Pressure Point

Just back from a relaxing vacation, acupuncturist and Tai Chi master Randall Lee returns to find his friend, Detective John Knox, in critical condition following a bizarre attack by a seemingly unstoppable assailant.
Pressure Point Just back from a relaxing vacation acupuncturist and Tai Chi master Randall Lee returns to find his friend Detective John Knox in critical condition following a bizarre attack by a seemingly unstop

  • Title: Pressure Point
  • Author: Charles Colyott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Pressure Point”

    1. When somebody hospitalizes Randall Lee's cop buddy, he starts poking around. Of course, the cop's partner doesn't like it. Lee finds organized crime, old friends from China, underground cage fighting, and a designer drug.Not bad. A lot of misplaced liberal guilt on display. Some good fight scenes. For supposedly intelligent guy, Randall sure lacks a lot of common sense.

    2. Randall Lee is my new favorite antihero! He's not the typical tall, dark, handsome, perfect-but-damaged storybook hero. Instead, Randall is an average looking guy who excels in martial arts and gets himself in a lot of trouble while trying to do something good. Randall could lead me anywhere and I'd follow, simply because he's so much fun to hang out with. Charles Colyott writes with a rare combination of suspense and humor. Pressure Point had me biting my nails one minute and laughing the next. [...]

    3. People, I am on a ROLL with my book choices, lately. It just keeps getting better. Admittedly, however, I was pretty sure I wouldn't go wrong with Pressure Point, seeing as it is a sequel to another 5 star book I reviewed recently, entitled Changes. In this new book, Randall continues to use his amateur sleuthing and his not-so-amateur-at-all martial arts skills to solve another complex mystery. As in Changes, he partners in love with his "opposites attract" girlfriend, Tracy; partners in sleuth [...]

    4. Changes, the first Randall Lee novel was excellent, and Colyott takes it to a whole new level with this second entry in the series. I can't wait to read the public's reaction when Pressure Point is released.

    5. Charles Colyott's character Randall Lee is rapidly becoming one of my favorite book characters. He's complex and layered, flawed and self-deprecating, and someone you'd love to have a cup of tea with. But you wouldn't want to hang out with Randall Lee for long, for close proximity to Lee can be dangerous to your health. Trouble follows him like night follows day, and innocent people tend to get caught in the cross fire. The ending of this book left me gasping, so I can't wait for Colyott's next [...]

    6. ( Format : Audiobook )"What's wrong with you, Randall?"Randall Lee is a healer, a doctor, an accupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. According to Tracy, his girl friend, he is not a crime fighter. Nor is he Batman. But he can't resist poking his nose into the search for the wife of the abrasive Detective Ramerez when she disappears after her husband is injured.Because, although mild mannered and not wanting to put himself or Tracy into danger, Lee is far more than he seems on the su [...]

    7. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.Great start to a new crime series. Listened it from beginning to end in one sitting (big trip).Todd Curless did a pretty amazing work.He ends this book with a cliffhanger (so there's a book 2 coming?).

    8. This was another good book in the Randall Lee series. The ending was certainly unexpected and darker than I thought this author author would go.There is some editing mistakes, but I can forgive those as they did not detract from the story.

    9. Pressure Point is the second book in the Randall Lee Mysteries by Charles Colyott.Here we meet Randal returning from a well deserved vacation, only to find his detective friend Knox lying in a hospital bed in critical condition due to some vicious attack by someone unknown. And just in case this is not enough, he finds out that Knox’s wife is apparently missing, which makes for some very disturbing thoughts in Randal’s mind.Everyone, including Knox, tells him to lay off the case and go back [...]

    10. As the second book in the series, this catches up with the characters after a few months of vacation and enjoyment. But, after just a few chapters, it's evident that the thrill ride is about to pick up where it left off. Charles does a great job keeping the characters solid and life-like while making a truly enjoyable sequel. The voice of Randall Lee keeps his sarcastic wit while dealing with an entirely new kind of threat to him and his lady-friend. I'd highly recommend this, as I had a hard ti [...]

    11. Amazing dialogue and character development. This was a really entertaining read. The dialogue pacing was perfect and I enjoy the old characters from the first book and new characters introduced here. The fight scenes are very well developed and described, as if you're watching the fight in your mind's-eye.

    12. The second suspense thriller/mystery starring Randall Lee, the martial arts practitioner and acupuncturist. The story was ok, but I really like Lee, who is very human, peace-loving, and vulnerable, yet gets pulled into violence and mystery. Lots of humor too. Unfortunately this one didn't conclude everything, and I'll have to wait for the next book to find out what happens.

    13. Well this book is not better than the first book, it is only as good as. Which is a shame, I was hoping for the author to develop. Don't get me wrong I still liked the book and I will probably read the next one.

    14. As good as the first, Randall has my sense of humour, read a snippet of the next one, good job it's all written as would have been annoyed at having to wait after reading that heart in mouth beginning!!

    15. Grittier than the first and ending on a dark note, this book I thought was not quite as good as the first one. Having said that it was an enjoyable read and made a good 'work' book.

    16. Fast-paced and fun to read.Would recommend to any oriental medicine and martial arts aficionado. There is quite a bit of humor mixed in which makes it fun to read.

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