Rebel In Time

Can history be changed Can the South still win the War Between the States Colonel McCulloch thinks so, even though the war ended than a hundred years ago With gold, an automatic weapon, and some very special blueprints, he plans to go back in time and reverse the outcome of the Civil War.
Rebel In Time Can history be changed Can the South still win the War Between the States Colonel McCulloch thinks so even though the war ended than a hundred years ago With gold an automatic weapon and some very

  • Title: Rebel In Time
  • Author: Harry Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780586055793
  • Page: 240
  • Format: None
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    1. Treasure of the Rubbermaids 21: The Great Dixie Machine Gun Time-Mowing Adventure Crossover!At long last! Because I need a gimmick to drum up some votes to keep Patrick Rothfuss from passing me on the all time reviewer’s list the people of demanded it, I proudly present the first crossover of two of my most popular features: The Treasure of the Rubbermaids and The Time-Mower Adventures!The on-going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously [...]

    2. Been struggling to finish a number of books recently. Been falling asleep almost as soon as I've read a page. Enjoyment of the book seemed to change nothing so I thought I'd opt for one of my comfort reads in the hope it would kick start my reading again. Not even a book I've loved since my early teens and have read probably about 10 times (normally in one or two sittings max)could break through my fatigue and to complicate matters I came down with a nasty head cold stretching this out to 7 days [...]

    3. I'm a bit vexed on this one. Within the narrative, the time-travel was teased at for *far* too long to be so central an element of the text as to be mentioned in its very title. Also, the paralyzing fear of altering the past that so suffuses the actions of the 'good guys' made many of the late-game decisions cause me to be unable to suspend disbelief.That said, it wasn't a *bad* book. I was intrigued enough to keep reading, and even though the mystery of the the noir-esque murder-subplot at the [...]

    4. I read this a long time ago, simply because I used to read 2000AD comic, and in it was Slippery Jim DiGriz, and from that I began to read more and more of Harrison's works. It was then that I borrowed from the library a copy of this, and read it, and then read it again.I found its impact on me to be a very strong one, not just from the nature of the book, but from the moral nature of its author. Harrison clearly was a very good man.In time family members bought me a first edition signed hardback [...]

    5. A mixed bag. The first half of the story is a "who done it" and the science fiction part kinda sneaks in and then becomes the vehicle for the pursuit of the bad guy in the Antebellum South. The best part of the struggle is that our intrepid hero is black and has to pursue the murderer in an area where he's likely to be picked up as an escaped slave and perhaps killed on the spot.I'm not a big detective story reader, so the first half, although well done, moved kinda slow for me. The second half [...]

    6. I enjoyed this - but it's not Harry Harrison at his best. There are some interesting questions, and I have to say I enjoy the fact that 'can you imagine what life is like in 2015' has now become a dated line!

    7. If you do not like (i) time travel stories (ii) alternate history and (iii) historical fiction, you are unlikely to be fond of this novel. Harrison combines these three (admittedly, not dissimilar) genres into one crime novel. Sherlock Holmes here is an FBI agent named Troy Harmon, and the antagonist is a modern-day racist and white suprematist who got hold of a one-way time machine and blueprints of the WWII British submachine gun, STEN, famous for its simplicity (one gun could be produced in l [...]

    8. A Rebel in Time by Harry Harrison is a time travel / alternate history story that starts as a straight up mystery. Sergeant Harmon is sent to investigate a large amount of missing gold and some violent crimes all tied to a missing Colonel McCulloh.Eventually Harmon learns of a secret government time machine project. To everyone's surprise, McCulloh has managed to make the machine work well enough to transport himself and his stolen gold back in time, a few years before the start of the Civil War [...]

    9. Excellent science fiction detective yarn about a black intelligence officer who follows a bigoted army colonel bak to pre Civil War Virginia. The colonel has brought gold coins to build an arms manufacturing plant. He plans to manufacture the Sten submachine gun and supply the confederate cavalry. The intelligence officer must prevent the colonel from creating an alternate history without creating time paradoxes.

    10. All the hallmarks of an enjoyable story but none of the pace or tension one would expect. The introduction of the time machine was far too delayed and the final import of its operating possibilities mentioned briefly but utterly ignored for far too long. The lead is almost too good, except for his clear fanaticism for the US. Still, it's a part of history

    11. Great concept: a white supremacist who also happens to be head of security for a government lab in DC developing a time machine steals it and goes back to the days before the Civil War with a fortune in gold and blueprints of how to manufacture a machine gun. An African American FBI agent goes after him: back to the old south where slavery is rampant.

    12. This was a fun read, and an interestingly robust rejection of racism by Harrison. The subject is Harry's typical down to earth, hero who ultimately sacrifices everything in order to track down his man. Some interesting takes on the time travelling trope, but no real detail explored. Overall a well told story of good vs evil.

    13. I enjoyed this one. It's not fantastic literature, but it's got time travel, a dash of detective novel, a clear good guy and a real irredeemable bastard of a bad guy. And sometimes, I really need a book like that.

    14. 42 WORD REVIEW:Nominally a paradox novel, A Rebel in Time was notable for bringing Harrison’s refreshingly liberal values to the field of adventure science fiction: a black army sergeant pursues a racist colonel back through time to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

    15. This book is bold in its treatment of African American's and slavery. It could have been much longer but his treatment left an impression.

    16. have read this one 3-4 times. Always a fun read, love the premise, kept simple & it works. Great Ending too! Won't spoil it.

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