How Things Grow

How Things Grow None

  • Title: How Things Grow
  • Author: Nancy Buss
  • ISBN: 9780307602930
  • Page: 135
  • Format: School & Library Binding
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    1. How Things Grow is written as a dialogue between the narrator and the little girl shown on the cover watering her garden. The book starts with the seasons and then goes on to discuss different plants and animals and how they grow. The illustrations diagram what the text covers, such as the life cycle of the frog or how chickens develop inside of eggs. Interestingly, the rooster is noticeably absent from the page describing how chickens grow in eggs. The book ends with the narrator reminding the [...]

    2. This short story is good for children to read because it educates them on how different plants, animals and people grow. This story shows children how things change and evolve over time and is a good book to read in the classroom. A good activity to do would be to show other examples of things that grow and show and explain to the children the things that you came up with that grow. I think my favorite part of the book was the picture of the pumpkins and the description of how pumpkins come to b [...]

    3. This is a nice simple book that explains how various natural things grow. It begins with a chipmunk gnawing strawberries. Then we learn the life cycle of a frog. That is followed by pumpkins, chickens, butterflies, and finally pine trees. The book ends with explaining that the reader is also growing and changing.It's a decent Golden book and worthwhile.

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