Bold Counsel

Some secrets are buried too deep for tears Love, death and an ancient murder combine in this outstanding legal thriller When Sarah Newby embarks on her first case in London s Court of Criminal Appeal, she has little idea of the quest of horror she is about to uncover With her marriage collapsing under the strain of her career, she finds a new lover But dare she trust aSome secrets are buried too deep for tears Love, death and an ancient murder combine in this outstanding legal thriller When Sarah Newby embarks on her first case in London s Court of Criminal Appeal, she has little idea of the quest of horror she is about to uncover With her marriage collapsing under the strain of her career, she finds a new lover But dare she trust any man ever again Yet when even the police oppose her fight for justice, what can one woman do all alone
Bold Counsel Some secrets are buried too deep for tears Love death and an ancient murder combine in this outstanding legal thriller When Sarah Newby embarks on her first case in London s Court of Criminal Appeal

  • Title: Bold Counsel
  • Author: Tim Vicary
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Bold Counsel – Tim VicaryMy Rating 4.5 / 5Format KindleThis is the third book in the Sarah Newby Trials, a series which follows lawyer Sarah Newby as she takes on a number of high profile cases in the British city of York.Bold Counsel is slightly different to the first book, A Game of Proof. The book is less focussed on the court cases Sarah sees herself a part of, and more on her private life and a series of chance meetings which bring the story full circle.Sarah finds herself at the Court o [...]

    2. This book lurked on my kindle for months while I passed it over in favour of more recent ones. Now, on the one hand, I am sorry I did because I could have met these interesting characters sooner, but on the other, I can now savour it as being a treasure all the sweeter for waiting.There are a number of major characters, however Mr Vicary keeps them all in line, well behaved and distinctive so the reader has no problem with identifying who is who at the zoo as they disappear and reappear througho [...]

    3. this is a good afternoon-on-the-dock book. the story moves well and is exciting enough to hold your attention. the characters are, mostly, believable and interesting. the descriptions of the area, the windmill house and the motorcycle chase are marvelous.

    4. Barrister Sarah is representing an unpleasant character who is appealing a murder conviction, when major events disrupt her private life.

    5. Like a good TV series this book series grows on you get to know the characters. Not that it wasn't good from the start. It has an interesting twist with a hard edged woman barrister and a sensitive male detective going through the story lines. So basically you get a 2 for 1 deal with a courtroom, legal & detective story rolled into one series. Start with the 1st book in the series and enjoy the whole series. I am reading the next one now.

    6. If you like courtroom dramas and police procedurals you’ll enjoy this crime novel, because it contains elements of both. And there’s an interesting central character, Sarah Newby, who has become a barrister despite dropping out of school at 16 to have a baby. She’s strong and feisty, but also a workaholic and human relationships are inclined to suffer when she’s involved in a case. There are times when she has neglected her children and her husband in pursuit of justice for someone she [...]

    7. More than 5 Stars I love the Sarah Newby series. I had read the first two in the series, A Game of Proof and A Fatal Verdict, then read several other authors when I realized I had another Sarah Newby novel waiting entitled Bold Counsel. It didn't disappoint. Sarah is embarking on a new phase of her life but she's still the fierce barrister whom we saw in the first two books. Try them, you won't be disappointed. I've purchased the 4th book but I don't want to start it because then I'll finish it. [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading the third book in Vicary's series about Sarah Newby. Sarah Newby is like many women today, career-driven, and in her case, at the neglect of her family. Her husband of twenty years has had enough, and he and Sarah are now in the midst of a divorce. She is also dealing with her daughter's first year away from home at college. Because of the divorce, she is forced to sell her beloved home. For the first time in her life she is dealing with being alone.Meanwhile Sarah is ad [...]

    9. This is the third book in a series by Tim Vicary. In this novel, our intrepid barrister, Sarah Newby, starts by taking on an appeals case dealing with a murder 18 years ago. At the same time, she is having marriange problems and dealing with her daughter starting university. After a visit with her daughter, she meets a man on the train whom she takes as a lover.As with the other novels in this series, the characters are spot on. This is set in the UK, so some of the legal terms and processes as [...]

    10. I am not a big fan of British authors, so loos, boots, headlamps and the like are not my style of reading. However, the story line is fairly good. Sarah Newby, is a solicitor who appears for the first time before the Court of Appeals. He client has served 18 years in prison and she must convince the judges that he was wrongfully accused of the murder. It seems her career is looking up, but at the same time her marriage is on the rocks, and to the despair of her former admirer Detective Inspector [...]

    11. The third book in the Sarah Newby series sees the personal back story heading predictably as the earlier books had hinted, with our barrister heroine splitting from her husband and embarking on an affair with the eligible but vaguely sinister Michael Parsons, a wealthy property developer.Although compelling and readable - there is no denying that Tim Vicary is a good story teller - parts of the story just did not ring true. There were too many threads as though the author hadn't completely decid [...]

    12. A decayed body part, an 18 year old conviction and murder case, attacks on women all added together to make a compelling story. Sarah Newby is finally splitting up form husband and her world is in transition. She wins an appeal case but has to sell her home. A new romantic interest in her life seems just perfect, or is it? I loved this book, on my opinion it was the best legal whodunit or how, Vicary has ever written. The mystery glued me to my ebook reader and I didn't guess the outcome. It was [...]

    13. Another fabulous Sarah Newby story from Tim Vicary and once more I could not put it down! This time we got much more of Sarah's own story and less courtroom drama. At first I thought I would be a bit disappointed by this but as the novel went on, I found myself so drawn in to all that was going on in Sarah's life that it made up for less in the courtroom.I suppose if there had been a little bit more courtroom suspense I would have enjoyed it just that bit more but not enough to deny this book fi [...]

    14. This is the third in his series of books subtitled 'The Trials of Sarah Newby', who is a barrister lady. I really enjoy this series. In this tale Sarah has presented her first ever case at the Court of Appeals. Then her marriage is breaking up and she also meets a new man. He's a property developer and someone is found dead in one of his properties and Sarah's friend Detective Inspector Terry Bateson is concerned for her welfare, but she is thinking he's just wracked with jealousy !!Only drawbac [...]

    15. A story that carries you along nicely, and with engaging characters. I still find Sarah a self-centred pain but less so after reading the first two books of the series and maybe getting used to her.The writing is good and the tale is generally evenly paced. I did find the child and family reactions to the fox and hand incident a little hard to believe. There is a little too much agonizing by Sarah over her relationship with Michael Parker, which in itself is a large convenient coincidence but al [...]

    16. The third book in the The Trials of Sarah Newby series, this is an interesting read somewhat different than the previous two as there is less of Sarah's presence in court. In truth I was a little disappointed by this as I had enjoyed reading the court accounts in the previous books. However this was a good story with some twists that enticed the reader onwards.

    17. I enjoy courtroom dramas and English mystery novels, and this one combined both. The lawyer and the detective who cares for her are both very interesting characters; the plotting is well done; the background setting in the north of England with some touch points in Cambridge added interest; the writing is better than average. All in all I would read another on this series.

    18. Somehow I managed to miss book 2 of the series, but its lack was not annoying (I'll read it later). As with the first one, I was just reading and enjoying the story as it built up until suddenly I'd read over a third!

    19. A good summer read. I particularly like Sarah Newby in her courtroom scenes. I will say I thought the identity of 'who done it" was pretty obvious.

    20. Best one of the seriesCharacters are better, plotline is good and flows well. I hope there is another book in this series in the making.

    21. Excellent ReadThis author is slowly going to my top favorite! Loved the book. Rushing to get the next one. I usually dislike sets but this is different.

    22. Reall enjoyed all the twists and turns in this one. It's nice to have a mystery that you don't have figured out 1/2 way through!

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