Garfield Gains Weight

He sleeps late and wakes up grouchy He hates joggers, beats up dogs, and shreds his owner He s cynical, witty, urbane, and sometimes downright mean But best of all, he s back, better than ever, to delight cat lovers and cat haters alike.
Garfield Gains Weight He sleeps late and wakes up grouchy He hates joggers beats up dogs and shreds his owner He s cynical witty urbane and sometimes downright mean But best of all he s back better than ever to del

  • Title: Garfield Gains Weight
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345320087
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 3.5 stars. Before Calvin and Hobbes and The Farside, Garfield was the gold standard for humorous comic strips. This is book two of the Garfied collection and the beginning of a where Garfield really hits his stride. Recommended!!

    2. Garfield, Odie, Jon Arbuckle, and even Lyman are back in Garfield Gains Weight: His Second Book, featuring every Garfield comic strip from January 23 to August 26, 1979. The evolution of Jim Davis's artwork is less noticeable from start to finish than in Garfield at Large: His First Book, but some refinement can be seen in Garfield's appearance. The tone of the comics isn't much different from the first half-year of Garfield: jokes about him loving food and loathing mondays, being grossly overwe [...]

    3. Tis is a book about when garfield wakes up hungry and he gets a mean and mad then it just other little short comics inside. I like it because it is not just one story it is many. It made me feel happy because it made me laugh a little inside. If you read the other Garfield books you would like this one its like some of the 19 something comics (i forget what it is called) with just some short comics in it.

    4. I don't ever remember laughing at Garfield. Reading it was like re-watching an episode of a sitcom you've already seen ten times and know all the plot threads and punchlines. There's a bland comfort to it and, for a stretch in early Middle School, bland comfort was preferable to none.I consumed all the Garfield books in the Middle School library, idly wondering when something new would happen to shake up the Groundhog Day-esque loop in which they lived their lives, for a character to maybe grow [...]

    5. Garfield Gains Weightis the second Garfield book. I liked it, but it wasn't as good as the first one in my opinion. There was a lot of eating and laziness (but this is Garfield). Garfield and Odie's antics are always fun, we are also introduced to Liz in this book (I like Liz). There is also Garfield's brief career as the "Caped Avenger" which was fun. Their are some funny and amusing strips that I really liked but a lot more that were just kind of repetitive. Still, a fun book when you need a l [...]

    6. Whaaaat? Jon used to have a roommate? Named Lyman? And Odie belonged to this Lyman? And not to Jon? And for whatever reason Lyman had a walrus face? Okay, not really a walrus face. Just a really strangely drawn mustache. But still mind = blown.And, at least judging from the frequency with which each food appeared, Garfield loved roast chicken more than lasagna!??!!? The very foundation of my childhood is crumbling! All the truths that I held dear are turning out to be lies! Thanks, Obama!

    7. This was my favorite strip cartoon when I was a kid, and remains in the top 5, definitely. Davis just perfectly captures the wonderful insanity that is cats, and Jon is so lovely and pathetic. This collection is one of the early ones, with Jon first meeting Liz, Odie's character not terribly fleshed out, and the illustrations being slightly different than later version. Still the lovable sarcasm of the lasagna-eating fiend, though. Definitely good for a quick laugh.

    8. This book is awesome, although it is a comic, the author makes it funny, I love when Garfield get chubby and shoot tennis balls, what is also funny is he also gets obese and cannot walk. It is a hilarious comic book and I like the author or illastsratour

    9. Just finished the second Garfield book. I am making my way through them again. It has been a long time since I read the series so I decided to go through them again. That is the great thing about working at a library, most or all of the series is readily available!

    10. Jim Davis is a fucking crazy genius. He draws Garfield with bold strokes and a bolder heart. Garfield can be a dick to Odie and Nermal, but can you blame him? Jon's kind of a puss.

    11. Garfield #2 still hilarious. Very quirky and light hearted humor. Not a lot of brain power used and sometimes good to read after or before reading something with a lot of girth to it. This comic can never get old!

    12. Funny!!!!😆😆😆I loved how much detail and jokes Jim Davis managed to throw into this hilarious book! I thought every page has its own personality in every way possible. Again, thank you Jim Davis, for putting these amassing Books out for people to read and enjoy. A lot.

    13. I love this comic when I was kid and can't stop read because was funny and joke make me laugh and like but this comic make me remember memory from newspaper.

    14. I found this book from when I was smaller and I honestly don't regret rereading it because so many memories came back and I still love all the illustrations.

    15. I loved this book. I love comics and this was a perfect example of my love for them. I'm a visual person and I like to be provided pictures along with the story.

    16. Garfield Gains Weight is only the second book of Garfield comics. Garfield looks more like a cat than he does in today's comics. Lyman isn't in as many of the strips as he was in Garfield at Large, but his dog Odie is always around. This book introduces Liz the Veterinarian and Garfield takes an instant dislike to her . . . as he probably would with any vet. Jon immediately falls for Liz and asks her out many times, only to be shot down miserably each time. Poor Jon.As with a most of Garfield co [...]

    17. Another good light bedtime read. The best part was when John dumped the girl that literally told him he had to choose between her and Garfield xD Anyone who tries to make someone choose between them and their cat, deserves nobody :D Well done, John.

    18. I got hooked on Garfield books as a child. They were some of my favorite presents. I reread them often and laughed like crazy at the antics of Jon Arbuckle, his crazy cat, and his friends and family. I got all of the books as soon as they were published until the tenth one and then I tired of it and moved on to something else. April 2016 update: Our girls have really gotten into reading these books and love Garfield as much as I did back then. We really love to compare the illustrations and humo [...]

    19. I was addicted to these as a kid. I drove my parents insane following them around demanding, "Read this one!" I'm sure that my Dad regretted owning a bookstore. As an adult, I foster cats, and every foster kitten has a picture taken in a box labeled "to: Abu Dhabi." None of my two personal cats are obese, but one is especially adept at tossing chihuahuas off furniture using only one paw

    20. I loved Garfield when I was in middle school. I had several of these collections, and I read them all again and again. I'm giving three stars based on the way I felt about the book when I read it the first time (or should I say the first 10 to 15 times?). Now I can't imagine reading any one of these books one time.I can barely believe how many of these collections exist.

    21. I read all of Jim Davis's Garfield books back in 4th grade where every week I would take out another Garfield cartoon book and just read it. I thought that they were funny and hilarious, and I absolutely loved reading them. Garfield is just so sarcastic and funny, and I love that it was in cartoon form.To this day Garfield is still one of my favorites.

    22. I like this book because it say about the life of a lazy cat and how lazy this cat can get in trouble and how his owner be so blind with this cat, I also like the dog in this story, it was very entreteinent to see how the cat just ate and sleep all day.

    23. In this series of strips was the fans first introduction to Garfield's pal, Pooky. Some of the strips were very funny. It's a great look at the end of the first year of Garfield in the newspapers, and the start of his second year of the popular Garfield comic strip.

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