The Masters of Solitude

I am a singer And I am alone His parents came from two very different worlds And Singer was an outcast a misfit who belonged to neither world a master of solitude The City stood alone beyond the forest Through the Self Gate, annihilator of the unwary, none could gain entry alive, and none came out.
The Masters of Solitude I am a singer And I am alone His parents came from two very different worlds And Singer was an outcast a misfit who belonged to neither world a master of solitude The City stood alone beyond the fores

  • Title: The Masters of Solitude
  • Author: Marvin Kaye Parke Godwin
  • ISBN: 9780385124805
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I rarely talk to anyone who has read this book. I think it must be one of those undiscovered jewels I come across too rarely. A post apocalyptic novel that is different from the rest. There is a sequel, "Wintermind" which I haven't read yet. This book stands on its own.The rural communities are low tech & have some psi powers, organized into covens. High tech is left in the world, but is all but inaccessible to most. A young man, in good standing, is sent on a quest to gain the city's suppor [...]

    2. A very absorbing science fiction/fantasy involving a world changed by an unidentified catastrophic event, leaving people to create their own societies. On such society has developed extra sensory perception so that they not only communicate telepathically but can also feel another's feelings, joy, pain, etc. The implication of such perceptions on human behavior is beautifully explored. I could not put this book down till the last page.

    3. I first read this in the 70s, in my teens, and I loved it. I've re-read it since and would still recommend it, though years have inevitably tarnished some of its lustre.On one side are the Coven, tribal, telepathic, in tune with their world and themselves. Masters are the powerful among them, those who have learned self-discipline and honed their command of telepathy. Their religion is a combination of nature spirits and Celtic fire festivals, but mainly a celebration of life itself. On thing th [...]

    4. This is one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy books of all time. I love it and its sequel and wish the authors had written more. The story follows Singer. His mother was from the City, and his father was from the Coven.This is a post-apocalyptic tale. Years ago, the people in the City cut themselves off from the world by use of a device the outsiders call the self-gate. They became long-lived, analytic and quit interacting with each other to the point that love and family became unimportant. On the [...]

    5. Probably one of the better science fiction books that nobody's ever heard of. I'd strongly suggest reading it if you can find a copy of it. The only thing keeping me from giving it a full score is the ratherdden way the big reveal happens at the end. It doesn't end in a way that's entirely satisfying, but there's supposedly a sequel.

    6. This was another relic (1978) unearthed on my bookshelves, remnant of a long-ago library sale shopping spree. The Masters of Solitude is a post-apocolyptic story about the divide between the two groups who have emerged since the disaster, and the attempt of one family to bridge that divide. In the book, some unspecified disaster occurred in the distant past. In its wake, humanity divided into two groups: those in The City who still possess advanced technology and have walled themselves off (lite [...]

    7. usually i would love a story of a dystopian society, where the outcast (telepathic wiccans) need help from a gated city of mysophobian vulcanistic logical spookoulians, to defeat a plauge delibratly inflicted upon them by inquisitionist genicidal holy rollers, set to cleanse the world of evil. Sounds good right? actually no, the writing of said story was drudgingly slow, and the chapters are excruciatingly long.

    8. For some reason, though the plot details beyond the quest atmosphere are forgotten, I've positive associations with this book, my copy of which I just gave away with virtually all of my other science fiction books--except Philip K. Dick.Portions of this novel were originally published in Galileo Magazine.

    9. I first read this book at the age of 22 loved it then. reread 4 times over the last 30 years a great story well written will grasp you by your vicariousness and will not let you go the sequel is wintermind a much shorter book but it is also good and adds some closure to the story I love great story tellers and Marvin Kaye is one of the best

    10. Masters of Solitude (1978) Set in a Post-Holocaust USA, the first volume depicts a conflict between rural followers of a diseased mutant form of Christianity and a City in which a science-based worldview is encapsulated.

    11. geef dit boek 3 sterren, omdat het me toch wel een beetje vermaakt heeft. niet dat het nou echt een superboek was, maar echt slecht was het ook niet.

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