Human Instincts

Dr Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus, it was the vaccine that killed the humanity s chances for progress and survival Deanna feels guilty because she has participated in creating the vaccine, and General Mackenzie never lets her forget that.Their luck changes when theyDr Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus, it was the vaccine that killed the humanity s chances for progress and survival Deanna feels guilty because she has participated in creating the vaccine, and General Mackenzie never lets her forget that.Their luck changes when they are contacted by the convicts held in a secret military prison hidden in the arctic desert The C deviance criminals are willing to negotiate and provide unaffected DNA samples in exchange for supplies and a visit paid by the doctor herself Suddenly there s hope, so Deanna embarks on a dangerous journey to a grittier reality than she had expected Could a woman alone save the world
Human Instincts Dr Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus it was the vaccine that killed the humanity s chances for p

  • Title: Human Instincts
  • Author: Ioana Visan
  • ISBN: 9781476241500
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook
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    1. My rating’s more of a 3.5 because:Everybody loves a good apocalypse and I’m no exception!There was a female lead who, if not exactly capable of kicking ass, was a leading geneticist– brains over brawn any day!The freaky way the vaccine changed them all was amazing-no death causing viruses or flesh eating zombies, yet horrific in its own way.Prison takeovers are the scariest things ever and the author combined it with a post apocalyptic scenario!The ever present threat of the convicts getti [...]

    2. Human Instincts lives through its atmosphere and setting. Much of it takes place on a post-apocalypse Earth, inside the arctic circle, in a tightly locked prison, in the middle of psychopathic prisoners. I invite you to try to find something more claustrophobic and chilling than this. Starting from this setting, Ioana Visan could have chosen to write a total defeat as in I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream or to build a strong character that could resist and manage to escape. The author chooses th [...]

    3. Scriitură bună, dialoguri ok, personaje cât de cât bine conturate. Subiectul însă nu prea mă atrage, destul de banal și previzibil. Minusul mare de până acum ține de ipoteza cărții: un virus care decimează întreaga planetă, mai rămân câteva milioane de oameni care scapă datorită unui vaccin. vaccin care are ca efecte secundare pierderea capacității de inovație, inventivitate, încă nu m-am lămurit. cum nu prea înțeleg cum află cercetătorii din nuvelă de efectele no [...]

    4. For a post apocalyptic tale it's kinda light; I expected it to be a bit darker. However, it has nice shaped characters, good plot and realistic dialogues. It was a real pleasure to discover another romanian work not suffocated by metaphors and phantasmagorias. And by the way it ends, it could easily support a sequel which I'll be more than willingly to buy and read.

    5. “Human Instincts” by Ioana Visan is an apocalyptic novella unlike any other I’ve read. The premise is that a global war was finally ended when the losing side released a biological agent over the enemy. However, they failed to recognize how quickly the agent would travel into their own population. Long before an antidote could be distributed, millions died. Quarantine zones were established to enable the human race to continue, but only when the survivors bore children was it learned the a [...]

    6. I wasn't sure how Visan was going to pull off an apocalyptic novella in only one hundred pages, but she has a gift for writing, and she does it superbly. Dr. Deanna Nichols was a part of the process of creating the virus that in turn, infected most of mankind. If the guilt of that isn't heavy enough, she's not having any luck formulating a cure.The General wants her to go into a prison, where the inmates have unaffected DNA. But they have a few stipulations - mainly that Deanna come herself and [...]

    7. It took me a while to crystallize my opinion on this one, but now I have it. First of all, I was expecting to read about a better detailed apocalyptic world, with a stronger scent of death. But I guess a virus does not have any smell at all, to satisfy my terror thirst with it. Fortunately, I found enough terror for my taste in Dr.Nichols' decisions and between the prison's walls. Second thing, the novella is very to the point and, at the same time, the characters are very well shaped. Such a ra [...]

    8. PDF version via author for honest reviewDr. Deanna Nicholas is the only surviving geneticist working for the General after the war. Her boss died, but before he did they were the ones to end the war by making a virus that killed. There was a vaccine made, but it had very adverse affects on those that were given it. Deanna has morals and ethics, which her senior geneticist did not. She doesn't think it's right to kill the innocent just for the good of science like he did. There is no way to make [...]

    9. Review- I received this book in return for a honest review from the author. Dr. Deanna Nichols is a researching working on a cure for the people infected with the virus that wiped out most of the planet. She is also responsible for the virus that was used to end a brutal war, feels guilty so she's trying to find a cure since the vaccine that was created has some negative affects. Deanna used to work for Dr. Larsen but he passed away, he didn't have a problem killing people in the name of science [...]

    10. Review posted at: librarymosaic/2012I have received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.Human Instincts is a fast and interesting, apocalyptic novella of about 100 pages.The world has been almost completely destroyed after a global war and the release of a virus and the vaccine that killed any change humanity could have to survive and grow.Having participated in the process of creation of the vaccine, Deanne feels incredibly guilty. Suddenly the chance for her to redeem her [...]

    11. This was a really interesting read.I loved the writing. Ioana Visan has impeccable writing. Her words draw you in. The characters are well thought out and you can definitely feel what is going on with them. There were a few questions that I had but most were answered.The one thing that made this a hard read was although I enjoy apocalyptic reads, this one had a lot to do about the military. But it really didn’t was the weird thing. But the fact that Deanna is a geneticist basically working for [...]

    12. The short story (100 pages) is a pretty fast paced book and very to the point. At first when I finished it I was disappointed I did not get to get more background and fully rounded characters, but that made me realize that I enjoyed it and wanted more. There were some parts that were overwhelmingly full of science, biology and scientific references that I did struggle a bit to get through. (Although you can tell it was very well researched and logical that these events could happen)Overall it's [...]

    13. This apocalyptic novella has a remarkable concept as its base. While on the surface it appears to be a melding of several different post-apocalyptic themes, the exciting and suspenseful result contains some new twists. The fast pace starts out with definitive action in trying to solve the current problem enmeshed with an overview of how events led to the prevailing situation. The quandary lies in this question: how do you save the human race when all you’ve got to work with are hard-core priso [...]

    14. I really like this book. It was interesting and plausible. However, it was too short! I felt like there was so much more that needed to be told. I was left wondering what happened to Dr. Green and the escapees. Also, I felt like it ended abruptly. I think there is a lot more that could have happened. It left me wanting more!

    15. Ms. Visan has a nice style. The short story caught my attention and had me looking forward to each reading session. The inter play between the lead character and sort of boss was well written. I look forward to reading more of her books.

    16. I very much enjoyed the concepts used with the virus and then the vaccine. The ending was darker than I expected but just what was needed for a book in this genre. This compelling story was the perfect read on my Kindle for a night when power went out for hours.

    17. Este exact tipul de carte care te poate face sa te indragostesti de genuri literare despre care nu ai fi banuit ca te pot cuceri. Recomand!

    18. I rather enjoyed this little story. I'm going to spoil a detail here, not like the book description doesn't do that already, but the thingydo that has to be fixed with the human race is that the "spark of genius" has been lost.I found this concept rather interesting. What would humanity do if faced with the impossibility of creating original ideas? Internet Explorer's issue with deciding to randomly stop working would never be solved and no one would ever invent a superglue that doesn't make me [...]

    19. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and it is my understanding that this book was originally written in a different language and translated over to the English language. Having said that, it may be why there were a few rough spots. Nothing too horrible overall but a few things that needed to be fine tuned and polished up a little more.Overall I think the author came up with a very unique story line about a post apocalyptic world where a virus infected millions, altering th [...]

    20. Did I enjoy this book: When I realized a few pages in that the plot involves a good looking female scientist heading out to an isolated, all-male prison to hopefully find a way to repopulate the Earth, I feared I was about to find myself neck-deep in an, um, Adult Film. It wasn’t as bad as all that (though I’d still label the book as a B-movie sort of thing), but it wasn’t great. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a sequel — the ending was rather ambiguous — but if there is, I dou [...]

    21. Enjoyable story. I felt like we were able to get a strong sense of the Doctor and her conflicting position as a medical professional beholden to the military. I also liked Tom, the unlikely hero/good guy. I felt like there were too many topics jumbled together and not kept clear. There was the war, the virus, the vaccine, the after effects of the vaccine and the "C" marker. There seemed to be an implication that they were all linked together but that was never explained. Every time I though thin [...]

    22. I gave this 3 stars. Only because I would have liked to have more story to read! I felt that the basic foundation was good. The end seemed a bit rushed, but as I just said, I think there could have been much more to it.I liked the concept of the virus and the vaccine. We humans reacted the same way with that flu a few years back! All in all a good foundation, I just wanted more!

    23. I am just on a shitty book kick lately. This is the third in a row that I've suffered through that I just have not enjoyed at all.I was bored the entire time. None of the characters came across as people I should care about at all. I just did . not. care.

    24. Interesting take on the demise of mankind and the attempt to save it genetically. Might have worked better as a longer story. It seemed rushed. But I liked the outcome, although I saw it coming from a mile away.

    25. A very well written captivating Dystopian short story. I look forward to reading more from This author

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