The Tears of the Singers

Captain Kirk and the U.S.S Enterprise join the Klingons to avert disaster in the Taygeta V system, where a time space warp has swallowed a spaceship without a trace Spock suspects a link between the anomaly and the inhabitants of Taygeta, semi aquatic creatures killed for the jewel like tears secreted at the moment of death But a mutinous Klingon officer threatens the vCaptain Kirk and the U.S.S Enterprise join the Klingons to avert disaster in the Taygeta V system, where a time space warp has swallowed a spaceship without a trace Spock suspects a link between the anomaly and the inhabitants of Taygeta, semi aquatic creatures killed for the jewel like tears secreted at the moment of death But a mutinous Klingon officer threatens the vital mission, as a desperate Kirk and Spock race to save the Taygetians, the Federation, and the entire universe.
The Tears of the Singers Captain Kirk and the U S S Enterprise join the Klingons to avert disaster in the Taygeta V system where a time space warp has swallowed a spaceship without a trace Spock suspects a link between the a

  • Title: The Tears of the Singers
  • Author: Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • ISBN: 9780671696542
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. From the brilliant organic mind who brought fans such fantastic Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes about the fan favorite positronic brained android such as season two's “The Measure of a Man” and theteleplay for “Pen Pals,” just to name a few, comes a literary marvel.I have found that even some of the most fanatic trekkies don't botherto crack open the spine (this was what humans did before things suchas ebooks and devices like Nooks and Kindles) of a Star Trek novel orother litera [...]

    2. Stop clubbing, baby seals!Took months to finish because I could not care any less.Quite apart from the bad, bad men who club magic reality-bending alien seals for their salty tears, is the jerk Uhura's sleeping with.Main character Guy Maslin, (tortured musician drafted to play his synth to seals by bad, bad Captain Kirk), is really unappealing, like an unfunny Alan Alda with no doctor skills to fall back on. But Uhura loves him hard enough to make wedding plans. Guess who dies?Liked Kor's wife K [...]

    3. another reread - first time since I bought it in 1984 - but I still liked it. Maybe not quite as much as the first time, but that's my own change of perspective. Well written, good use of the ST characters, including Kor, the Klingon commander from the episode with the Organians.

    4. I guess the best thing to say about this story is that it is a story of highs and lows and cooperation between enemies. This is a love story and a tragedy. The story focuses on Uhura and a musician that she idolizes. While on leave during a refit of the Enterprise Uhura meets Guy Maslin. Maslin is a musical genius and has the attitude to go with the fame he has achieved. Uhura, Spock and Kirk go to a concert to listen to Maslin perform during the performance Kirk is called away. The commander of [...]

    5. I very much enjoyed this Uhura-centric story and the return of Kor. I was actually surprised with this book as I didn't expect a lot from it as I expected it to be more of a "stop kiling animals!" plotline but it did not go that way instead sticking to the mystery of how to communicate with these creatures and stop a phenomenon from destroying the surrounding area.

    6. I liked the mystery, I especially enjoyed the Klingons and the unique aliens.I wasn't fond of how Uhura and the female Klingon Kali were handled.

    7. Great! I haven't read a Star Trek book in YEARS! I took this to an appointment, and I finished it in one sitting.

    8. The Klingon Empire and the Federation send ships to investigate an anomaly which is causing issues with shipping and threatening the region in and around the Taygeta system. Taygeta V is the home of a creature that is reported to sing constantly and is being hunted for a jewel created by ocular secretions at the time of it's death. The Enterprise "drafts" one of the Federations premier musicians to aid them in their research and he isn't very happy about it but Uhura already has a "relationship" [...]

    9. [These notes were made in 1984:]. By now the plot line is formulaic. Kirk and his crew must co-operate with either the Klingons or the Romulans in the presence of some universe-threatening phenomenon. An earth-person is reluctantly dragged in and learns from our heroic crew all about compassion &/or cooperation. In this case, it's the Klingons - specifically Kirk's old enemy, Kor, with wife Kali in tow - and a "phenomenon" caused by missing harmonics in the song produced by powerful creature [...]

    10. Melinda Snodgrass wrote a Star Trek novel in which Uhura and her cranky, Beethoven-esque, musical genius boyfriend try to stop evil hunters from clubbing magical singing baby seals.Don’t get me wrong; it’s actually pretty good as far as Star Trek books go, especially if you can keep reminding yourself that it was written in 1984, when a future full of super-advanced synthesizers and “Computer Tapes” seemed plausible.I posted a full review of this book at my blog Trekkie Feminist if you w [...]

    11. A fantastic, satisfying tale as only "Star Trek" can present. Part eco-fable (with an idea that manages to pre-empt STAR TREK IV by two years), part human drama, part Federation vs Klingon action-adventurel adding up to something that truly qualifies as epic. I wouldn't expect anything less from Melinda Snodgrass, who would go on to write for "Star Trek-The Next Generation" with equal skillwhether it be "The Measure of a Man" or "The High Ground". The archetypal novel to use as proof of how diff [...]

    12. Enterprise solves the mystery of the singing seals and the dangerous rift in time and space. There's a lot in this book that is troublesome. Kirk requires a great musician for this mission, so he impresses a nearby pianist/composer into Star Fleet service. This is apparently legal, and Spock endorses it. Spock is, however, unable to imagine any legal way to prevent hunters from killing intelligent aliens. Kirk is more imaginative: he beats the hunters up. Uhura bizarrely wonders whether she must [...]

    13. Okay, so the back cover had me scared that this would be some very strange Uhura centric novel about her singing to some aliens, and after reading the first few chapters, I realized it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes Uhura sings to aliens, but the story is fleshed out, the mystery is mysterious, and the Enterprise crew rises to the occassion once again. And if you like Uhura, as a character, she is very central in this novel.

    14. Old Star Trek novels are like comfort food. This is a re-read from 1986 and, of course, I had forgotten a lot of details; so it felt like a new book :-) The non-acid free paper is browning and the front book cover came off but clear packing tape kept it together for a while. Good and interesting plot. Favorite original Trek characters handled well, and Uhura has a starring role for a change.

    15. While there were moments in which I felt that a character behaved a little too emotionally or uncharacteristically, I think that this book did a lovely job of capturing the feel of the the series and telling an enjoyable story. Some of the previous books have been less than readable, so I'm thrilled that this one was good.

    16. Overall I really liked this book (4 stars) but the love story seemed forced and, to me, was not necessary to the overall plot so lowered my rating by one star. I think though that the overall concept of the story and the alien species encountered were very interesting and it was a good expansion of the Star Trek universe.

    17. Pretty solid and interesting entry in the TOS tie-ins early on. Fun role for Uhura with a love interest. Great use of music as power and even magic. Good interplay with Klingons. Also nice roles for all three leads--Kirk, Spock and McCoy, as well as Uhura and Scotty.

    18. Bit new age with an ecological message, but the seal aliens are interesting and it was nice to see Uhura get a chance in the spotlight.

    19. tragic heroic Romantic composer dies of SPACE CONSUMPTION while saving telepathic singing seals with his synthesizer; or, SPACE OPERA (pun oh-so-intended).

    20. A quick, fun read. The characterizations were a little weak and the end a little flaky with a heavy-handed environmental moral, but it was an enjoyable adventure and I would recommend it.

    21. It is cruel to club baby seals singing aliens for their pelts jewel-like tears. Also, musicians make crappy boyfriends.

    22. A good story - bit of an ecological undertone. An interesting love affair for Uhura. Would have been a good episode.

    23. Save the baby seals + american idol + Star Trek = fail. It was, however, well written. The characters are good, but the premis was poor.

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