Dark Summer

A school for WitchlingsThe ultimate choice between Light and DarkWhere the price of a mistake your soul.Sixteen year old Summer doesn t expect her new boarding school to be any different than the rest a temporary stay, until her uncontrollable magic gets her thrown out again In her mind, there s no point in getting too friendly with anyone That is, until sheA school for WitchlingsThe ultimate choice between Light and DarkWhere the price of a mistake your soul.Sixteen year old Summer doesn t expect her new boarding school to be any different than the rest a temporary stay, until her uncontrollable magic gets her thrown out again In her mind, there s no point in getting too friendly with anyone That is, until she notices Decker, the boy who will become the Master of Night and Fire on his eighteenth birthday.When she learns that this special school has attracted others with magic in their blood, she is hopeful that this time around, things may be different Besides, she can t deny her interest in Decker, and when he rescues her one night from the dark forests of the Rocky Mountains, their connection is instant.Yet a relationship with Decker may prove to be Summer s downfall, forcing her to choose between Light and Dark, life and death, love and their souls.One choice One soul One price.
Dark Summer A school for WitchlingsThe ultimate choice between Light and DarkWhere the price of a mistake your soul Sixteen year old Summer doesn t expect her new boarding school to be any different than the rest

  • Title: Dark Summer
  • Author: Lizzy Ford
  • ISBN: 9781623780265
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Oh so freaking close to a five it is unbelievable! My reactions to the book not in order of storyline.

    2. I'm torn on what to give this book. It probably deserves 5 stars but I just can't do it. The writing was excellent, I've been reading all of Lizzy Fords books since she started a mere 2-ish years ago and you can see how she has grown as story teller. Her stories are always excellent, but this one flowed very well, I think better than the others. The characters are ones you fall in love with. From the main ones of Decker and Summer, to the minor characters of Biji and Sam. If they are named in th [...]

    3. Lisa's review ofDark SummerBy Lizzy FordI was given a copy of Dark Summer by Lizzy Ford in exchange for an honest review. This was Lizzy's first book in the YA genre that started out as a dare by YA author Julia Crane. Let me tell you after reading this first book in the series you would think this is her genre of choice. The pace of the story was free flowing never a stagnant moment. You were constantly captivated by the bases of each and every one of her characters. She developed the character [...]

    4. I was lucky enough to get my hands of a pre-release copy of Dark Summer. Lizzy Ford is one of my favorite writers, and she outdid herself on this one.

    5. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. OMG!!! What a freaking amazing book! I wish I could have given this book an even higher rating. This book had me hooked from the beginning and still hasn't let me go. I'm now in love with this series. Honestly, I don't even want to finish my review, I want to start the next one yesterday. LIZZY FORD I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!! That's how amazing is book was. I'd call it new adult because of the numerous sexy, turn- you-on pa [...]

    6. I have read most of Lizzy Ford's books and looked forward to this series. Like everyone else lately I've been reading a lot of YA, and overall I liked the book, but I had a few issues that caused it to be a 3.5 star read for me. I think overall there seemed to be a slight disconnect with the teen's in the story. Sometimes acting to be several years younger than depicted and at other times acting several years beyond their maturity level. The character development, especially in terms of the char [...]

    7. I was so lucky to get LOADS of goodies from Lizzy Ford and her assistant and Dark Summer was a part of those goodies! I loved this book! I thought that it went at the right pace and it held my attention all of the time! I absolutely loved that Dark Summer was told from Summer and Decker's point of views as it made it even more interesting! I loved the characters! Summer was the main character of Dark Summer and I really liked her! I felt really sorry for her as she had been through a lot! I love [...]

    8. This is the start to another great and addictive series from Lizzy Ford. From the first words of the book, I was hooked! There is everything in the book from suspense to romance. I absolutely love the creativity and ability of the author to bring these stories to life. I can not wait for the release of the 2nd book because I am so anxious to see what is next in store for the series.

    9. English review, followed by the Romanian translation of the review (Recenzie în engleză, urmată de traducerea în română a recenziei)I received a paperback copy of this book from the author. Special thanks go to Jesabella, who hosted a giveaway for this book. Withouth her blog post, I wouldn't have discovered this great series!Summer is a sixteen-year-old orphan girl, who has been sent from school to school in the latest years. The reason - wherever she goes, bad things start happening. How [...]

    10. I would have given this 3 stars for "liked" but the end bumped it down for me. I liked the way the author portrayed most of the characters, being this is a teen boarding school of kids with magical powers. The magic system was a bit under explained, but I seemed to get the gist of it. I liked the dark/light and that either were not necessarily good/evil. I didn't really like the random references to being a devil or demon. Considering the mythology of the magic, it felt out of place to throw in [...]

    11. LOVED IT! Sat down to read it and finished it in about an hour and a half. I didn't even want to take the time to write the review right after I finished it. I just opened the next book and started reading because I wanted to see what happened. I am officially in love with the series. I have finished all three within 24 hours. The story really drew me in and I found myself rooting for all of the characters and HATING DAWN. Tricky how she came back. I have seriously fallen in love with Lizzy Ford [...]

    12. Dark Summer was my first Lizzy Ford experience. I call it an experience and not just a "read" or a "book" because it is so much more than that. Dark Summer was hands down the best book I have read in years. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I sometimes hate recommending certain books because I am not sure how the other person will like it, but I recommend this book to everyone on the planet. Lizzy Ford is an amazing talent; she has a way of sucking you right into the story. I honestly ca [...]

    13. The secrets in Dark Summer are intriguing, well crafted & revealed at just the right pace to keep you reading. I enjoyed every minute I spent in the world that Lizzy Ford has created here & would have been disappointed when I reached the final page, if I hadn’t known that there was more to the series. Summer is a great character. Her insecurities due to being an orphan & having a ‘gift’ that causes her more trouble than it appears to be worth, are totally understandable. I conn [...]

    14. Weak premise, poor plot. Come on now, the Los Angeles and Orange County Social Services Agency can't afford to send an orphan to local schools, so they send her to a boarding school instead? Right.

    15. It's been a while since I read both YA and a paranormal that really capture my attention. Thank god for Dark summer! It was different and so entertaining and that cliffhanger! I'm so glad all the books in this series are out, I'm immediately jumping to the 2nd book!

    16. Both of these books were authored by Lizzy Ford and I must say that I am very impressed with her level of imagination, along with her ability to portray the worlds and spirits of Light and Dark.Dark-Summer_coverAutumn-Storm_coverRATINGS:DARK SUMMER: AAUTUMN STORM: A+COVER DESIGNS:DARK SUMMER: I love the purple words against the dark background. It’s a very magical cover; spirit animal and allTUMN STORM: Perfect. The golden colors with the hint of orange is a perfect representation of the seaso [...]

    17. I Loved Lizzy Ford's books and this one was no different. However, Summer was definitely NOT the type of Heroines I prefer. She was quite a damsel in distress and most of all, a person who allowed someone to bully her and accepted it. Not that I faulted her personalities. Her characters was actually understandable and appropriate with her childhood history. A girl who had nothing and wanted to be optimistic that good things came her ways. She was just too naive and wanting too much to be good an [...]

    18. Oh my, where to start? :) The first impression at the beginning: diving right into the story. The first impression after completing the book: OMG, I need the second book asap! Dark Summer by Lizzy Ford combines love, hate, problems of finding your place, of trust and making the right choice.The book starts with Summer's arrival at a boarding school. She is picked up by Beck, whom she likes at once, since he seems to be a good-looking, good-natured and easy-going type of the guy. Shortly afterwar [...]

    19. This Author was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot express to her how grateful I am, This was the first book from Lizzy I purchased as the blurb was literally music to my ears and sounded exactly like my cup of tea. The book starts off with you meeting Summer, who quite frankly has had a bit of a rubbish life, she has spent most of her life living in a foster home and going from school to school as they always end up asking her to leave, if only she could stop the strange things from hap [...]

    20. Dark Summer (Witchling Trilogy #1) By Lizzy FordReviewed by Nanette Bradford (Member of the YATR Review Panel) Date read: 20th October 2012I haven't read about witches in a while and what a treat you've got waiting for you here. This book took me to the edge of the forest and back. You'll understand what i mean by that once you've read it. :) I was captivated with it from the very beginning. I don't know about you but, I love when a book grabs your attention from the start and you want to read m [...]

    21. 4/5 starsAlright, so I'm not going to rehash the description/summary, but I will mention:There's a difference between being innocent, and being stupid right? Unfortunately, with Summer, the distinction wasn't clear. I was beyond frustrated at her embarrassing naivety, as she was constantly picked on, and made fun of by Dawn (Mean girl), and her followers. It was just embarrassing. I wanted to crawl under my blanket and hide or something, every time Summer did something "stupid" b/c apparently sh [...]

    22. I was so captivated by this book, I went online to see when the next one is coming out. End of 2012yay for me, because the end is almost here (hope the Author get that's hint) Anyhoo, while I was online I was excited to read how everyone else loved this book too. Maybe even see if they had predictions on the next book. I was completely baffled that a "couple" were actually taking away stars because the book ended in a serious cliffhanger. So you know my first thoughts! HA YOU GUYS LOVED IT TOO!! [...]

    23. It all started after the orphanage paid her trip to Idaho. The day the bus left her in the parking lot at her new school. Summer was sent to a new school in Idaho, a school for children with special gifts that keep them from integrating into normal schools. A school for unique children. The first day she met Beck. He was 17, brown hair and the most clear teal eyes she ever seen on anybody and he was the future Master of the Light. But he had a brother, a twin Decker. He has dark eyes as the clot [...]

    24. Summer is an orphan who has been moved around from one boarding school to another becasue strange things happen around her. She is determined when she gets moved to this school that she isn't going to get attached to anyone because she know its won't be long until her curse takes over again.When she gets dropped off the train she is giving a warning from the driver to not go into the woods at night. She is there just a few minutes when she meets Beck. He talks of magic but she doesn't understand [...]

    25. I always enjoy Lizzy’s stories, and this one was no different than the others. Within just a few pages I was pulled into this magical world and it held me tight right to the end.Dark Summer pulled on my every emotion. You know it’s an awesome book when you find yourself muttering at the characters as if they can actually hear you. I did A LOT of muttering throughout this book. There were times I wanted to strangle the characters and times where I wanted to reach through the page and hug them [...]

    26. What happens when a girl (Summer) with a broken past and a boy (Decker) with a twisted future, and no second chances get together? Sparks start to fly, but will those sparks be enough to keep them together forever?I fell in love with Summer right off, but yet I felt bad with her being poor and being ridiculed every time she turns around. It really hit home for me as I used to be that girl. I didn't feel sorry for her for long as I continued reading I noticed how pure and strong she really was. W [...]

    27. I received this book from Young Adult and Teen Readers for an honest review.What an amazing and captivating story! This is one of those stories you pick up to read and are not sure what you will find when you first turn the pages. As the story unfolds, you are pulled deeper and deeper into the lives of magical students living in a secluded private school setting in the middle of the woods. Orphaned as a young child, Summer, the main character, is sent from an LA orphanage to a secluded private s [...]

    28. Original review on my blog: alexiaepurdy/2013What a ride! This tale of light and dark witchlings was amazing! It follows Summer, an orphan who has been shipped all over the place because bad things happen around her that she can’t control. Now shipped to a witchling school, could it be the place for her to finally call home? And what of the dark broody boy named Decker, who enchants her heart in every way?I loved the characters! They feel individually unique, act authentic and take you along w [...]

    29. Let me start by saying that I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.I loved this book. As soon as I started reading it, I was hooked. I ignored my husband so I could finish this book and then immediately started the second book in the series. The writer does an excellent job with character development. It starts a little slow, but the longer you read, the more you start to care. I felt like the book hit a bit of a lull in the middle, almost as if the writer couldn't de [...]

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