriseda siis ehk selle, et lõpp oli ehk kerge pettumus. Oleksin lootnud, et süüdimatult minevikus soperdavad filminäitlejad keeravadn ehk midagi rohkemat tuksi. Juba a [...]

    15. Oh, I haven't read a Harrison book since high school, and this book was written long before that. Harrison is like a Disney ride: fast paced, fun, brightly colored, silly, and you're never really worried that things are going to go wrong.It took me about three chapters to get into the swing of things, but eventually the he-man Vikings, barbecued trilobites, and "wotthehell time travel" won me over.

    16. hehe - the very very very very first sci-fi I've read! It was amazing - Vikings, time machine, movies and you should know - in 1989-90 Hollywood was just entering still Soviet Georgia and even Commando was already different kind of art, different world, almost different planet. And here is so much of everything new! Even though the book was written 22 years by that moment.Now I definitely prefer other Harrison's works. But the first is the first!

    17. Tarina filmiryhmästä, joka matkusti 1000 luvulle menneisyyteen tehdäkseen filmin ja palasivat nykyisyyteen viikon päähän siitä kun olivat lähteneet. Filmiryhmä vahingossa muutti historiaa ja tapahtui aikamatkustuksen paradokseja - tarinassa pompittiin sinnetänne ajassa. Humoristiseksi tarkoitettu, mutta ei oikein purrut. Arvosana 2½

    18. I listened to a radio play made of this novel. It was pretty well done, although the volume wasn't great at times. Some voices were too low. It's an amusing series of loops through time, a great scientific discovery harnessed by a Hollywood movie studio. I might be a little generous with 3 stars.

    19. Surprisingly good, with a clever way of handling time travel. Nothing terribly deep, but amusing. The two things that really irked me were the horned helmets and some ridiculous names, which maybe were meant to be funny, but were just stupid (e.g a 'sexbomb' actress named Slivey ToveWTF?)

    20. Повесть подходит под категорию легкого чтива. Сюжет достаточно интересен, чтобы удерживать внимание, но при этом не заставляет читать книгу всю ночь напролет. Рекомендуется детям старшего школьного возраста

    21. Quite amusing. There is something disturbingly plausible about the notion of someone inventing a time machine, and then not being able to get anyone to fund the research except a movie studio who wants to film historical epics on location.

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