Sidetracked in the Wilderness

Brand New Paperback , still in plastic wrapped, in excellent condition Fast shippingA 14
Sidetracked in the Wilderness Brand New Paperback still in plastic wrapped in excellent condition Fast shippingA

  • Title: Sidetracked in the Wilderness
  • Author: Michael Wells
  • ISBN: 9780800753863
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Sidetracked in the Wilderness”

    1. Halfway through chpater seven.Definitely a good read regarding one's walk with God. Focuses on getting "sidetracked and the fact that most of those side trips are ones we take on our own and usually end up somewhere we know we shouldn't be.Mr. Wells does a good job of helping the "sidetracked" believer understand the need to return to the path laid out by Giod and travel by faith instead of walking in the flesh.Challenging reading for those believers finding themselves wandering places they know [...]

    2. Truly life changing It is tempting for me to say I wish I had read this book years ago, but God knew I was ready for it now. If you are tired, discouraged, plagued by a stronghold of sin, at a loss for how to continue, struggling with difficult people, or just needing refreshment for your faith, this book is what you need. I thank the Lord for the wisdom it contains and the author who wrote it.

    3. Review of Sidetracked in the Wilderness: Find the Way Back to a Victorious, Abundant Life by Michael Wells (Abiding Life Ministries, International)As this book’s subtitle implies, many Christians wander out of the victorious, abundant life Jesus Christ promises and into a spiritual wilderness. When they do, they often ask people to pray for their “desert experience.” Friends then remind them that God saw Hagar in the desert, that He led and fed the Israelites in the desert, that God spoke [...]

    4. A fantastic book. It contains very practical, helpful advice on the idea of "Christ in you". Two of the more helpful chapters were those on Unbelieving Believers and Moment by Moment living in relationship with Jesus.My first read through was fairly quick so it's on my list for a re-read very soon.

    5. The freedom of The Christ walk is highlighted soooo well in this book and it makes you remember the joy of when you first were with Christ and making that joy a daily thing

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