Horrid Henry and the Secret Club

Horrid Henry is rapidly establishing himself as a character children love to hear about These four tales of a very naughty boy, his maddeningly good little brother Perfect Peter, and Moody Margaret, all show him wreaking havoc.
Horrid Henry and the Secret Club Horrid Henry is rapidly establishing himself as a character children love to hear about These four tales of a very naughty boy his maddeningly good little brother Perfect Peter and Moody Margaret a

  • Title: Horrid Henry and the Secret Club
  • Author: Francesca Simon
  • ISBN: 9781858812922
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Horrid Henry and the Secret Club (Horrid Henry #2), Francesca Simon عنوانها: هنری شیطون؛ هنری زلزله؛ هنری دردسرسازعنوان: هنری زلزله در جشن تولد کتاب دوم؛ نویسنده: فرانسسکا (فرانچسکا) سایمون؛ تصویرگر: تونی راس؛ مترجم: مژگان کلهر؛ تهران، نشر افق، 1386، در 77 ص، مصور؛ شابک: 9789643693596؛ برای کودکان گروه سنی ج، موضوع: [...]

    2. ‘Horrid Henry and the Secret Club’ by Francesca Simon is one of the books from the very popular Horrid Henry series. The story follows the main protagonist, Henry, whose bad behaviour infuriates his parents, teachers and even his local doctor. All his bad behaviour is in stark contrast to his very well behaved little brother, Perfect Peter.This story makes good use of alliteration for the children’s names throughout (i.e. Greedy Graham and Weepy William). In this particular edition, Henry [...]

    3. The book was very funny. I really liked the way the boy Henry thought of ways to get rid of the moody grouch, Margaret.

    4. I think these books are funny, but a tad annoying. it's a bit of a bad example to kids (pretty sure my brother took some tips from henry)

    5. Horrid Henry and the Secret Club is the second book in the Horrid Henry series. It is by hit author, Francesca Simon and illustrated by the amazing, Tony Ross. The book includes four stories Horrid Henry's Injection, Horrid Henry and the Secret Club, Perfect Peter's Horrid Day and Horrid Henry's Birthday Party.Horrid Henry's Injection:Horrid Henry, his brother and his friends are waiting for their to be called out. For them to get an injection. Henry isn't scared of anything, all apart from inje [...]

    6. This is why I was through with these books after three tiny volumes of basic writing (despite the fast reading): most of the characters mess with my nerves immensely, I just can't stand them! I just don't enjoy myself, and if I saw my little cousins reading this with delight, I would slap some of my good children-targeted books beneath their tiny noses. (like the Foxwood Tales)Once again, - I take a deep breath - the parents and their little ball of joy, Perfect Peter (who would make a perfect p [...]

    7. I read this Horrid Henry book as the series are a bit of a craze amoungst my year 4 children at the moment. The book is broken into four stand alone stories (Horrid Henry's Injection, Horrid Henry and the Secret Club, Perfect Peter's Horrid Day, Horrid Henry's Birthday Party), all based around the character of Horrid Henry. These stories are fun to read and will be engaging for all children as they draw on experiences most children will of had. The language of these books is fantastic. The allit [...]

    8. Wheeeww ni buku bener2 parah Horrid banget deh pokoknya si Henry itu. Kacau. Macam anak2 kecil cowo yang jahilnya naudzubilah. Walaupun pengecut juga (karena takut disuntik). Nama tokoh2 nya lucu2 kaya Sour Susan, Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Lazy Linda jadi tiap nama itu menggambarkan sifat si orangnya. Buku ini ternyata terdiri dari beberapa cerita lepas, macam cerpen gitu.Lucu sih, tapi Horrid Henry kan favoritnya awful child, jadinya ya GEMEESS tiap dia nakal!

    9. Not my favorite, definitely. Though it has some things that can be funny, I don't like the general tone. I don't like Henry being so (but soooo) horrid. It is too much to me and I don't think that's a good example to give to children. I'm not saying that we should give children perfectly well behaved characters (I didn't like Henry's brother, Perfect Peter either), but Henty got a bit on my nerves.

    10. As the title suggests 'Horrid Henry', Henry is as horrid as can be and the irony of this book is that his brother is known as 'Perfect Peter'. This book creates a setting for imagination very well, as you imagine how Henry imagines his plans and executes them. The book can be read by all ages, but for independent reading the children should be in Year2 or above. The front cover is appealing and can instigate an instant attraction.

    11. Horrid Henry and the Secret Club by Francesca Simon - decided to read aloud this book series with my son. It is quite amusing. Honestly, I don't know how much I'll tolerate reading it though. Reminds me of Rotten Ralph series by Jack Gantos which I appreciate initially but overall needed to take a long break from it.

    12. Horrid henry was making a club against the evil moody Margaret. then one of moody margaret team mates joined henrys camp and told him all the secrets. at the same time henry companion joined Margaret's camp so it was a matter of time until there was war.

    13. this was ok but was not as good as the last one. all these books have a little comedy which makes them good.

    14. I rated this a 4 star because i found it interesting and funny. The things that happen in the story should not be copied.

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